50 Different Designs Of Salwar Suits For Women That Are Absolutely Trendy

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One of the most common garment of a lady is the good old salwar. Women! Brace yourselves! You now have a range of designs created for different occasions inspired by different patterns. With salwar suit, you can now accessorize with your favourite bangle or jewellery to go with. Pick the bold colours and look ravishingly bright this festive season.

salwar suits for womens

Latest and Beautiful Salwar Suit Designs/Salwar Kameez Designs For Girls In Trend:

Women’s salwar suit designs/salwar kameez designs are plenty in the Indian market today. So, it can be a daunting task to pick one. We hence decided to let you know some of the best salwar designs with images that rule the fashion world.

1. Simple Salwar Suits For Women:

 Simple Salwar Suit For Women

This is simple salwar suit for women is made of cotton fabric. It makes her feel free while doing her household work. It is having simple prints in blue kurti and orange salwar. The design of dupatta is superb. It has simple border too.

2. Anarkali Salwar Kameez:

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

It is known as Anarkali salwar suit in silk fabric. It has heavy neck and sleeve pattern. During the times of Mughal Emperor, Queens used to wear such type of salwar dresses, from there the name come “Anarkali dress”.

3. Party Wear Salwar Suits For Women:

Party Wear Salwar Suit

This is heavy salwar suit most appropriate for party. It has net fabric and embroidery work on suit with floor length. The designs on neck and sleeves are so beautiful. You will look like a princess in the party with this salwar suit owing to the contrasting combination.

4. Patiala Salwar Suit:

Patiala Salwar Suit

This salwar suit is having patiala salwar pattern. It is made of soft fabric. Patiala salwar is loose on the body and flicks looks great. The dupatta is of Chiffon material. The suit has the whole neck covered and 3/4th sleeves.

5. Salwar Suit With Jacket:

Salwar Suit with Jacket

This new salwar design has a jacket with it. The suit and salwar are plain fabric but the jackets have designs on it. It is looking fabulous on ladies. The design on the jacket is very beautiful. This salwar suit has the potential to crawl into the trendy salwar kameez designs catalogue.

6. Punjabi Girls Salwar Suit:

Punjabi Salwar Suit

This is Punjabi salwar suit with short in length suit and Patiala salwar. The material of suit is shiny and plain salwar. The design of Punjabi salwar suit depicts the bold character of brave girls of Punjab.

7. Bandhani Salwar Suit:

BandhaniSalwar Suit

This is a bandhani print salwar suit. Bandhani print is very famous of Jamnagar, Jetpur of Gujarat State. Bhandini simple salwar suit design never goes out of fashion. It gives them utmost physical relaxation in wearing. It is also available with embroidery and mirror work.

8. Salwar Suit With Flower Print Salwar:

Salwar Suit with Flower Print Salwar

In this salwar suit, there is a skirt of flower print. It is of silk material. Currently, this pattern is running wild in market. Everyone is demanding this pattern in salwar suit. Under flower print skirt, you can wear either a legging or palazzo.

9. Floor Length Salwar Suit:

Floor Length Salwar Suit

This salwar suit goes up to the floor. In floor length suit, salwar is not visible. The dupatta is extra-long. The suit is having awesome neck design and full sleeve. Ladies can wear the floor length salwar suit for a grand event.

10. Churidar Salwar Suit:

Churidar Salwar Suit

In this salwar suit, there is a churidar pattern in salwar. It has a unique colour combination of pink and green. It is a Chanderi Cotton fabric with a full neck. The fabric is rich so it will give classy look in wearing. Ladies will look stunning in this. This is the best salwar suits for women for a big day

11. Latest Salwar Suit:

Latest Salwar Suit

This pattern is latest one in salwar suit and comes with an awesome jacket over kameez. The suit is full floor length with an utmost heavy design. Ladies will flaunt the stage wearing this. It must be expensive enough. The lady is looking gorgeous in this with long Jhumkas.

12. Pakistani Salwar Suits For Women:

Pakistani Salwar Suit

It is a navy-blue colour Pakistani salwar suit and has an Brasso fabric with embroidery work. Since It is simple and sober salwar suit, It is much popular among ladies of Pakistan. Long earring and Maang tikka is going traditional with this salwar suit.

13. Bollywood Style Salwar Suit:

Bollywood Style Salwar Suit

It is pure white colour salwar suit specially designed for a party. Golden colour Patti work on white dress is flawless. The dupatta is much simple and plain yet eye catchy. Make sure to have this simple and beautiful salwar kameez in your wardrobe.

14. Salwar Suit With Palazzo:

Salwar Suit with Palazzo

This is a yellow and white colour combination salwar suit. In this, kameez has a front and both side cut. The salwar is of Palazzo style which is much open. It is a new style in salwar suit. The whole kameez is plain only some work at the end.

15. Salwar Suit With Designer Churidar:

Salwar Suit with Designer Churidar

This is an awesome salwar suit with embroidery work on churidar. The kameez is decorated with Zari work and buttons on it. Special cut is given on the front side of Kameez to show the designs done on Churidar. It can be your party wear salwar suit too.

