9 Stylish and Elegant Slim Fit Kurta Pajama for Mens

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Youth today is conscious about their health and physique. Many of them go to the gym regularly to bring out the best in their physique. A regular fit is designed to hide unflattering physical aspects under a good tailored cut. A slim fit on the other hand brings out the physical aspects of the body. Those who have a good physique gym toned or otherwise choose slim fit clothing to accentuate their body. Though a tailored suit makes a man look dapper, a slim fit kurta pyjama brings out the best in men.

Latest and Attractive Slim Fit Kurta Pajama Designs for Gents in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the best slim fit kurta pajama.

1. Black Slim Fit Kurta Pyjama:

Black is a colour of power and passion. Nothing suits a man like the colour black. A well-built man in a slim fit kurta is a cynosure of all eyes. Flaunt a black slim fit kurta for man if you have what it takes to carry it off.

2. Blue Slim Fit Kurta Pyjama:

Blue is the colour of all seasons. It symbolizes intelligence, peace, tranquillity and compassion. No wonder blue is the favourite colour of most men. A slim fit kurta pajama in blue and specifically in denim is must have for all menfolk.

3. Maroon Slim Fit Kurta Pyjama:

Maroon is dark red colour with intones of brown, and it looks good on most men than red. A slim fit kurta pajama in maroon symbolizes confidence, courage and passion. A maroon kurta in plain, pattern or prints paired with churidar in similar or contrast colour works for all kinds of social gathering.

4. Bronze Slim Fit Kurta Pyjama:

Bronze is a manly colour. It stands for maturity and earthiness. A bronze slim fit kurta pyjama for men is a must have wardrobe item. Wear this kurta pajama to any formal, semi-formal occasion or to party with style.

5. Grey Slim Fit Kurta Pyjama:

Grey is a colour which suits every man and brings out the cool quotient. A grey slim fit kurta is an ultimate style statement. It contrast well with a black pajama in any style and can be worn for any occasion without much thought.

6. Violet or Purple Kurta Pyjama:

Violet or purple is the colour of royalty. No wonder Kohinoor diamond is violet in colour. Violet colour symbolizes grandeur and show. Wear a violet kurta slim fit to any occasion and stand out among sea of colours. It works well with golden or black dhoti pants or churidar.

7. Pink Kurta Pyjama:

Pink is normally considered a feminine colour. But a light pink is the just right shade for a man. Pink symbolizes sensitivity and calmness. Wear a pink kurta with a pyjama and Nehru jacket in contrast colours and make a style statement at any kind of occasion.

8. Yellow or Gold Kurta Pyjama:

Yellow colour is an outdoorsy colour which in itself symbolizes masculinity. A slim fit men’s kurta in yellow paired with a white churidar or linen pant is just the thing to wear to an outdoor party or a picnic.

9. Green Pathani Suit:

A slim fit pathani suit in green, just about suits all men. Green colour stands for harmony and resilience. Pair a green pathani suit with a white mojaris for any traditional or social ceremonies.

A slim fit cut is toast of the season. Wear it to show that you are disciplined to maintain an amazing physique. A kurta pyjama in slim fitting is a lethal combination for a modern man with a traditional heart.