Did you ever feel your doors are taking away all the space? Wish you had an alternative to traditional hinged doors? We recommend checking out the new-age Sliding doors, which are modern and stylish. Unlike normal doors, Sliding door designs utilise the room space effectively, without compromising on the overall look. That’s not all! These doors can be the perfect room separators, which come in numerous models and designs to elevate the beauty of your interiors. Read along with us to understand the benefits, types, and features of sliding door designs, along with the latest models to try in 2020.

What Is a Sliding Door?

So, how is a sliding door different from a hinged door? sliding door, as the name suggests, is a door that opens horizontally by sliding on a track, which is placed either on top or bottom of the door. It is placed parallel to the wall and has two panel sections, in which one is fixed, and the other is movable.

Importance Of Sliding Doors In A House:

The benefits of sliding door designs in a house are numerous. Apart from saving plenty of room, Sliding doors offer the following advantages:

  • Ventilation: Yes! sliding doors allow sufficient air and sunlight in the house, especially if made with glass.
  • Energy Utilization: Having a sliding door can cut down on your electricity bills, as it can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Safety: With technology-powered secure locks, Sliding doors are the best way to secure your house, without having to shut down the light.
  • Ease Of Access: Unlike normal doors, Sliding doors easily glide through with just a gentle push.
  • Style: Give your homes a contemporary facelift with Sliding doors.

Different Types Of Sliding Doors:

Did you know that there are 10+ types of Sliding door designs available? Take a look at some of the popular varieties of these doors and their key features:

  • Bypass Sliding Doors: Easy-to-use doors, which are widely used in bathrooms and living areas.
  • Pocket Sliding Room Doors: It disappears into the wall and is a great space saver.
  • Sliding Bifold Doors: They are best for offices and pantries, where the door will slide into one side when opened.
  • Patio Sliding Doors: They have one fixed door panel and a sliding door, usually made with thick glass.
  • Accordion Sliding Doors: These have an accordion design, which has folds of panels made with metal or wood.
  • Sliding French Doors: They are stylish sliding door designs, which are used for ventilation and style.

What To Consider Before Buying A Sliding Door?

Before investing in a Sliding door, here are a few points to consider:

  • Place Of Installation: Choose the right sliding door depending on the place of installation. For example, for an entrance door, having a glass sliding door can compromise security. If you are keen on having them, it is a must to install a secure lock with alarm systems.
  • Durability: You must consider aspects like weather conditions and usage before buying a sliding door. Opting for a thick glass sliding door over a regular French door is a wise option, as the former is more durable. You must also go for weather protection coating for your doors for easy maintenance.
  • Cost: In the end, everything boils down to cost! Go for a sliding door that meets your requirements, along with your budget. Also, investing in doors which are energy efficient can decrease your monthly bills. So, you might also want to keep that point in mind!

Best Sliding Door Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern sliding door images with descriptions, that are trending in 2022.

1. New Sliding Door Designs For Living Room:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are looking for a stylish yet minimal design, here is one! The elegant wooden sliding door is perfect for your living room, as it allows plenty of light through its glass panels. It has a secure locking system, which allows you to stay inside without having to worry about the intrusion. It can also be used as a room separator between your living room and the rest of the house.

  • Door Type: Wooden Bypass Sliding Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Wood and Glass
  • Colour: Golden Brown

2. Sliding Glass Doors:

Image Source: handiramp.com

Have a balcony and want a door that gives you the best view? Try one of these sliding door ideas! The Glass door, which is made with Fiberglass gives you superior ventilation, minus the breakages. This easy-to-install door comes with a frame on all four sides for seamless gliding. It is best for balconies, and patios for a combination of style and beauty.

  • Door Type: French Style Glass Patio Door
  • Position: Exterior
  • Material: Wood and Glass
  • Colour: Ebony Black

3. Aluminium Sliding Door Designs:

Image Source: optimawd.com

If you want a low-maintenance, lightweight sliding door, Aluminium is the right choice! As shown, the frame is made with Aluminium alloy, which is treated with a powder coating. The screens are made with fibreglass, which is tough and break-proof. It has two side slide opens with a security mesh, that can also safeguard your house from mosquitos.

  • Door Type: Aluminium Double Side Sliding Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Aluminium and Glass
  • Colour: Dark Grey

4. Sliding Bedroom Doors:

Image Source: pinterest

Check out this pretty, pastel blue sliding bedroom door, which makes your house picture-perfect! These rustic-looking barn-style, interior sliding door designs give a distinctive look to your room. It has a top frame to which grooves are added for easy sliding. You can even customise this door with several colours to add a touch of drama!

