We all love loafers! They perfectly blend elegance, charm, and the latest trendy style statement. Whether you want to wear them for formal works and meetings or style them out for parties, they are your best friend in comfort and style. Recently tassel loafers have been making quite a noise. These tassel loafers are a step up in your style game from your regular loafers. They are nothing but your regular loafer shoes that come with decorative laces hanging around the vamp.

But here is the trick: the decorative design in the loafers gives you a whole new look. So, if you are looking for a perfect stylish alternative with contemporary charm in your regular loafers, this is your best bet. Today, we will check all about the latest tassel loafers and how to style them for both men and women.

How To Style Tassel Loafers?

From sophisticated and plush looks to a minimalist-inspired, elegant, and simple style, tassel loafers can do them all. Gone are those days when you must run behind your dress shoes or your formal footwear to style up your outfit. These tassel loafers are a versatile bet for your office work and outings. Before we look into the other trending tassel loafers for men and women, let us find out how to style them perfectly.

  • Here’s something exciting. We would have something for you if you wondered when to wear the tassel loafer style. The tassel loafers are a safe bet for casual outings and formal looks. Whether it may be your team lunch, meetings, or cocktail parties, they will give you a stunning and dapper look.
  • But here is a tip. Choose the right colour and turn your loafers to match the right occasion. For example, if you have business work and wear a formal suit, prefer to go with black, brown, or burgundy formal loafers. However, if it’s your casual wear for outings or parties, choose to go with leather tassel loafers.
  • The size of the vamp also matters in choosing the right tassel loafer. The slip-on loafers with low vamp are perfect for older age groups. Men and women in younger age groups prefer those with a higher vamp. These go perfectly for younger generations. They give you that vibrant and chic vibe effortlessly.
  • Well, however versatile these loafers may be, they are a perfect bet if you can go twinning with the right season. If it’s spring or summer, wear light shades of loafers towards the warmer months. These can be a light brown shade, white, beige, or cream, but if it is autumn or winter, go with black, brown-burgundy- and chocolate-coloured loafers.
  • Men and women have different preferences in these loafer shoes. In the case of women, you can experiment with a range of colours, the all-new printed tassel loafers, or those with lovely pastel colours too. On the other hand, men’s tassel loafer shoes have a darker shade of solid designs.

Best and Stylish Tassel Loafers For Men in Different Colors:

There are many such varieties available for this too. Here is the list of the top tassel loafers.

1. Men’s Suede Tassel Loafers:

Men's Suede Tassel Loafers Save


There is nothing like suede loafers to give that shiny, bright, vibrant dignified look. So, we have this brown colour men’s suede tassel design loafers. This is apt to meet all your office requirements and business needs. For your formal meeting or a business trip, pair your formal wear and blazers with these suede loafers to get an effortlessly stylish and stunning dapper appearance.

  • Design: Brown Suede Tassel Loafers For Men
  • Material: Suede
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Office/Business Meetings
  • Style Tip: Pair them with formal wear and blazers in a leather laptop bag for a perfect look.

2. Black Aldo Tassel Loafers:

Black Aldo Tassel Loafers Save


Black loafers are always evergreen and classic choices in the fashion market. They can never go out of trend. So, we have these lovely Aldo black tassel loafers in leather. These are the casual loafers, which are ideal and apt fit for both casual outings, parties, as well as semi-formal requirements. These slip-on loafers shoes are perfect for giving that stunning style statement.

  • Design: Black Tassel Loafers From Aldo
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Casual, Outings, Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair these loafers with casual, denim, or semi-formal outfits.

3. Red Leather Tassel Loafers:

Red Leather Tassel Loafers Save


Are you amongst those men who love bright, eye-catching, unique looks? These red leather tassel loafers are perfect if you belong to the league. These indeed will deliver you the striking and ultra-modern bold style statement. If you are off to travel or going for a good vacation, this is an apt contemporary pick!

  • Design: Red Leather Tassel Loafers For Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Casual, Outings, Vacations
  • Style Tip: Pair them with bright casual outfits to get the best looks!

4. Burgundy Steve Madden Tassel Loafers:

Burgundy Steve Madden Tassel Loafers Save


The textured loafers have a sense of appealing style and look. This Steve Madden’s Burgundy design tassel loafers for men compete in league with present fashion trends. It has an elegant and sophisticated feel and is perfect for your special events and needs.

  • Design: Burgundy Steve Madden Tassel Textured Loafers For Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Cocktail Parties, Business Dinners
  • Style Tip: Pair them with a formal shirt and pants with a blazer for a dignified and contemporary charming style.

5. Tan Kiltie Tassel Loafers:

Tan Kiltie Tassel Loafers Save


These tan-brown tassel loafers are an absolute art! Did you ever come across such a gorgeous and marvellous handcrafted loafers design? We bet you never did! These charming loafers for men are a piece of fashion, fit to deliver you plush and grandeur elegant looks. They can elevate your entire style statement and sense of fashion just by styling them right!

