Men’s fashion keeps changing from time to time. From formal shirts to casual tees all men’s outfit keeps upgrading regularly. The latest trend in shirts is that of kurta shirts. A kurta shirt is a little longer than your normal shirts and has a kurta like cut, only shorter. There is a wide range of kurta shirts available in various styles. From parties to office to weddings and traditional events, men can wear these kurta shirts wherever they want. These shirts are made to rock any venue and occasion. Besides this, these shirts are far more elegant and comfortable than normal shirts.

Best Kurta Shirt Designs And Patterns For Indian Men:

Here we have mentioned 15 top designs for kurta shirt for you to enjoy,

1. Multicoloured Kurta Shirt:

This shaded blue shirt has a beautiful light to dark blue colour. Also the light vertical striped pattern on it adds to its beauty. This shirt is great for all sorts of casual events and family gatherings. Also the fabric of this shirt is very airy and comfortable.

2. Stylish Kurta Shirt:

Black has always been the most stylish colour in shirts. This mens kurta shirt along with the classy black colour has a kurta style neck pattern which makes it look more traditional than casual. This kurta can be worn to traditional events or at festive celebrations. Also, this shirt has an apple cut at the bottom making it look even better.

3. Long Kurta Shirt:

This mens white shirt is more of a kurta than a shirt. It’s longer in length but has a full buttoned pattern. This mens kurta shirt pattern can ideally be worn at wedding functions. This shirt can create a very dashing look for the wearer with only a few appropriate accessories.

4. Casual Wear Kurta Shirt:

This kurta style shirt has a very casual look. Its shorter length and the lovely baby pink colour make it wonderful for young mature men’s in their 20s or 30s. Also, there is a shoelace pattern the neck instead of the buttoned pattern which gives it a more playboy image.

5. Pathani Kurta Shirt:

This beautiful black colour shirt has a unique beauty in it. Though it is shorter than a kurta, it has a similar pathani stitch pattern. For those who are looking for a different style in their shirts, this pathani kurta design is ideal.

6. Traditional Kurta Shirt:

This Indian kurta shirt is a must-have for all men. It looks like any traditional kurta but is just shorter. It can be combined with appropriate coloured plain jeans and you are ready to rock any traditional event. Also, the beautiful maroon colour and the neckline design of this shirt enhance its beauty.

7. Funky Shirt Kurti:

This beautiful long shirt kurti is quite different than most shirts. It has a funky green cookout and beautiful checks pattern on it. Also, the length and the two pocketed look of this shirt make it good for casual events.

8. Daily Wear Kurtat Shirt:

This kurta t-shirt has a twist compared to other shirts. It is a t-shirt rather than a shirt. The beautiful blue coloured pattern of the shirt gives it a very cool look while the liking pattern makes it highly comfortable. Also, this t-shirt has a semi buttoned neckline that adds to its swag.

9. Office Wear Kurta Shirt:

This is a very elegant shirt and is perfect to wear at work or gatherings. The beautiful Carmine colour of this kurta style shirt for man and its full-sleeved pattern make it look extremely classy. Also, it has a unique neckline and buttoned pattern that adds more style to this mens shirt.

10. Embroidered Kurta Shirt:

Another type of traditional shirt is this embroidered shirt kurti. It has the regional chikankari work on the neckline and sleeves giving it a beautiful look. Also, it’s made of pure cotton and hence would be comfortable in all weathers and conditions.

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11. Denim Kurta Shirt:

This is once again a unique form of shirt style for men. This blue colour dashing shirt kurti is made of denim which makes it highly durable and lasting. The faded blue colour of the shirt makes it look more beautiful and rather stylish.

12. Collared Kurta Shirt:

This navy blue mens kurta shirt pattern looks very amazing with the collar neckline instead of stand collar in usual shirts. Besides this, it has a plain navy blue colour which is very classy and stylish. It can be worn everywhere from weddings to parties or casual events.

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13. Printed Kurta Shirt:

Unlike most shirts, this one has a very unique and stylish printed pattern. It’s perfect for the college-going teenagers to wear this kurta style shirt over any appropriate jeans. Also, the chants printing is the latest trend among teenage right now which makes it cooler.

14. Trendy Kurta Shirt:

For those boys who like to stay with the trend, this kurta shirt design has to be the one chosen. The side up-down pattern and the beautiful colour combination make it look very cool and casual yet traditional. This shirt kurti is nice for all the young adults and teenagers who are willing to try new.

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15. Plain Kurta Shirt:

Lastly, this is a plain shirt. It has a beautiful grey-blue colour and the collar pattern make it look very stylish. Combining it with the right accessories and the right colour jeans this shirt can make you look absolutely dashing and handsome.

These kurta style shirts for men can be an ideal wear for any time and occasion. They are very trendy and stylish. It is a great combination of kurta and short shirts.