These trendy penny loafers fit for most of the occasions. They are available in many variants such as the slip-on, laced brogue shoe or the laced oxford shoes. These kind of best penny loafers are around for ages in the history of Europeans and Americans too.

Latest Penny Loafers With Pictures:

Here are the top 9 model of the Penny Loafers for both men and women,

1. Hand Sewn Men’s Penny Loafers:

There is nothing ubiquitous than this hand sewn American style penny loafers for men. A staple of ivy style, versatile and comfortable to wear, is just about to step into your wardrobe. Try this sophisticated look of brown penny loafer’s men style that are suitable for casual wears.

2. Retro Women’s Penny Loafers:

Discover this solid pattern type and round toe shaped Oxford’s penny loafers for women. This range is shallow type with medium shoe width and made out of genuine leather. You can best try this penny loafer’s women style with rubber insole material and with clip on closure model.

3. Black Calf Penny Loafers:

Here you get to have the black penny loafers that are good welted in single leather sole. These loafers are made using the finest quality of leathers that are originated in Portugal. The quality and the stitches made on it, helps to increase the life span of this pair of men’s black penny loafers.

4. Punched Round Holes Penny Loafers:

This is the excellent design that makes it both beautiful and practical to use. It has small circular aperture holes punched on the upper Moccasin-gommino slip on loafers for men. These soft and shiny brown penny loafer for men have wrestling structure with delicate and sensitive design.

5. Italian Calf Penny Loafers:

These are the modern penny loafer shoes moccasins placed on leather sole. They have the have the flexible sole and the comfortable construction of the shoe, with its half unlined inner front. It is the best suede penny loafers that are supple calf made and suitable for a casual wear.

6. Bordeaux and Brown Penny Loafers:

This is the classic collection of men’s brown penny loafers that are Bordeaux and brown hand painted calfskin ones. It is the men penny loafers in the slip-on model which has antique finished leather sole. The inner sole is Bordeaux leather lining that would provide the extreme comfort.

7. Brown Leather Penny Loafers for Men:

If you were looking for the ivory brown shaded penny loafer for your favorite attire, then you can go with this. It is the men’s leather penny loafer that are authentic and royal in their looks which are because they are made using the high quality Italian leathers. This pair of shoes would be perfect for both your casual and formal wears.

8. Best Selling Penny Loafer:

Here are the ideal tan penny loafers that runs narrow with its size up a half size ¾” heel height. It is made with 100% Italian leathers with leather protect ant spray. This original penny loafers features with the subtly tapered toe and with the classic slotted band.

9. Classic Black Slip on Penny Loafers:

This is the timeless collection of original hand sewn beef roll black penny loafers men. They have dual tanned oil treated leather out sole with rubber heel. It has a positive fit and patented welt construction steel shank.

Whether you are looking for the moccasins or the slip-on dress shoes, these penny loafer would be the best fit. They can be occasionally worn for all types of events making it suitable for the appropriate attires. Here both men and women have their own style of shades and designs on these varieties. It is for sure that you get the trendy ones when you are in a genuine search.