16. Floral Print Salwar Suit For Women:

Floral Print Salwar Suit

In this, the kameez has a floral design on base white colour. Big flowers are printed with full sleeves. This print will look unusual from the regular type of work. It can be perfect for summer.

17. Stylish Salwar Suit:

Stylish Salwar Suit

This is a stylish salwar suit with plain fabric. The salwar suit does not have any design or print. It is sleeveless. A bow is tied on one side of the neck with the same colour of kameez. The lady looks smarty in this salwar suit.

18. Salwar Suit With Back Neck Pattern:

Salwar Suit with Back Neck Pattern

In this Salwar Suit, there is a pattern in the back side of neck. On the front, the neck is fully covered. A proper shape is given on back side neck which is open. It is cap sleeve with embroidery work and button work on the neck. Shopping salwar kameez of this kind gets easy with the range of designer options available online.

19. Salwar Suit With Pant Style:

Salwar Suit with Pant Style

In this, salwar is of pant style. It has spellbound work on the neck. The salwar looks like a narrow pant. This salwar pattern is pretty rare. It will impart a trendy look to the wearer. Want to give it a try?

20. Fashionable Salwar Suits For Women:

Fashionable Salwar Suit

In this salwar suit, Kameez looks like a girl’s top. It has straps like Spaghetti. The salwar is plain churidar. It will appear to be fashionable on ladies. The length of Kameez is short.

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21. Gorgeous Salwar Kameez:

Gorgeous Salwar Kameez

This is really attractive salwar suit for ladies to wear in wedding. It is made up of net fabric. Awesome layers are given on Kameez. It is sleeveless and looks like Lehenga only. It can be alluring to wear in a wedding. Make sure to choose bold colours.

22. Batik Salwar Suit:

Batik Salwar Suit

This is Batik print salwar suit which is more popular in ladies. Batik is in more demand during summer as it gives comfort. Batik print has limited designs and not much attractive too. It is a durable material with long-lasting.

23. Kutch Salwar Suit:

KutchiSalwar Suit

This print is known as Kutchi print salwar suit. It belongs to Kutchi city of Gujarat State. Kutchi salwar suit is available in various designs. The designs of salwar suit reflect the culture of Gujarat.

24. Jaipuri Print Salwar Suit:

Jaipuri Print Salwar Suit

This Jaipuri Print Salwar Suit also known as Jaipuri Cotton made of pure cotton and available in multi-colour. It is mostly available in Rajasthan. It is somewhat expensive. This is another must have salwar kameez pattern.

25. Salwar Suit With Neck Pattern:

Salwar Suit with Neck Pattern

This salwar suit has plain kurti with only neck work. The neck is beautifully decorated with contrast colour. Customize the salwar with your favourite colour and neck design. Accessorize with one simple and heavy bangle and a small earring.

26. Designer Salwar Suit:

Designer Salwar Suit

Now this is a designer piece with thoughtful sleeve pattern and layers given in kurti. The neck design is much heavy and gracious. Prepare to look thin and fit in this kind of salwar kameez.

27. Apple-Cut Salwar Kameez:

Apple-Cut Salwar Kameez

In this, kameez has an apple-cut pattern. It was much more popular earlier. Patiala salwar style with apple-cut kameez will look fancy. Apple-cut kurtis are much shorter in length so that salwar style will be visible clearly.

28. Salwar Kameez With Front Zip:

Salwar Kameez with Front Zip

Sounds new? This salwar suit design has a zip in the front. It looks stylish on ladies. There is a collar and front side cut on Kameez. Whole black looks like a Party wear. Black color salwar kameez looks hot. Clear and neat pleats are done on Kurta.

29. Salwar Suit With Pleated Style:

Salwar Suit with Pleated Style

It is newly launched design of salwar suit with glorious neck design. Nice pleats are given on Kurtis with folded sleeves. Salwar is of Palazzo style in white lace fabric. This really looks classy on ladies. The kameez is also in High-Low pattern.

30. Salwar Suit With Digital Print:

Salwar Suit with Digital Print

In this Salwar Suit, there is digital print in Kameez. It has front cut with full sleeve kurti. This is ultra-new pattern in market. It will look elegant and modish on ladies. One can wear this salwar suit in Party as well. It is ultra-modern.

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31. Silk Salwar Kameez:

Silk SalwarKameez

This is silk fabric salwar kameez that gives physical relaxation to the body. Silk gives a soft touch to the body. The silk salwar kameez looks shining apart than normal. Silk material is expensive as well. This latest salwar design is inspired to fit the body perfectly.

32. Jute Silk Salwar Kameez:

Jute Silk SalwarKameez

Jute Silk salwar kameez is truly one step superior to any of the other salwar suit designs. It is of fine quality. It looks high-class and lusty on ladies. This salwar kameez is having a sound design with round neck and glorious dupatta. It has a charismatic design.

33. Embroidered Salwar Kameez:

Embroidered Salwar Kameez

In this salwar kameez, there is some beautiful embroidery work. Even the dupatta is light weighted. Ladies will look pretty in this. It has a good embroidery work on neck, sleeve and bottom area.

