When you are told about your pregnancy and how to take care of yourself you have to change your wardrobe. Add some comfortable, practical clothes such as T shirts made of soft cotton. These can be mixed and matched with maternity shorts, Bermudas. You can use them for lounging, walking or any light exercise. In addition, you can wear it to the mall or shopping stores, visit informal gatherings.

Funny Maternity T Shirts for Pregnant Moms:

Here are 9 comfortable and cool maternity t shirts with funny quotes and images.

1. Peeking Baby Maternity T Shirt:

This special maternity long sleeve T-shirt has the baby peeping out through the zipped opening. If you notice carefully, there is another that peeping is the mother’s baby bump. This design is very cute and the T-shirt is made of soft cotton.

2. Baseball Laces Maternity Shirt:

This T shirt with your baby bump resembles a baseball. If you like the game and you are wishing to bring up your child especially your son to be a baseball player then this shirt is what you want to wear to cheer up.

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3. It’s a Girl Hearts & Stars Maternity Shirt:

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When you know you are expecting a daughter then this is the best T-shirt to inform your friends and relative. Simply wear this T-shirt over a skirt or leggings or maternity shorts. In many countries, girls are equally welcomed as boys, so doctors also inform the gender of the child. Parents are well prepared when their child is born with pink for girls and blue for boys.

4. Hands off The Bump Pink Hand Prints Maternity Shirt:

This novelty maternity T-shirt can be worn by women expecting a girl or boy. The T-shirt just mentions hands off from the bump. You are protective of your child so you want to wear this T-shirt. This item is available in several sizes and is made of soft Tee material.

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5. Funny Maternity Black T-shirt:

This black maternity Halloween T-shirt is interesting and sophisticated. There is interlinked painting of a rib cage and red heart and at the bottom of the spinal cord there is baby’s skeleton complete with head, fingers, feet and toes. Also, there is a suggestion of the baby’s heart. This shirt is all about how a child develops from the mother.

6. Baby Loading T-Shirt:

This interesting T- shirt has the print that resembles the progress of loading or installing any software in the computer. Print specifies that the Baby is loading, about 80% of the work has been finished hence please wait for the completion of the work.

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7. Pregnant Not Fat:

Image Source: Pinterest

Women in general are very conscious of their figure and looks. Hence this T-shirt is ideal for you to announce to the world that you are pregnant and not fat. Pregnancy is the time when you have a healthy baby bump.

8. Maternity Black and White T-shirt:

The writing says that this girl is going to be a mummy confirms that the T shirt was made just for a woman who is expecting. These months are the best months for any woman because she is always special while carry her child.

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9. Peek a Boo – Pink or Blue:

These types of maternity t-shirts are meant for any woman who is pregnant and has not been told about the gender of the child or any woman who does not want to disclose the gender of the baby. The baby could be either a boy or a girl.

The months of carrying your child can be long and dragging for ten months. These maternity t shirts are printed well to cheer you up. Even people who come across you, friends and relatives who see you in these hilarious prints would laugh.

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