No one knows when the fashion changes. Previously leather shoes with laces were in trend but today loafer shoes with amazing patterns are in trend. They are flat in shape and normally wear formal attire. They are preferred by both men and women and require very little maintenance. The growing demand of the loafers for men shoes has compelled the footwear industry to think about the designs and patterns. From the latest loafer shoes to the best loafer shoes.

Latest Collections of Loafers for Men with Images:

Here is the list of top 50 trendy and modern loafers for men. The requirements are changes every time in footwear, lots of models are available in the market. That why we present the best collections of loafers for men and choose carefully, get best of the list for trendy looks.

1. Men’s Mesh Loafers and Moccasin:

Known for their mesh design and sturdy fabric, these style loafers for men are perfect for casual outfits. They are the most stylish one and can be worn by adults as well as old people. Mesh men’s loafer shoes are available in numerous colours and are considered as most comfortable shoes.

2. Ethics Casual Loafer Shoe:

Ethics loafer shoes are made from synthetic material and have canvas inside and outside. Known for their rich design and amazing quality, these style shoes are available in alluring colours. They come with a rubber sole and works well with t-shirt and denim. In order to avoid damage keep them away from heat and corrosive liquid.

3. Baroo Men Tan Loafers:

The style is something which makes you shine out of the crowd. The first thing anyone notices about you is how well you dressed up and adds to your looks and style also. This type of shoe mostly dressed in parties. Soft textile lining to keep you cool in summer and winter. The texture of tan and small detailing of the thread makes it a fabulous piece.

4. Men’s Synthetic Leather Driving Loafer Shoe:

Driving branded loafer shoes for men are known for their decent and cool look and goes well with jeans and T-shirts. They are very comfortable and preferred by people for get-together parties or festive meals. Available in a variety of designs and enticing colours, these leather shoes are durable and have rubber soles.

5. Church’s Loafer Shoe:

For the classy gentleman, that enjoys wearing the timeless style of Footwear. It is known for its crafting and is the ultimate handmade shoe for any modern outfit. This type of shoe works well for casual outfits and are the most demanding shoe for daily use. Church’s loafer shoes are known as for their sturdy and stylish designs.

6. Kiltie Loafers for Men:

This shoe might take back to the Victorian Era because of its design which depicts school shoe. These type of loafers for men, look like as Tassel Loafers but little difference is the fringed tongue or extra piece in the shape of fence that lies over the tongue.

7. Penny Loafers:

These types of loafers for men are popular and known for their style. They come with a leather strap on the top and are mostly preferred by businessmen. The diamond shape design is the attractive element which makes them best loafers as compared to others.

8. Pump Loafers:

These types of loafers for men work best on formal clothing like in a tuxedo. They are mostly available in the black and have a shiny surface. Known for their low vamp, which means you will have to be very careful while picking up a pair of shocks. These shoes are not for daily use.

9. Tassel Loafers:

These loafer shoes are manufactured by the name Alen shoe Co. and were launched first in 1950. Tassel loafers for men are very versatile and can be worn with jeans, shorts or t-shirts. This type of shoe gives a royal look and is attractive. They work well in formal or casual gatherings.

10. Slipper Loafers:

Slipper loafers are made from Velvet and are the best alternative to pump loafers. They have slightly higher vamp and can be worn without socks. They are best for weddings and mostly used in the summer for comfort. These shoes can also be worn with jeans and t-shirts. Slipper loafers usually have flat soles.

11. Espadrille Shoe:

These style loafers are available in footwear industry from the 14th century. They are the oldest and most branded loafer shoes for men. These loafers can also wear without socks and used commonly in summer. They provide a simple and innocent look and it might be possible that people get attracted towards it.

12. Boat Driving Shoes:

Boat driving shoes, as the name given, are meant for driving as they come with flat soles. Some models of it have rubber heels which not only provide them with a nice grip but also give them an alluring look. They are generally made with suede or supple leather.

13. Horse Bit Loafers:

These types of loafers are crafted using the traditional technique. The bottom of them are covered with leather and comes with a snaffle bit hardware which gives them a classic look. Horse Bit loafers are greats pick and can be worn on both casual and formal dresses.

14. Boat Loafer:

This loafer is basically used under formal dresses like jeans, trousers, suits etc. It can be worn without socks and also with loafer’s socks. Boat loafers are one of the latest fashion loafer shoes. This choice has become a trend in men’s fashion. It can be wearing daily in the summer and looks attractive with its different style.

15. Kilt Loafer:

These new style loafers are trending and designed keeping in mind the needs of new the generation. They can be worn in any season be it winter or summer and the most preferable on formal dresses. Kiltie loafers come with fringed tongue and tassel which makes them different from old-style loafers.

16. Hazel Loafer:

This is a formal style loafer, which is used by everyone every day on formal dresses and especially suits. In this shoe, there is no need to wear socks. It is commonly used in summer and winter thus protecting the foot from heat and cold. This is a preferable choice among the best loafers for men. This is used by every person for looking well dressed and attractive in public.

