With the advancement of thinking and communication skills, your baby is growing pretty fast and is almost 1 year old. He is eager to try new things, test new stuff, touch and see new things every day as he is learning quickly and this is pretty natural at this stage. There, are, however, some toys that will allow him to enhance the learning process and trigger the faster learning stimuli of his brain. There are a few toys, which allow the 10 month old child to put some serious pressure on his head to figure out complex issues. Here is a list of the top 12 toys for 10 months old baby.

12 Best Toys for 10 Month Old Babies:

1. The Giggles N Nest Toy Set 3-in-1:

This is one of the best toys for the 10 months old baby. This particular toy set comprises a number of colored objects, which will basically trigger the senses of the baby and allow him to develop mentally and really fast. The baby can create a tower with the objects such as bright colored cubes.

2. The Fisher Price Brilliant Baby Basic’s Baby First Blocks:

Here we have an awesome toy which is considered one of the best baby toys for the 10 months old. This toy sports some awesome textures and the idea is to put the pieces in the required gaps and holes. It is pretty awesome and the colors make the toy even more alluring.

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3. B. One Two Squeeze Blocks:

This toy will be suitable for kids between the ages of 6 months to 3 years. The toy demands the baby to perform some action which will develop his physical as well as mental condition. This will actually allow him to grow. The toy displays attractive colors along with a fine and decent texture. The baby has to put the small boxes in the desired places.

4. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench:

This comes with a small hammer and the toy is one of the most famous toys for the kids of this age. It is one of the best toys for kids who are 10 months old. As, before this age, the baby wouldn’t be able to understand this toy and wouldn’t be able to use the hammer as well. As simple as it gets, the baby will have to pound the colorful wooden elongated structures with the hammer. This is one of the best activity toys for 10 month old baby boys and girls.

5. B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube for Children Who are 10 Months Old:

Here is an amazing toy which requires some brain and physical activity as well. The 10 months old will have to actually think about operating this playful equipment. To some kids, this one is the best out of their whole toy collection.

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6. The Gotd Monkey 9-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle:

The whole thing is made of wood and will be one of the ideal baby toys for the 10 months old. The Jigsaw puzzle is really simple for us but might get a bit complicated for the kid. The multi-coloured puzzle is very appealing to the eye and piques the interest of 10 month old babies. It is non-toxic and very safe even if the child puts it in his mouth.

7. Castle Toys Sorting Barnyard Toy:

This is another one of those toys, which will stimulate some brain activity. The toy has been designed and made with care only for the kids and can be said to be one of the best toys for 10 months old baby. Babies love to flip and turn the animal blocks and figure out which hole is the perfect fit for which animal. This poses challenges and excitement for your little one.

8. GOTD Echo Microphone Classic Magic Mic Voice Changer Toy:

This is one of the best birthday present toys for 10 months old baby. Since the baby is not a year old yet, you can provide him with birthday presents every single month. It comes with voice changers which the kid will find pretty cool.

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9. WolVol Musical Activity Cube Play Center With Lights:

This is a multi-performance toy. It can do a lot of things and can be said to be one of the most amazing baby toys for the 10 months old. This toy plays calm and soothing music that calms your baby. This also has a built-in mic and babies can sing their favourite tunes. This activity cube is one of the best

10. XJD Baby Bike Balance Bicycle, Children Walker, Toddler Trike, 10 to 24 Months Baby Toys Toddler Tricycles:

This lightweight trike is very easy for your little one to ride. You could introduce this trike when your baby is 10 months old. This will push them to work on their physical development. The fully closed wheels ensure safety. Ensure your child uses this toy under supervision. You could also put on a helmet for your child for extra safety.

11. Classic World Wood Baby Walker with Blocks:

Wooden toys appeal to the five senses. This is made of natural wood and has smooth rounded edges so it is very safe for your baby. Babies learn about colours, sizes and this enables them to walk around, Babies improve their dexterity, motor skills and hand-eye coordination with this toy. This also pushes your little one to take those steps and start cruising.

12. Cif Toys Musical Learning Workbench Toy For Kids Construction Work Bench Building Tools With Sound Effects & Lights Engineering Pretend Play:

Keep your little ones entertained with this vibrant and colourful pretend play set. It is a musical workbench as it has many sounds, lights and construction tools. This activity and a developmental toy make your toddler think and solve problems. The activity develops your baby’s motor skills, dexterity, spatial skills and hand-eye coordination.

10 Month Baby Toy Activities :

Apart from activity toys for your 10 month old, here are a few activities that you can indulge in with your little ones.

1. Build them up:

Buy some large blocks or you can try building one using cardboard boxes. Babies love to build the tower and then push it down. They love to watch the tower come tumbling down. You could also try it with foam blocks. Just ensure the blocks are not too heavy and don’t have sharp edges. Once your baby learns to build a tower, they will keep repeating this activity – building and knocking it down.

2. Finger Puppets:

You could use your glove and draw characters on the fingertips or you could buy some finger puppets that are available in stores and online.

You could also draw faces of your family and sing rhymes like “Daddy finger, Daddy finger where are you?”

Another rhyme that suits this activity is “Where’s Thumbkin?”

Likewise, add characters like mommy, brother, sister and baby.

Your infant jabbers are sounding more like genuine words. The more you demonstrate enthusiasm for what he needs to state, the more he’ll continue talking. When he tries to state a word, for example, “ock” for sock, it will help him create relational abilities in the event that you rehash the word back to him effectively, “Indeed, that is your sock.”

On the off chance that your infant has been slithering for some time, he will presumably be hurrying around the house easily now. Next, he will pull on furniture (or your legs!) to get up to a standing position.

Around now, your infant might have the capacity to slither well staring him in the face and knees. As he picks up certainty, he will begin to get speed. Your infant can likewise sit unquestionably now.
Your child may have a go at pulling himself up from a sitting to a standing position, as well. He may even walk while clutching furniture (cruising), conceivably giving up immediately and remaining without your help. Be that as it may, he may discover it somewhat dubious to take a seat once more, so be set up to help!

Final Thoughts:

Since your child is portable, he’ll begin investigating your home. He may even endeavor to creep all over any stairs he experiences, so watch out for him. In the event that you haven’t officially done as such, now is a decent time to consider fitting security doors on the off chance that you require them.

The best toys are the ones, which assist in your mental and physical development. These ones do the job and can be said to be one of the prime elements required for the baby’s growth. Ensure you buy toys that your baby is physically ready for and check for quality. Toys must nurture, and develop the baby’s developmental skills both physically and mentally. It is recommended to choose stimulating toys for children under the age of one. Hope our article here gives you an idea about some of the best toys for 10 month old babies.


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