Following contemporary trends and the latest mangalsutra designs, you may already know about the popular hand mangalsutra. They are similar to bracelet designs, particularly curated for married women who prefer a unique and trendy wear of their mangalsutra. Today, we will give you an exclusive round-up of these mangalsutra bracelets. These hand bracelet designs are stylish, exclusive, and contemporary, provide a modern glam quotient, and are apt for married women across age groups.

If you are in awe of the new concept just like us, you must check out these trendy mangalsutra hand bracelet styles and the latest designs. Continue reading to know more.

Can Mangalsutra Be Worn In Hand?

The modern wives are often spotted flaunting their mangalsutra in a bracelet design. But the burning question is – can the mangalsutra be worn on hands? Well, according to old-age traditions, they are worn around necks with the belief that they protect her husband and her married life from danger or evil. However, we do spot wives wearing them on their hands. It is entirely acceptable to be worn on hands, too, if you believe in its virtues. It is a contemporary and modern alternative to the traditional designs worn around the neck.

Latest And Trendy Mangalsutra Bracelets For Women:

Here we go; let us check out the trendy and best designs in wrist mangalsutra. Also called Nallapusalu or Karimani in India, these bracelet designs are the hot trend in the fashion market today, and we must check out their best styles!

1. Gold Hand Mangalsutra Bracelet:

If you prefer a quality gold mangalsutra bracelet, this is a beautiful and contemporary modern design. This gold hand mangalsutra bracelet looks stylish and edgy, bringing feminine vibes yet unique and unique. It is lightweight and exudes charm, accentuating your glam seamlessly. What do you think of this gold mangalsutra design for a hand?

  • Design: Gold Mangalsutra Design With Diamonds
  • Metal: 18kt Gold
  • Occasion: Functions, Weddings, Festive
  • Style Tip: Wear with sarees or churidars and pair with gold jewellery.

2. Shilpa Shetty Hand Mangalsutra Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

This celebrity-inspired hand mangalsutra design is all we need for the perfect high-end and sophisticated fashion statement. We love the Shilpa Shetty mangalsutra bracelet design for hands. It looks unique and graceful, brings contemporary yet traditional design to the table, and adds to her glamour. This mangalsutra design can be the perfect choice for traditional ethnic and Western wear, making it versatile, too. Do you agree?

  • Design: Hand Mangalsutra Design With Diamonds
  • Metal: Gold And Diamond
  • Occasion: Parties, Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with dainty accessories and add a sleek neckpiece.

3. Silver Evil Eye Mangalsutra Bracelet:

The evil-eye design statement for necklaces and bracelets has been the new trend for several young women. You can even find an evil eye mangalsutra bracelet designed for hands that is classy and unique. The silver evil eye mangalsutra chain bracelet is also edgy. It is perfect for casual everyday wear without burning a hole in your pocket. It is versatile and perfect to bring on modern hues.

  • Design: Silver Bracelet Mangalsutra Design With Evil Eye
  • Metal: 925 Silver
  • Occasion: Casual Outings, Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair with western wear casual silver jewellery.

4. Personalised Mangalsutra Bracelet With Name:

If you prefer customized jewellery, well, here it is for you. This feels special and unique, with your name personalized on a hand mangalsutra design. The mangalsutra bracelet is perfect for women who love one-of-a-kind designs and chic styles. This is another versatile bracelet design, perfect for casual and occasional wear. It delivers charm and grace seamlessly and brings a plush look instantly. What do you think?

  • Design: Name Personalized Bracelet Mangalsutra Design For Women
  • Metal: Gold Plated
  • Occasion: Occasional, Festive
  • Style Tip: Pair with western or ethnic wear, such as sarees, suits, partywear, and other dainty accessories.

5. Black Beads Mangalsutra Diamond Hand Bracelet:

Suppose you would prefer a little more luxe design and statement appearance. In that case, you can also check out this gold and diamond black beads mangalsutra bracelet design for women. This is a perfectly sleek and chic choice with intricate design elements. The bracelet exudes splendour and grand glam quotient instantly.

  • Design: Women’s Gold And Diamond Black Beads Mangalsutra Bracelet Type Design
  • Metal: 18kt Gold And Diamonds
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair with gowns, lehengas or designer sarees with gold or diamond chic jewellery.

6. Swarovski Mangalsutra Bracelet With Alphabet:

Swarovski diamonds give an elegant and luxurious look seamlessly. If you wish to get a lovely hand mangalsutra bracelet design with Swarovski diamonds, this is the best and most apt choice. The beautiful gold-dipped silver mangalsutra bracelet design is among our favourites. It looks stunning and charming and instantly brings a plush and grandeur appearance.

  • Design: Swarovski Mangalsutra Style Bracelet Design
  • Metal: Silver
  • Occasion: Parties, Festive
  • Style Tip: You can wear this with sarees or dresses of your choice with a Swarovski diamond neckpiece.

7. Designer White Gold Mangalsutra Bracelet:

Have you ever checked the unique and grand white gold designs? If not, we are in awe of this new and unique mangalsutra bracelet design with white gold and diamonds. This lovely bonded linked mangalsutra wristlet design is one of a kind and perfect for women looking for a grandeur style statement.

  • Design: White Gold Designer Mangalsutra Bracelet
  • Metal: 18kt White Gold And Diamonds
  • Occasion: Parties, Functions
  • Style Tip: Pair with gowns, dresses, designer sarees and other statement jewellery.

8. Infinity Hand Mangalsutra:

The infinity design lockets are the new trend for millennials. They are meaningful and lovely. We have the infinity hand mangalsutra design, which will surely charm you with its stunning looks. This bracelet has a sleek and modern feminine look, exuding elegance and class. This Karimani hand chain is a best seller currently, and you may not want to miss it.

  • Design: Infinity Design Bracelet Mangalsutra For Women
  • Metal: 14kt Gold
  • Occasion: Parties, Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Pair with western wear or dresses with other dainty accessories.

9. Om Mangalsutra Bracelet:

Hand mangalsutra may be a modern trend; however, you can still blend traditional design choices in these styles. One fantastic example we have with us is the Om mangalsutra design for hand bracelets. This hand mangalsutra bracelet design, features an ‘om’ symbol that reflects positive energy too. It is the perfect ladies mangalsutra bracelet design who prefer elegance with a sacred meaning.

  • Design: Om Mangalsutra Hand Bracelet Design
  • Metal: 18kt Gold
  • Occasion: Functions, Festive
  • Style Tip: Pair with sarees or lehengas/churidars with traditional gold jewellery.

10. Fancy Mangalsutra Type Bracelet:

Do you prefer a unique and fancy mangalsutra design that is also budget-friendly? We have this stunning and unique bracelet that would indeed charm you. The retro twisted mangalsutra bracelet looks perfect for young modern women who prefer intricate details and design splendour. It gives a youthful and contemporary chic look seamlessly and is perfect for various occasions.

  • Design: Mangalsutra Bracelet Design With Twisted Fancy Element
  • Metal: Gold Plated On Alloy
  • Occasion: Parties And Dinners
  • Style Tip: Pair it with western wear outfits, casual with other dainty and minimal styling.

Suppose you are looking to get yourself a stunning hand mangalsutra bracelet design. In that case, we hope you enjoyed exploring these current trends and styles. Let us know your thoughts and which of these designs you like the most; we love to hear from you!


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