34. Brasso Salwar Kameez:

Brasso Salwar Kameez

This salwar kameez made of fantastic brasso material that gives ethnic look to this lady. It looks top class with pink colour simple work on it. It will look attractive with the bright choice of colours and yet looks simple and beautiful.

35. Salwar Suit With Heavy Dupatta:

Salwar Suit with Heavy Dupatta

In this salwar suit, dupatta is given the heavy look. Dupatta has a floral design embroidery work on it. It gives a rich class look. The colour is soothing and nice. Broad border is attached on dupatta which is striking and is a one among the good collection of salwar kameez to have.

36. Traditional Salwar Kameez:

Traditional Salwar Kameez

This is a very traditional style of salwar kameez apt for the family occasion. It is filled with a lot of design and work and has a deep round neck pattern and net sleeve. It could be a good choice for an evening party.

37. Wedding Salwar Suit:

Wedding Salwar Suit

This salwar suit is specially stitched for the bride. Some ladies on their wedding day wear salwar suit with heavy work. In this, there is so much work on salwar, kameez and dupatta. Bridal salwar suit should be in red or pink colour.

38. Dhoti Salwar Kameez:

Dhoti SalwarKameez

Dhoti style salwar looks altogether new in style. The dhoti is th latest version of Patiala Salwar. Sleeveless and amazing work on kameez that is short to show Dhoti clearly. It is a new collection of salwar kameez in the market.

39. Short Sleeve Salwar Suit:

Short Sleeve Salwar Suit

In this salwar suit, kameez is in short sleeve with piping work. Golden lace is attached to neck and bottom of Kameez. The salwar and dupatta is printed. Earrings and go well with this design and is moderately simple.

40. Salwar Suit With Collar Neck:

Salwar Suit with Collar Neck

This salwar suit has a full collar on Kameez. It is bonded with a beautiful border. Long earring will look best with collar neck pattern. It is looking customary as a part of a tradition. It could be quite difficult to wear it every day as the salwar kameez in itself is heavy.

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41. Asian Salwar Suit:

Asian Salwar Suit

In this salwar suit, the kameez is given a shirt like look. Like a shirt, there are buttons and short in length. The salwar and dupatta has a big flower print. It is unique design. It is not easily available in the market.

42. Ethnic Salwar Suits For Women:

Ethnic Salwar Suit

This is an ethnic salwar suit with embroidery work. The design of kameez is done according to tradition. The salwar and dupatta are plain. It takes some real effort to get the work done, one that is complete with some intricate design and embroidery.

43. Khadi Salwar Suit:

KhadiSalwar Suit

Kahdi is very comfortable to wear and is priced on the higher side. Khadi salwar suit looks perfect on ladies. It is an established fabric. Mild colours go well with khadi cloth.

44. Resham Work Salwar Suit:

Resham Work Salwar Suit

This salwar suit is extremely beautiful with Resham work. It has such a nice design. The dupatta is of very smooth fabric. It is chanderi cotton and therefore, can be quite comfortable for ladies. Ladies can become the centre of attention in this.

45. Salwar Suit With Mirror Work:

Salwar Suit with Mirror Work

It is long Anarkali Suit with mirror work on neck and sleeve. Mirror work looks astounding on salwar suit. It will give a perfect fit to ladies with incredible finishing. With a good colour choice, it will look beautiful and modest.

46. Chikan Work Salwar Suit:

Chikan Work Salwar Suit

Chikan Work gives simplicity to the salwar suit. It has very thin fabric. It will look classy on a wearer. Chikan work salwar suit normally comes in light colour. It is effortless to wear. It will look impressive without much decoration.

47. Lucknow i Salwar Suit:

LucknowiSalwar Suit

This salwar suit is in Lucknow i style, and it needs Inner to wear inside. It looks sophisticated and extraordinary in wearer for the hot season. It is excellent, presenting no difficulty. Ladies, it is one must have salwar pattern you need to have.

48. Georgette Salwar Suit:

Georgette Salwar Suit

This salwar suit is in Georgette material. The kameez is in layers with attractive dupatta. It is unadorned with clean neck design. This trendy and modern salwar kameez is ideal as a party wear and will never fail to impress you.

49. Plain Salwar Suits For Women:

Plain SalwarKameez

You can find these type of salwar suits wearing girls more often. It is nice-looking plain salwar kameez with a beautiful pattern. It is a half sleeve and full neck design. Though plain, it still looks exceptional and magnificent.

50. Trendy Salwar Suit:

TrendySalwar Suit

It is straight cut long salwar suit. The dupatta is two colours shaded. The kameez is long with plenty of work. It much heavy weight too. Ladies can wear this type of salwar suit on festivals as well. Massive work is done on neck with generous and delicate design.

The range of salwar suit designs available is really plenty in number. Some of them are the must have while others are typically party wear. Most important of all is the right stitching. You can choose to buy ready made salwar kameez or stitch and customize according to the way you like it to be. Go bold on colours and do not shy away from trying the ample trendy salwar suit designs. You set the trend!