Doors are the most important elements of a house. They are also the most difficult to shop for! Finding the right door that fits your budget, lasts long and has a great visual appeal is no easy task. Here is where PVC door designs can make a difference for you! These doors offer value of money and are appreciated by many homeowners across the globe!

PVC doors certainly have a winning edge over wooden or metal doors in many ways. They are quite affordable, efficient and look very stylish. They also offer numerous advantages, which makes them worth every penny. Here is a detailed guide on these doors, along with their types, buying tips and the latest catalogue of 10 PVC door designs.

What Are PVC Doors?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a type of synthetic polymer. In raw form, PVC can be quite brittle and is hardened by adding certain plasticizers. As it is water-resistant and anti-corroding material, PVC is used for making doors. PVC doors resemble painted wooden doors in appearance and are also called Plastic doors.

What Are The Different Types Of PVC Doors?

Here are some of the commonly available types of PVC Doors:

  • Hinged Doors: These are the most popular in homes. The doors are attached to a frame using a hinge. Hinged PVC doors work well for bathrooms, bedrooms and even entrance doors.
  • Sliding Doors: Sliding PVC doors are ideal for exteriors like Patios. They are easy to operate and also maximise space utilisation.
  • Folding Doors: Also called Bifold doors, these work well as room dividers for congested areas. You can choose to create more room by folding the panels or simply close them and enjoy a view.

What Are The Benefits Of PVC Doors?

PVC door designs come with a host of benefits, which make them the first choice of any homeowner. Here are the top reasons to buy them for your property:

  • Low-Cost: The biggest advantage of PVC doors is their ultra-low-cost compared to other materials. Along with the actual cost of the door, even the installation charges are cheap, making them one of the best budget-friendly options.
  • Thermal Insulation: By installing PVC doors for your rooms, you can save on electricity bills. PVC is an excellent thermal insulator and normalizes the average temperature of a room. It can efficiently utilize the air conditioning or heater effect during summers and winters.
  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike wooden doors which cannot resist humidity or metal doors which can rust, PVC door designs are easy to maintain. Their termite-proof, water-proof properties make them withstand even extreme conditions.
  • Great Looks: There is no doubt that PVC doors can amp up the beauty of your home. These doors come in different patterns and textures to blend naturally with the rest of your décor. Plus, you can also get them customized as per your requirements.

Points To Note Before Buying PVC Doors:

Before buying a PVC door, we recommend checking out the following expert tips to make the right decision:

  • PVC doors are plastic materials, which can be harmful to your health. Be sure to ask your seller about the composition of the door.
  • To ensure maximum safety, it is recommended to buy a material that is made with a blend of natural fibres and Lubricants along with Polymer.
  • Never buy these doors from local manufacturers. You are very likely to end up with a cheap plastic door.
  • Always trust branded stores to get your money’s worth. With them, you can be sure of good quality and superior looks.
  • Do check the eco-friendly aspects of these doors. Make sure that the materials are sustainable and do not harm the environment.

Latest PVC Door Designs In India:

Here are our 10 simple and best PVC door images with detailed descriptions. Let’s have a look into it.

1. Designer PVC Doors:

Check out this beautiful new PVC designer door that is sure to transform the entire look of your house. Along with functioning as a door, this product can also work as an additional accessory. The wooden finish panel door has a floral art frosted glass, which is minimal and pretty at the same time. This door is ideal for bedrooms and internal areas.

  • Door Type: PVC Designer Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Brown.

2. PVC Bathroom Door Designs:

A bathroom is a moistest and humid area in the house. This is why you must go for a PVC door, which can resist water, along with withstanding extreme temperatures. The elegant looking door has a simple design, which is visible only upon taking a closer look. It comes with a steel push handle to open and close.

  • Door Type: PVC Bathroom Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Brown.

3. PVC Entrance Doors:

A PVC door is ideal for exteriors also. However, you must choose better quality and dense material compared to interior doors. Take a look at this modern grey door, which is made with PVC. It is hard to believe that the door is not made of wood. The panelled door is made even glamorous with two side decorators.

  • Door Type: PVC Entrance Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Grey.

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4. Kitchen PVC Door Designs:

Brighten up your home with this red modular kitchen. The cabinets are all made with PVC material, which comes at a low price compared to using wood. Also, you can choose from a matte or glossy finish to create a different effect. Based on your requirements, colour and size customization can be done.

  • Door Type: PVC Kitchen Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Red.

5. PVC Folding Door:

If you have a narrow space that you wish to optimize, go for a folding door like this! Made with PVC plastic, the panels are tailor-made to suit the area of the room. These narrow doors are attached to each other with tiny hinges, that are almost impossible to see. Small frosted glass panels can allow light into the room, even when the door is kept closed.

  • Door Type: PVC Folding Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Black.

6. PVC Plastic Door:

This is one of the basic designs in Plastic PVC doors. Due to its close resemblance to a wooden panel door, you can use for your internal rooms. The colours and patterns can be customised to meet your tastes and even the size can be made. You can also choose from a variety of latches and locks to enhance the look of this door.

  • Door Type: PVC Plastic Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Brown.

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7. PVC Glass Door:

If you want a door that can work as a decorative piece, go for this design! This glass door is made with a PVC frame and a toughened glass. Instead of keeping it plain, floral artwork is stickered on the door to make it look dainty. You can use this door for your bedrooms and living areas to show everyone your unique taste.

  • Door Type: PVC Glass Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Brown.

8. PVC Fiber Door:

Can you believe that this is not a wooden door? It is definitely hard to distinguish plastic doors from natural materials due to the high precision of make. The two panelled doors have a beat wood grain finish, which can give wood doors a run for their money! For extra durability, Vinyl fibres are added to the polymers to create this stunning piece!

  • Door Type: Fibre PVC Door Designs.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Brown.

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9. PVC Sliding Door:

Hinged doors take away a lot of space in your room. This is why many homeowners are opting for Sliding doors, especially for balconies and backyards. Here is one such model in pure white to brighten up your environment. The PVC sliding door can be opened two ways to move around freely and enjoy an unrestricted view of the surroundings.

  • Door Type: PVC Sliding Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: White.

10. PVC Door For Bedroom:

If you want a door that can separate your bedroom from the living space, check out this design. The simple, basic white door offers a neat look to your interiors. It also blends well with the colour of your walls and gives a brighter appearance. You can even try out various colours and textures for your room, depending on the theme.

  • Door Type: PVC Bedroom Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: White.

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Those are some of the amazing PVC door designs for your home! With the demand for these doors on an all-time high, the market is flooded with unique patterns and styles, offered by each brand. However, you must be sure to determine the quality aspects of these doors. Also, ask the seller for the latest brochures to stay update-to-date and get your money’s worth. We hope you liked these PVC door designs catalogue and make good decisions with the information provided!


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