  • Door Type: Sliding Bedroom Barn Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Pastel Blue

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5. Kitchen Sliding Door Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Using a sliding door for your kitchen is a great idea! Along with offering privacy, it also offers plenty of room in your house. Check out this simple, yet functional sliding door in a wooden frame, with frosted glass. The glass keeps your kitchen guarded against unnecessary intrusion, without making it obvious. Isn’t this a cool idea?

  • Door Type: Sliding Glass Kitchen Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Golden Brown

6. Sliding Wardrobe Doors:

Image Source: pinterest

Stylishly conceal your closets with these beautiful sliding wardrobe doors. This contemporary design comes as a double-side slider, with a fixed panel on the centre. It has a pearly white finish, which reflects light. Bronze strips run through this door Sliding door for a stylish and sophisticated look!

  • Door Type: Double Side Sliding Wardrobe Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Pearl White

7. Sliding French Doors:

Image Source: dovercompany.com

Give your room a lease of fresh life with this French sliding door. The patio door has clear glass panels, arranged in small squares on the door. It allows sunlight to seep in, without having to worry about keeping your doors open. You can choose to slide it in for some air or keep it closed and enjoy a bright and beautiful sky!

  • Door Type: Sliding Patio French Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Pearl White

8. Sliding Mirror Doors:

Image Source: doorsmirror.com

Have a tiny room, but want to make it appear large? Try installing these mirror sliding door designs, which give the illusion of a bigger space. The doors are usually put up on wardrobes for multi-functional benefits. They are used to hide your storage areas, along with reflecting the surroundings. Besides, you don’t need a reason to take some cool mirror selfies!

  • Door Type: Sliding Dual Side Mirror Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: Glass

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9. Sliding Folding Door:

Image Source: corinzo.in

If you want to get maximum visibility of the external surroundings, you need to check out this modern version of the sliding door. The folding door is slimmer than a traditional door and is lightweight, as it is made with aluminium material. It also has revolutionary D hinges, which offer seamless movement, along with an option to stack them neatly.

  • Door Type: Sliding Folding Door
  • Position: Exterior
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Dark Brown

10. Wooden Sliding Door:

Image Source: pinterest

Give your house a rustic look with wooden sliding door designs. This solid wood door has a typical Barn-like design, which makes it unique. The best part about these doors is their relatively low cost and maintenance. These 2 Sliding doors are perfect for large rooms to separate the areas aesthetically, without investing a lot.

  • Door Type: Wooden Sliding Barn Doors
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Wood
  • Colour: Brown

11. Steel Sliding Door:

Steel sliding doors are specially made for industrial purposes to safeguard the warehouses. They are durable, low cost and heavy-duty materials, which last for a long time. The entire frame and the doors are made with rust-proof Stainless steel metal, which has a silver coating on top for a premium look.

  • Door Type: Stainless Steel Sliding Doors
  • Position: Exterior
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver

12. Balcony Sliding Door:

Image Source: pinterest

Give your balcony a smart look from the outside and a better view from the inside with this clear sliding door. The two-way aluminium door, with glass panels, is a perfect way to enjoy the views without having to keep your space open. Having this type of door also gives the illusion of a larger living space.

  • Door Type: Balcony Sliding Door
  • Position: Exterior
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Black

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13. UPVC Sliding Door Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

If you want an affordable, low-maintenance sliding door, UPVC is the best bet! UPVC is a short form for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, which can be a low-cost substitute for wood. This is one such model, which has three slide doors in one frame for ease of adjustment. You can choose to create a bigger space or a narrow room according to your mood!

  • Door Type: UPVC Sliding Door
  • Position: Exterior
  • Material: UPVC
  • Colour: Steel Grey

14. Contemporary Sliding Door Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Modern homes demand minimal, highly functional designs. Check out this sliding door, which has a contemporary feel. It is specially made for smaller homes to alter the size of the rooms as per choice. It can be used as a separator between kitchen and hall or hall and bedroom. You can also choose to slide it back to give a studio feel!

  • Door Type: Contemporary Sliding Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Wood and Glass
  • Colour: Ebony

15. Sliding Cupboard Doors:

Image Source: pinterest

The combination of wood and mirror sliding doors is one of the latest trends. If you have a large closet, this cupboard sliding door works quite well. It is a three-door slider, with one sliding door and one slightly smaller. The centre portion comes with a large mirror to create an instant dressing area, along with beautifying the room!

  • Door Type: 3 Door Sliding Cupboard Door
  • Position: Interior
  • Material: Wood and Glass
  • Colour: Wenge Brown

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Those are some of the latest sliding door models to try out this season! With the competition to create newer interiors growing high, you need to embrace these designs. Not only will they give you a house that’s worth a magazine shoot, but also give you a beautiful space of your own. You can be as creative as you can with sliding door designs without having to worry about your apartment size. All you need is an idea and a door that matches your imagination to turn your home into heaven!


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