Did you know the railway network in India is the fourth longest in the world? Yes! In addition to being the backbone of the country’s transportation system, the fastest trains in India take you on an exhilarating journey where speed meets convenience and comfort. Over the years, the Indian railways have improved passenger comfort and reduced travel time by making great strides in modernizing its fleet of trains. Introduction to the fastest trains in India that connect major cities across the country by running at high speeds is one of the most significant advancements made.

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This article dives into the world of high-speed rail travel in India, which has revolutionized transportation while showcasing technological marvels. Read on!

Top 10 Fastest Running Trains in India:

Let us unravel the secrets behind the lightning-speed operations of India’s fastest trains and how they change how people comfortably travel the vast landscapes of India.

1. Vande Bharat Express Train:

Vande Bharat Express train is the highest-speed train in India, also called Train 18, with a maximum speed of 160 km/h. This train operates in Delhi – Varanasi, Delhi – Katra, Ahmedabad – Mumbai and was launched in February 2019. Executive class and Chair car are the two classes of travel found on this train. The executive class is equipped with onboard catering, USB charging ports, and personal TV screens and has 44 seats. Though there are similar amenities, the chair car has 78 seats.

2. Gatimaan Express:

Gatimaan Express is the first semi-high-speed train in India that runs between Delhi and Jhansi with a speed of 160 km/hr. The distance from Hazrat Nizamuddin to ViranganaLakshmibai Junction railway station is 403 km which takes about 265 minutes to cover. This train has an executive chair car and a chair car class coaches without any pantry car attached. The amenities in this train include sliding doors, an 8-inch LCD on the back of every sear, free Wi-Fi, Bio-toilets, a Hotspot, and multimedia services.

3. Tejas Express:

Tejas Express is a premium train service in India known for its comfortable and luxurious travel experience. This train operates at a 130 km/hr speed in the route Ahmedabad – Mumbai, Mumbai – Goa, Lucknow – Delhi, Chennai – Madurai. This semi-high velocity train is fully air-conditioned and was inaugurated in 2017. This train has one of the best interiors and modern technology, including big LED screens, Wi-Fi service, charging portals, a chef catalog, books, a tea and coffee machine, and many other amenities. Tejas Express has an AC chair car and an Executive chair car.

4. Mumbai Rajadhani Express:

The Mumbai RajadhaniExpress is the fastest Rajdhani Express available and uses Alstom-LHB carriages. This train has one First-class AC coach, second-class AC coach, third-class AC coach, luggage coaches, and pantry coach, totaling 20 coaches. This train has the route between Mumbai and Delhi at a speed of 130 km/hr. This train provides several passenger amenities, including onboard catering, Wi-Fi, plug-in plugs, tea or coffee machines, etc.

5. Shatabdi Express:

Shatabdi Express is a series of prestigious train services in India popularly known for its comfort and speed. This train operates on several routes, which include Chennai to Bengaluru, Delhi to Agra, and Mumbai to Ahmedabad. High-level maintenance and onboard meals are some of the facilities offered by Shatabdi Express, in addition to air-conditioned coaches. Regardless of business or leisure travelers, this train is designed to provide quick and convenient travel. Shatabdi Express is a preferred choice for many passengers because of its punctuality and efficient operations.

6. Howrah Rajdhani Express:

The Howrah Rajdhani Express is a famous and prestigious Indian train service that connects Kolkata (Howrah) with New Delhi. This is one of the fastest trains in India that offers a luxurious travel experience operating at a speed of 130 km/hr maximum. The amenities like onboard meals, Wi-Fi, and air-conditioned coaches in the Howrah Rajdhani Express further enhance the travel experience. People traveling between Kolkata and New Delhi prefer the Howrah Rajdhani Express because of its convenience and premium service.

7. Duronto Express:

Duronto Express is a category of non-stop, long-distance trains in India with fewer stops and high speed. On specific stretches, the trains under the Duronto Express category ensure faster travel times between major cities, reaching speeds of up to 130 km/hr. These trains come with modern amenities and services onboard, providing passengers with a comfortable journey. Some of the routes Duronto Express runs include Howrah (Kolkata) to Mumbai CST, Pune to Ernakulam (Kochi), and Chennai Central to New Delhi, to name a few.

8. Humsafar Express:

Humsafar Express is a long-distance train in India that is fully air-conditioned, providing passengers with enhanced comfort and amenities. Modern interiors, comfortable berths, and onboard facilities like CCTV cameras, reading lights, and charging points make travel on this train more convenient. The Humsafar Express trains operate up to 130 km/hr ensuring faster travel times. This India’s fastest train is a popular choice among passengers for long-distance journeys because they provide a premium travel experience at an affordable price.

9. Double Decker Express:

The Double Decker Express is a unique and fastest-running train in India known for its distinctive double-decker coaches. These trains feature two levels of seating compartments maximizing seating capacity. The Double Decker Express trains ensure efficient and faster travel between destinations operating at a maximum speed of up to 130 km/hr. Passengers on this train can enjoy scenic beauty, panoramic views while providing comfortable seating arrangements. Whether commuting over medium to long distances, the double-decker express is popular among travellers for its spaciousness, modern amenities, and convenience. Some of the routes you can find Double Decker Express include Chennai – Coimbatore, Jaipur – Delhi, Howrah – Dhanbad, and Kacheguda – Guntur.

10. Sampark Kranti Express:

Sampark Kranti Express is a super-fast train in India that focuses on providing efficient transportation services and connecting major cities. These trains are equipped with modern amenities like ample storage space for luggage, onboard catering facilities, and comfortable seating. Sampark Kranti Express ensures faster travel times by operating at a maximum speed of 110 km/hr. Jabalpur to Hazrat Nizamuddin (New Delhi), Ranchi Junction to Patna Junction, Shalimar (Kolkata) to Jammu Tawi, and Chandigarh Junction to Bandra Terminus (Mumbai) are some of the noted Sampark Kranti Express routes.

Indian Railways is India’s fundamental backbone of transportation, connecting our country’s nooks and corners. The list of the top fastest trains in India presented in this article will help you know more detailed information about these trains to make your journey easier. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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1. Which is the fastest train in India by average speed?

Vande Bharat Express, also called Train 18, is India’s fastest train. It covers a distance of approximately 800 kilometers at an average speed of 130 km/h, operating between New Delhi and Varanasi.

2. What are the amenities and features available on the fastest trains in India?

Some of the modern amenities and features available in the fastest trains in India include:

  • Comfortable seating.
  • Onboard catering services.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Spacious coaches.
  • Enhanced passenger safety.

3. What is the availability of these fastest trains in India?

The availability of India’s fastest trains depends on the route and specific train. For example, some trains operate daily, while others run on specific working days throughout the week. However, before you start planning your journey, it is advised to check the train schedule.


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