After you’ve enjoyed the steaming cup of morning coffee, leaving the warm snuggle of your bed was a bit easy but as soon as your feet touched the stone cold floor, the reminder of oncoming winter brought you back to reality. It’s time now to get your things organized into one small everyday handbag, A lip balm, some warm mitts and some moisturizer being a must in them. A moisturizer however, is not only seasonal.

At other times, a moisturizer simply focuses on keeping the skin moist and free while the summer noon would call for a moisturizer that soak up the oil and still keep the skin soft. Either way, Neutrogena, one of the leading cosmetic brands known worldwide for its product, has a large range of heartwarming moisturizers in a pocket friendly prize from which you can choose and opt on a good one for the skin.

Popular Neutrogena Moisturizers in India:

Let we have to look at the top 9 Neutrogena Moisturizers.

1. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer SPF15:

This no alcohol no fragrance moisturizer is a big hit when it comes to sensitive skin. With an SPF 15, this moisturizer would provide ample sun protection preventing tanning and even harmful exposure to UV rays. The creamy feel to this product will hydrate your skin keeping it moist and soft all day long.

2. Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF50:

The healthy defense daily moisturizer is formulated especially for the ladies who spends long hours under the sun. the patented Helioplex complex provides bitter sunscreen protection with broad spectrum benefits as the antioxidants and vitamin E calms, moistens and hydrates the skin.

3. Neutrogena Oil Free Anti Acne Moisturizer:

Providing long lasting protection from skin damage, Neutrogena’s oil free anti acne moisturizer fights off the acne causing bacteria and germs which eventually leads to skin roughness. This is why the aloe and Chamomile mixture in the product soothes and nourishes the skin thoroughly.

4. Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Oil Free Moisturizer:

Here is an all classified manly moisturizer for the tough stubborn men’s skin. Providing broad spectrum sunscreen protection with SPF30, this non greasy moisturizer can be used regularly. This not only renews cells and makes it even tone but also hydrates and moistens the skin to keep it soft and supple.

5. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion:

This oil free toner is feather gentle on your skin while giving you that feather soft touch also for your skin. The non alcoholic every day moisturizer soothes damaged skin cells repairing and refining it with SPF15 as a sun protector to stop UV rays from damaging your precious skin.

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6. Neutrogena Naturals Multi Vitamin Moisturizer:

A splendid fusion of essential vitamins for your skin, Neutrogena’s nourishing moisturizer replenishes and revitalizes skin while providing optimum Ph balance. Vitamin B, C and E mixes with omega bionutrient which is an anti oxidant to give you lighter and brighter skin tone within as few days of usage.

7. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer:

A complete guide to soft nourished and satin soft skin, the Norwegian formula is a body moisturizer that evens out tan patches and body dryness while replenish and rejuvenating the soft dermal layers of your skin. Glycerin enabled and alcohol free this will not irritate but rather smoothen your skin.

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8. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer:

Tinted moisturizers offer a highlight to your natural skin tone while nourishing and hydrating your body as much as a normal moisturizer. Enabled with SPF20, these come in a range of natural hues.

9. Neutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer SPF30:

Caring for your tan uneven skin tone, this daily moisturizer reduces skin discoloration while tending to your sun protection needs. SPF30 infiltrates six dermal layers to provide protection from the cellular levels while keeping your skin velvet smooth and nourished.

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