Sensitive skin means that your skin will react to almost any kind of product you apply to it. Thus, you will have to be very selective and have knowledge about the products you’re going to use on your sensitive skin. Though there are very limited products available for sensitive skin, you will still need to have an idea about the products that you’re going to use. This article will take you through the list of the best moisturizers suitable for sensitive skin.

Popular Moisturizers For Sensitive Skin in India:

Let we have to look at the top 9 moisturizers for sensitive skin.

1. Avene Skin Recovery Cream:

This cream is specifically made for sensitive skin which will not cause any kind of redness. Since your sensitive skin is reactive to climate change, this cream will take care of that by securing a protection layer over the skin and saving it from weather variations. It will also fix the damage caused by cleansing and dermatological experiments on the skin. The product is loaded with mineral oil, the company’s own thermal spring powder, benzoic acid, etc. Applying this skin twice a day is recommended.

2. Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion:

The product will moisturize and hydrate the skin and also keep it nourished and soft. It has been proven that this product works for 24 hours. The moisturizer works effectively and leaves a pleasant fragrance. The non-sticky and non-greasy feature of this product makes it one of the top selling moisturizers in today’s market.

3. Avene Rich Compensating Cream:

The rich compensating cream from Avene is one of the best moisturizers for sensitive skin ever. It comes with natural base active ingredients which will onset the natural protective barrier of the skin. It also fights against skin aging issues and makes it soft like never before.

4. La Roche Posay Toleriane Hydrating Protective Care – Sensitive To Allergic Skin:

This moisturizer soothes the skin and keeps it hydrated for 24 hours. It works great on the allergic skin and the intense calming fluid relaxes the skin and prepares it to sustain the chemicals contained in beauty products. This product is to be used on the face, neck eyes, every morning, and evening.

5. Jergens Skin Smoothing Gentle Exfoliating Moisturizer:

Jergens Skin smoothing gentle exfoliating moisturizer will restore the lost beauty of the skin with the help of its dense creamy lotion which is actually oil-free. According to dermatologists, this product should be applied twice a day daily for effective results.

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6. Just Herbs No Sun Jojoba Wheatgerm Moisturizing Sun Protection Gel:

This product contains grape seed, wheat germ, aloe vera juice, green tea extracts, and many other valuable natural herbs. All these components altogether replenish the skin and keep it hydrated for a significant period of time.

7. Fabindia Vitamin E Skin Hydrating Cream:

It is very effective in controlling skin aging issues and removing wrinkles. The product contains the goodness of Vitamin E which helps in keeping the skin soft and graceful. It has the goodness of natural water, jojoba oil, lactic acid, Vitamin E acetate, aloe vera extracts, etc.

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8. Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil-Free Moisturizer:

This oil-free moisturizer has grape extracts and other antioxidants which help in restoring skin moisture. The anti-inflammatory feature of this product makes it one of the top rated moisturizers ever.

9. Clean And Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer:

The oil-free moisturizer hydrates the skin without clogging pores. The salicylic acid content in this product prevents the skin from breakouts and saves it from pimples. It is one of the most effective solutions for the purest skin.

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