17. Gucci Loafer:

Gucci is the originator of the shoe and offers a variety of trending and fashionable shoes. It offers many different versions in gold and silver horse bit hardware with different styles having same slimmer shape. Every person wants to buy this classic shoe for their trending look. The loafer is preferable during the parties for giving the best impression on others.

18. Snaffle Loafer:

Snaffle shoes are the perfect holiday style loafers. They are introduced by Gucci in 1968. The shoe is very popular with its name and is the first choice among the young generation. In the shape of a snaffle is horse’s snaffle bit laid across the top of the shoe. This shoe is fully calf lined and wore on the occasional basis.

19. Apron Loafer:

Apron loafers are exclusive by edges and stitches that give a finished look on the toe thus forming an apron along the shoe front. They are also known as moc toe because they consist of leather that is extended from the bottom of the top line. The stitching line gives a feeling of a crease between the top and bottom of the toe.

20. Single Monk Strap Loafer:

This type of loafer has a single strap on top of a loafer to give a style and to make it look more attractive. These shoes are one of the best loafers in trend, commonly used by everyone for daily use and make a royal look in front of other. This shoe is worn on formal dresses to change the look or personality.

21. Double Monk Strap Loafer:

This loafer has a double strap on top of the shoe which gives it an attractive look. It is suited to every dress thus giving the person an eye-popping look. It comes with branded loafers for men shoe. The loafer is designed like an Italian shoe look thus making it perfect for every dress. The shoe can be worn for any occasion and in every season.

22. Men Painting Loafer Shoe:

Loafer shoes which are painted in different styles give a feeling of soothing summers and vacation. They are made up of numerous combination of colour on loafers to match with every dress style. It can be worn on vacation mode dresses thus making it look an attractive piece in the crowd. The best style shoes which can be worn in any get together with friends and family outing.

23. Casual Business Flat Shoe:

To be a fashion guy is easy! Wearing a comfortable yet attractive shoe in office not only impress your boss but gives you a vibe of freshness in the surrounding. Casual business shoe is simple and made in different colours. They are usually worn during the spring season and for a casual occasion.

24. Denim Casual Mens Loafers:

The astonishing style this shoe speaks about our elegant sense of fashion. Featuring an excellent closure, it prevents your feet from any damage and lets you move around with ease. This trendy pair of denim Casual shoe wore beneath the jeans and for casual move out makes a great inclusion in your loafer’s collection.

25. Men’s Ethnic Black Lapping Designer Jutti:

Leather lapping designer jutti is one of the latest choices among men which is worn by most of the youngsters specially Rajputs in daily life. Its comfortable and durable leather make it a shoe which can be worn in parties, festive and on any traditional and casual dresses. It gives men a trendy and stylish look among the varieties of shoes in the shoe rack.

26. Leather Craft Men’s Shoe:

The loafer is made from the Synthetic material on the outside and cotton on the inside and is finished in an attractive colour. They have closed toe which gives them a party look and has PVC sole which gives it a nice grip. They are available at affordable rates and are highly recommended by boys.

27. Vestrico Men’s Black Loafer Shoe:

This shoe comprises all of the features that a modern man searches for in the piece of a loafer. The loafer is made up of deodorizer finest artist thus enhancing the look and beauty of your personality. It is made up of synthetic leather making it comfortable to wear. The loafers offer flexibility thus allowing them to rotate and de-odorize to retain their shape.

28. Leather Skin Loafers:

This type of shoe is stylish, trendy and comfortable footwear. It can be worn for every occasion like daily, formal and evening functions. The loafer is very comfortable as it can be easily molded into their original shape if deodorize. Make it look shiner by polishing the surface.

29. Men’s Canvas Loafer:

The slip-on type loafer is made up of leather and rubber. Their stylish designs and colours make it a favourable choice for old to young age group men. Its design gives an urban man a look and feel of a casual sunny day. It is easy to worn on every occasion and daily basis.

30. Men’s Leather Loafers and Moccasins:

These moccasins are made up of pure leather. They are worn on every occasion like with formal dress. The loafers offer comfortability through texture lining which reduces sweat. They have padded sole which straps details around the front. The style is very elegant and its light weight is the key to its maximum purchase.

31. Clarks Men’s Everlay Coda Flat Shoe:

Clark’s men ever lay shoe is simple that offers style for every occasion. They are comfortable to wear as their long-lasting out sole is flexible enough to give a shoe a trendy look. It is embellished with cushion footbed to keep you going strong all day.

32. Grasshoppers Men’s Windham Slip-On Flat:

The model is a type of boat shape shoe. Its moccasins style made it preferable to worn on all the occasions and especially worn on casual meets. This is the type of shoe where men can get many pairs which different styles and colours.

33. Clarks Men’s Cloud Steppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer:

This shoe is designed on the classic slip-on shape, but it is much more casual and formal. Clark’s shoes are the best quality shoes that are comfortable and flexible. They are likely preferred due to their high cost. The design is worn by the most the people around us thus making ourselves feel comfortable with low heels.

