Velvet material is always one the most sought after fabrics for its rich and regal look. Even the thinnest of strands will give you a majestic appeal to your outfits or jewelry. Velvet chokers are the stylish jewelry items that every woman must own. They can complete a look and make a stately change. Select your suitable velvet chokers from these options and go ahead and own the red carpet.

Latest and Fashionable Velvet Chokers for Womens:

Let we have to loo top 9 choker velvet designs for young girls in fashion.

1. Thin Black Velvet Choker:

Choose this thin black velvet choker for a simplistic approach to fashion. The velvet choker is plain yet attractive. The band has a metal clasp at the end that fastens the choker. The color for the choker can be black, navy or even purple. Select one that suits your style.

2. Buckle Velvet Choker:

Add some more oomph to your velvet choker with this stunning buckle in silver. The buckle adds character to this gorgeous maroon velvet choker. It silver buckle and the velvet color give you a Victorian feel. Choose this to wear on semi casual outfits or even formal gowns.

3. Gothic Style Velvet Choker:

Go retro and gothic with this one of a kind velvet choker necklace that has a gothic inspired pendant. The sun image pendant is made in brass metal that does not have the polished look. The gothic brass velvet choker is a must have for college students who can pair it with jeans and tops.

4. Broad Band Velvet Choker:

This thick velvet choker is most splendid as it covers the neck area and gives you a trendy look. The band style velvet choker in red is quite unique. Go stylish by wearing a ponytail or leaving your hair loose to flaunt the choker and give importance to it.

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5. 5 Strand Velvet Choker:

Look wonderfully sexy in this 5 strand velvet choker in black that stands out against the color of your skin. The black color adds a glow to the skin and makes you stunning. The strands of the velvet black choker cover most of the neck area and its beauty is in its simplicity.

6. Velvet Choker with Pendant:

Choose this velvet choker for its impressive tear drop shaped pendant. The black velvet choker necklace that is thin in width. The choker has a metal clasp at the back. The metal pendant is made with lava stone and intricate frame border work. The choker can be used for night parties and concerts.

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7. Criss Cross Velvet Choker:

This is a completely different take on velvet chokers. This crisscross style of the velvet neck choker is very impressive and reminiscent of the Victorian or Edwardian era. The central pendant made with onyx stone is quite striking. This will pair well with formal outfits or gowns.

8. Bow Velvet Choker:

Just like the criss cross choker is this stunning sky blue velvet choker that is in the form of a bow pendant at the center. The eye catching bow is trimmed short and the ends sit well at each end. The color is regal and thus makes this bow velvet choker a very formal ball gown accessory. You can add a lot of character to your outfit by wearing this choker along with a high ponytail to show off the choker.

9. Wrap Velvet Choker:

This cool and stylish velvet choker is made of thin strips of velvet that are wrapped around the neck many times. This sophisticated version of the plain velvet choker gives you a more contemporary look. The ends of the choker can be tied into a bow knot at the front for a more stunning finish.

Velvet chokers can be narrow or broad and can come in regal colors like black, purple, maroon, etc. Select one that either lets you create something majestic or Victorian or something contemporary.

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