Leather loafers are a great way to show off your style. These loafers are normally made in pure leather that is black in color or brown. You can also have tan colored leather loafers. The synthetic leather as well as leather from exotic animals like crocodile, deer, etc is also much in demand. Try out the various styles of leather loafers that are available.

Latest Leather Loafers For Men and Women in India:

Here we have listed the best of the leather loafers around. You can take your pick and put your best foot forward,

1. Plain Black Leather Loafers:

These perfect black leather loafers for men are a great pair to have for any kind of formal wear. The office wear loafers are wonderful and comfortable as well. You can use these loafers to go in for a formal meeting or seminar.

2. Driving Loafers:

The driving leather loafers are a smart way to dress up. They can be worn for driving long distances and you can always feel comfortable in them. These loafers are perfect as they have spikes underneath that give you good traction.

3. Tassel Leather Loafers:

A smart dressing shoe is the brown leather loafer that has tassels in them. These little tassels at the top of the loafer are just what you need to add some fashion style into your shoes. These come in various colors and are quite mod. Make them your staple when going in for some formal occasions.

4. Metal Buckle Loafers:

The black leather loafer is a wonderful item to have in your collection. The design element that has been added to this loafer is the metal buckle. This metal buckle is on top of the shoe and makes a great detail to this shoe.

5. Woven Leather Loafer:

This leather loafer shoes is what you need for some casual outing. These stylish loafers are woven leather details that make the shoe really spectacular. You can use these loafers for a great date or some function as well. The woven effect is pretty and stylish.

6. Patent Leather Loafers:

These black patent leather loafers are a wonderful way to dress up for a formal occasion. The shine on the loafers is something that will make your look rich and stylish. The tassels on these loafers are also an added feature that makes it look dazzling.

7. Side Lace Leather Loafer:

Try out these trendy side lace leather loafers that are perfect men’s leather loafer shoes. These loafers have a flat base and are driving loafers. The loafer has a side lace instead of on the top. This design twist is what makes the loafer a perfect 10.

8. Brown Leather Loafer:

Apart from black, you also have the brown leather loafer that are stylish and comfortable. These men’s brown leather loafers are a great pair to have. They are formal wear shoes with a good design detail. You can use these over tan or brown trousers.

9. Leather Penny Loafers:

Penny loafers are the best for men all over. The leather penny loafers come in simple and elegant designs that make the men look striking. These comfortable shoes are always a rage. The simplicity of these shoes makes them in demand.

10. Women’s Leather Loafer:

Women tend to love the ease and comfort of the loafer shoes as well. They go very well with trousers and skirts. These women’s leather loafers are a smart way to dress up for office or formal meetings. You can choose these loafers with design elements or simple.

11. Stitched Leather Loafer:

Another cool design that women may like is the stitched leather loafers. Here the loafers have a simple cut and stitches that can be seen easily. You can go in for Cream leather loafer women’s wear or you can choose beige. Either way the choice is always the best.

12. Ostrich Leather Loafers:

Get these statement ostrich leather loafers with wonderful skin design on them. The tan leather loafers are a power statement to make. This is definitely a conversation starter and you will make heads turn with these. Try out the great shoes for their comfort and ease.

13. Slip On Leather Loafers:

Hand stitching is one of the design elements that look really great and are high in demand. These are expensive shoes due to their hand work. The slip on loafers can be done with simple stitches or intricate detailing. You can choose these rare leather loafers for casual outings or parties.

14. Heel Leather Loafers:

Women’s leather loafers can also have little heels. This makes it more stylish for the women. Those who prefer to have heels in their shoes would like these loafers. The metal buckle at the top of the loafer adds the necessary charm to the shoes.

15. Fringed Leather Loafers:

One more great style is the fringed leather loafers. These particular nude leather loafers are really great for women. You can choose these loafers for casual wear as well as formal wear. The party type shoes are perfect for a little drama.

Leather loafers made from pure leather are very much in demand. These and other patent leather loafers come in styles ranging from simple to intricate. You can have tassels, bow ties, fringes, woven style, etc. Each of these designs is a wonderful way to dress up. They look great on trousers and for women on skirts as well. Both men and women love to dress up in these loafers. Some people would love to have the loafers made from exotic animal skin like crocodile and deer skin. You can try out these wonderful leather loafers that are mainly very comfortable and stylish. The loafers are a must have for most men for the ease of wearing them.