34. BOBS from Skechers Men’s Plush Peace and Love Flat:

The brand is well-known for causal and comfortable shoes. This flat shoe has a slip-on shape and it is made from an inviting, soft textile. The fit of this shoe is also awesome thus making it stretch fully without the fear of breaking as it is made up of good quality fabric and small goring panel.

35. ECCO Men’s New Jersey Slip-On Loafer:

The New Jersey slip-on loafer offers a straight-forward black and mink design with a simple slip-on shape, without any detailing. It means that this shoe is for men’s to wear it with workplace dress codes. The shoe is designed to offer great comfort for people who have to wear them a full day.

36. Rock port Men’s Style Leader 2 Bike Slip-On Loafer:

The footwear market is continuously heading towards providing a comfortable feel by making perfect shoe style for all age group men. The comfort is initially provider for them and that’s they have offered a spongy EVA footbed in the Rock port style shoe. The footbed protects the foot and helps them to walk for long at work.

37. Klogs Footwear Arbor The Klogs Footwear:

This model is another professional looking slip-on loafer style work shoe. It is made up of clean leather both on upper and lower platform. Its higher shock absorption and power return translate into “sensational” comfort. It also offers outsole and footbed thus providing an excellent arch support for your all-day comfort.

38. Skechers USA Men’s Segment:

The Skechers USA segment shoe is the typical slip-on loafer. This type of shoe allows the men comfortable and soothing feel for long periods of standing at work. Its synthetic sole and lightly rubbed finish makes it a preferable choice among the army men as they had to work out for long periods in a day.

39. Skechers for Work Men’s 77048 Flex Advantage Slip-Resistant Mcallen Slip-On:

The sketch for workmen shoe is made up of synthetic material. It consists of a padded collar and elastic slip gores at the opening. Its slip-on shape has a mesmerizing fabric on both upper and lower end. It offers slip-resistant traction outsole.

40 Dansko Walker Shoe:

The shoe is among the toughest choice for the men who need a good comfortable pair of shoe. It has a soft sock liner that provides comfort control and stops the feet to get hot and sweaty. The loafer can be worn for any occasion and even it can be during the casual day work or meetings.

41. KEEN Men’s Anchor Park Low WP Shoe:

The shoe is made up of good quality material that avoids air and moisture to collect thus helping our feet to remain cool and dry whole day. It is a waterproof shoe which can be used for vacations and adventure tracks. Its metatomical EVA footbed and PU heel cushions offer extra comfort.

42 Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Work Shoe:

This type of shoe is used by the men who work all day on hard floors and require the very best security. The shoe has a added collar for soft cushioning around the ankle. Many workers are attracted towards it due to its long lasting safety feature and reliable design. This cottonwood model offers great traction on the sole thus protecting us from wet and oily surfaces and they are even rated as an electrical hazard safe design.

43. Skechers for Work Men’s 76969 Solace Work Shoe:

The Skechers for Work Men’s Solace Work Shoe is s a great example of the comfort and because of its shape and material. It is made up of leather with padding on the collar. It also consists of memory foam insole. The shoe is best preferable among people who walk on concrete floors all day.

44. Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe:

The KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe is very similar in style to another work shoe. It has a small heel and with leather material on top. It looks attractive and suitable when worn in more professional settings and office work. The foot is adequately supported from heel to toe for enduring comfort.

45. Dansko Men’s Wayne Slip-On:

It is well comfortable for people who have to stand all day inside their workplace or walk outside for meetings. The padding and leather lining add protection with softness. The dual elastic side helps to improve the fit for a more comfortable feel and a secure fit. The shoe prevents the leg from pain and fatigue.

46. Propet Men’s Commuterlite Walking Shoe:

All of the shoes mentioned in the list, it is the most comfortable men’s work shoes. Its rubber sole and heels prevent the feet from getting damaged that need to work on hard ground. It can be worn daily for work.

47.  Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Hiro Work Shoe:

These leather shoes are known for their good design. The rubber sole on it not only offers ultimate comfort but also prevents moisture to enter. The small lace-up vamp closure, flat platform, and simple shape are the attractive features which make them best shoes to work.

48. AVIA Men’s Avi-Union Strap Service Shoe:

This shoe is definitely made it, to use on hard floors. It is probably the most casual of the varieties. It has a soft padding with the scruffy shape as compared to the other loafers. It provides safety and comfort through Defender scotch guard which is treated on the upper end.

49. Bostonian Men’s Mendon Dress Slip-On:

The slip-on is made up of leather and imported from the USA. It’s synthetic sole offers comfort and prevents the feet from getting moisture. The traditional slip-on has a squared apron toe which offers flexibility via twin goring inserts. It has a padded collar which offers comfort and style.

50. Dunham Men’s Blair Slip-On:

The shoe is useful and good for those who are looking for office use. It helps us to stand and walk around all day through cushioned footbed and lightweight. Its rubber sole offers comfort. It is made up of leather thus making it feasible to worn daily and even in parties.

Variety comes with different style and different patterns, it helps to choose proper attire to be grooming yourself. Loafers are the choice among the wide collection of footwear, from low to high budget sale in loafers gives proper attention to users.

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