  • Design: Brown Men’s Tassel Loafers
  • Material: Calf Leather
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Grand Events, Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair them with a perfect blazer, formal trousers, and a big dial watch.

6. Designer Tassel Shoes:

Designer Tassel Shoes Save

The designer is the unique shoes available both online and offline. These are multipurpose shoes that can wear for both small and big events. Their uniqueness lies in their creativity. There can be one popular choice like blue coloured suede tassel shoes for men.

7. Formal Tassel Loafers:

Formal Tassel Loafers Save

The men’s tassel loafers have many varieties to be confronted, and one such is the formal ones which are generally worn by men nowadays. These are also suitable for wearing for parties or functions. The best choice for this can be brown tassel loafers.

8. Unique Leather Loafers:

Unique Leather Loafers Save

The men’s leather tassel loafers are common wear for men. The leather tassel loafers have leather skin, and their uniqueness lies in purity. It generally deals with productivity. The best choice for this can be brown coloured leather shoes.

9. Stylish Tassel Loafers:

Stylish Tassel Loafers Save

The men’s black tassel loafers are one of the most stylish shoes for wedding purposes. The shining in the shoes gives it an attractive look to be admired by everyone. These can be worn occasionally. The best choice for this can be black-coloured stylish loafers.

Stunning and Trendy Models of Tassel Loafers for Ladies in Fashion:

Let us look at the top and new loafers with tassels for women.

1. Pink Textured Tassel Loafers:

Pink Textured Tassel Loafer Save


These pink textured tassel loafers for women are among the best-selling products. It has all the right features to give an elegant look – the feminine feel, lovely design, beautiful, appealing pattern, and more! Women in younger age groups can try these beautiful loafer shoes out for a perfect and plush appearance.

  • Design: Pink Tassel Loafers For Women
  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties, Dinners
  • Style Tip: Pair them with knee-length skirts or dresses for the best look.

2. Platform Tassel Loafers:

Platform Tassel Loafers Save


The Catwalk loafers for women have been well-known for several years. They have the flatform tassel loafers in their new collection, and we can’t take our eyes off them! They are seemingly stunning and mesmerizing and fit in just right to meet contemporary expectations and charm. Try them out, and you can easily step up on your fashion game.

  • Design: Flatform Tassel Loafers For Women By Catwalk
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties, Cocktails
  • Style Tip: Pair them with flared dresses or ripped denim with a crop top for a gorgeous look.

3. Penny Loafers With Tassels:

Penny Loafers With Tassels Save


The penny style loafers have been a significant trend before the introduction of tassel loafers. Now, we have just the right dose of prettiness with a blend of two! For women, the tassels penny loafers are the new alternative to achieve the sleek, chic, feminine, beautiful vibe around the style statement. We love these sleek nude and polished loafers; check them out!

  • Design: Nude Glossy Penny Tasselled Loafers For Women
  • Material: PU Upper
  • Sole Type: Resin
  • Occasion: Parties, Cocktails, Dinner Nights
  • Style Tip: Pair them with a knee-length dress or slit gown for a gorgeous appearance.

4. Grey Casual Tassel Loafers:

Grey Casual Tassel Loafers Save


These will be best if you think of a versatile set of tassel loafers. The grey loafers for women are perfect for casual outings, office wear, dinners, and more! They fit on several occasions in hand and give you the right style dosage with several outfits. How about it?

  • Design: Grey Tassel Casual Loafers For Women
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: Pair them with denim, dresses, or skirts for a perfect style statement. Add on a beautiful sling bag to the outfit.

5. White Tassel Slip-On Loafers:

White Tassel Slip On Loafers Save


Do you love designer-wear-inspired shoes? What better than these tassels slip-on loafers’ shoes from Dune London? These elegant minimalist-inspired shoes will give you a fashionista vibe and a contemporary statement appearance. You can look no less than a diva in them. What do you think?

  • Design: White Slip-On Tassels Loafers Shoes For Women
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Parties, Events
  • Style Tip: Pair them with the right designer dresses and a clutch.

6. Fashionable Tassel Loafers:

Fashionable Tassel Loafers Save

The kiltie tassel loafer women are the varieties on-trend nowadays. The fashionable loafers are defined for them too. They can also wear them for some parties or functions. It would look attractive. The best choice can be black-coloured tassel loafers for women.

The men’s tan loafer shoes have wide varieties, and these were in the top 15. The best loafers you can choose for grand events and weddings are fashionable, stylish, formal and leather shoes. The casual and designer shoes can be worn as casual formalities. The penny and plane shoes are good to be worn for small events.

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