Top 9 Temples In South India

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South India is the home to many magnificent Dravidian styled temples. The multistory gopurams or temple towers are the most significant feature of South Indian temples. These temples were built over centuries ago.People from all over the world take a tour of South India just to visit the sacred pilgrimage spots the state has to offer. Let us look at the top 9 temples of South India in details.

1. Meenakshi Amman Temple At Madurai, Tamil Nadu:

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This beautiful temple situated in the temple city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu has 14gopurams with the tallest being 170 feet. It is also known as Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple which really are alternate names of Parvati and Shiva respectively. The temple city of Madurai came to existence 2,500 years ago with this holy structure. There are two golden sculptured vimanas, the shrines over the sanctums of the main deities. According to statistics, 15,000 visitors a day and 25,000 on Fridays visit the Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple. An estimation of 30,000 sculptures are boasted by this temple. In the months of April and May, a million visitors visit the temple to celebrate the annual 10 day Meenakshi Tirukalyanam Festival.

2. Badami Cave Temples At Badami, Bagalkot District, Karnataka:

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The classic example of Indian rock-cut architecture, The Badami Cave Temples are exquisitely famous for it. Located at Badami, a small town of Bagalkot district in Karnataka is dated back at the 6th century. This temple is situated on the west bank of an artificial lake. The temples have four caves carved out on the soft Badami sandstone on a hill cliff. The caves are planned according to a verandah or mukhamandapa, a columned mandapa or the main hall and the small square shrines which are also known as garbhagriha. All the cave temples are linked by stepped pathways.

3. Mahabaleshwar Temple At Gokarna, Karnataka:

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The Mahabaleshwar Temple located at Gokarna in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka has a pious Shiva Linga which faces the city beach of the Arabian Sea. It is also referred as the DakshinKashi because it is considered to be as sacred as the Shiva temple of Kashi in Northern India. Mayurasharma, a ruler of Kadamba dynasty constructed this Dravidian style architecture during 345-365 AD. Shiva Ratri in the month of February is hugely celebrated here.

4. Ambalapuzzha Sri Krishna Temple At Ambalapuzzha, Kerala:

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This Shri Krishna temple at Ambalapuzzha, Kerela was built during 15th-17th AD by the local ruler. The idol of Sri Krishna from Guryavoor temple was brought here for safe keeping during the reign of Tipu Sultan in 1789. The idol is similar to Parthasarthi with a sacred conch on the left hand and a whip in the right. The payasam served as an offering is famous among the Hindu devotees and it is believed that Guruvayurappan reaches at the time of PalpayasaNeydameveryday to have it.

5. Thillai Natarajah Temple At Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu:

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ThillaiNatarajah Temple at Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Lord Shiva. ThillaiKoothan or Natarajh is the deity that presides here since 12th century. This temple was the beginning of all temples to Saivites. Chidambaram represents Aakash(aether), one of the five classical elements of the holiest of Shiva temples known as PanchaBoothaSthalams. Chidambaram temple celebrates different festivals all-round the year.

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6. Veerabhadra Temple At Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh:

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This Vijayanagara style temple built in the 16th century is situated in Lepakshi in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The fresco paintings in bright dresses and colours depict the stories of Rama and Krishna from Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Puranas. The temple has a large Nandi or bull, mount of Shiva of about 200 metres away from the temple. The temple is built on a hillock of granite rock which is in the shape of a tortoise.

7. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple At Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh:

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In terms of donations received and wealth, it is the richest temple in the world along with being the most-visited place of worship. The temple is situated in a hill town called Tirumala at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh and is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, an incarnation of Vishnu. The temple is referred as “the temple of seven hills” and is constructed in Dravidian architecture. During the annual Brahmotsavam, around 500,000 pilgrims visit the place.

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8. Oachira Temple At Kollam, Kerala:

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Oachira temple is an acient temple located at Kollam district of Kerala. It is the pilgrimage center of Parabrahma and dedicated to him. OachiraVrishchikam festival and IrupatthatamOnam are the widely celebrated festivals here. People worship Brahma or Vishnu under neatly preserved trees here. The temple does not have covered structures for temple which is one of a kind.

9. Chennakesava Temple At Belur, Karnataka:

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The Chennakesava temple is situated on the banks of the Yagchi River in Belur in the Hassan district of Karnataka. It is dedicated to Chennakesava, a form of Hindu God Vishnu. The temple was built in 1117 AD during Vijayanagara period and is designed asekakutavimana or single shrine. The temple’s entrance is crowned with a Rajagopura which is a superstructure.

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