Who says gold isn’t affordable? With an array of options around us in today’s world, we can seamlessly get hold of lightweight yet gorgeous 2-gram gold rings in the market. Gold rings are comparatively less costly yet an accessory that brings elegance and charm to your glam quotient. In addition, the 2-gram gold rings look beautiful yet are effortlessly accessible on a budget. Today, we are rounding up the best and trending 2-gram gold ring design choices for men and women in the market. These rings are fabulous and alluring and will impress you just like they did to us. Here we go; let us know all about 2 gram sone ki anguthi!

New 2 Gram Gold Ring Design Ideas For Gents And Ladies:

Whether you want them simple and classic or with modern and contemporary quirky designs, we got you covered with these best designs in two-gram gold ring designs. Excited? So are we! Let’s check them out together and explore these gorgeous designs with images.

2 Gram Gold Ring Models With Images For Women:

1. 2 Grams Gold Ring With Stones:

Suppose you prefer something rich and regal with a sophisticated design within 2-gram gold design ideas. In that case, The black floral diamond gold ring with stones from Joyallukkas looks alluring and captivating. The gold diamond floral ring looks perfect for exuding elegant and high-end hues and will match women across age groups.

  • Design: 2 Gram Black Gold Diamond Floral Ring With Stones
  • Occasion: Parties, Weddings
  • Style Tip: Pair it with ethnic wear and diamond gold jewellery.

2. 2 Grams Emerald Gold Ring:

Emerald gold rings for women also look gorgeous for those who prefer intricate and rich designs. We have this gorgeous 2-gram emerald ring in 18kt gold. It looks stunning and is perfect for versatile use. Whether you want it for parties or everyday casual wear, it can bring about stylish and stunning hues. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Design: 2 Gram Emerald Gold Ring For Women
  • Occasion: Parties, Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with outfit of your choice with other minimal jewellery.

3. 2 Grams Gold Ring From Kalyan Jewellers:

Suppose you prefer an even more intricate design in 2-gram budget-friendly picks. In that case, this gold ring band from Kalyan Jewellers will impress you. The gold band with 14kt gold looks stunning with the leaf design and is perfect for providing you with a luxurious, stylish look effortlessly. It is feminine, classic, elegant, and stunning.

  • Design: 2 Gram Gold Ring Design Band
  • Occasion: Versatile
  • Style Tip: Perfect for all outfits of your choice, with other gold jewellery.

4. 2 Gram White Gold Ring:

Have you ever checked the minimal yet gorgeous white gold rings? This 18kt white gold ring from Blue Stone has our hearts. The gold ring looks minimal yet stylish, perfect for young girls and women. It provides a rich and regal sophisticated design as an accessory and will let you stay stylish whenever you wear this one.

  • Design: 2 Gram White Gold Ring From Blue Stone
  • Occasion: Casual, Everyday
  • Style Tip: Pair with Western casual outfits with other minimal jewellery designs.

5. 2 Gram Gold Ring From Malabar Gold:

We also have another Malabar gold ring with 2 grams. This simple yet elegant design is a perfect and timeless choice, looks traditional yet contemporary. The design is alluring and charming with feminine and classic hues. It is perfect for women across age groups and can be worn on any occasion and day. What do you think?

  • Design: Women’s 2 Gram Gold Ring From Malabar Gold
  • Occasion: Everyday, Festive
  • Style Tip: Pair with a simple gold chain and earrings with ethnic wear.

6. 2 Grams Gold Ring With Flower Design:

If you want an everlasting timeless design in women’s gold rings, you must not miss the floral 2-gram gold finger ring. This 22kt two-gram gold ring design features three gold flowers aligned with an intertwined gold loop band. The stylish design is elegant and traditional with fashion, feminine hues, and a charming, graceful vibe. What do you think of this 2-gram gold ring for ladies?

  • Design: 2 Grams Gold Ring For Women With Floral Design
  • Occasion: Everyday, Occasional
  • Style Tip: You can pair this with any occasion and outfit. Add other gold accessories for special occasions.

7. 2 Gram Sone Ka Ring With Name:

Have you ever come across a gold ring with the name? If not, this gold ring from Carat Lane will indeed impress you. The 2-gram gold ring looks stunning and is perfect for women looking for quirky and funky choices in design. The ring is also lightweight, very budget-friendly and lovely for everyday wear and occasions. What do you think?

  • Design: Women’s 2 Gram Gold Ring With Name
  • Occasion: Everyday
  • Style Tip: Pair with casual gold studs and the outfit of your choice.

8. 22k 2 Gram Ruby Gold Ring:

Ruby rings, and jewellery will never go out of trend. They are always timeless and vintage. We have the gold ruby ring for women in 2 grams. This 22kt gold ring is a lovely choice with intricate, rich, sophisticated vibes. It exudes a captivating look and suits women across age groups. The ring also delivers a plush appearance, perfect for high-end occasions and events.

  • Design: 22kt Two Gram Gold Ruby Ring
  • Occasion: Functions, Festivals, Weddings
  • Style Tip: Pair with matching ruby gold necklace, earrings and ethnic wear.

9. 2 Grams Gold Ring With Love Design:

Talk about a very popular yet elegant design in women’s rings; we will consider the heart design. This gold ring in two grams is the perfect choice if you prefer such an alluring look. The gold diamond ring in 18kt brings a beautiful and vibrant captivating glam quotient. It exudes a simple and minimal style statement yet with a gorgeous look.

  • Design: Women’s 2 Gram Gold Ring With Love Design
  • Occasion: Everyday Wear, Dinners, Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with sleek gold jewellery or neck chain with casual outfits.

10. 2 Grams Rose Gold Pearl Ring:

Gold and pearl are amazing combinations you must check out. If you are a woman who loves feminine vibes with a classic vintage look, the pearls will always impress you. We love this 2-gram rose gold pearl ring from Blue Stone. This beauty looks stylish and gorgeous, and all things are magical. It suits women across age groups, and the intricate design will charm everyone around you.

  • Design: 2 Gram Rose Gold Pearl Ring From Blue Stone
  • Occasion: Outings, Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair it with ethnic wear with a pearl chain.

2 Gram Gold Ring Designs For Men:

1. 2 Gram Gold Ring For Gents From Tanishq:

This auspicious gold ring design in two grams for men is a perfect traditional design. Whether you prefer a gold ring for everyday use or family functions and ceremonies, this gold ring resonates with positive energy and vibes. The sone ki ring in 2 gms from Tanishq is marked with an ‘om’ symbol with a partial rhodium finish. It is perfect for men across age groups for a smart and traditional look.

  • Design: ‘Om’ Stylized Gold Ring In Two Grams
  • Occasion: Festivals, Wedding Ceremonies
  • Style Tip: Pair with ethnic wear for gents and a gold chain.

2. 2 Gram Plain Gold Ring:

Do you like a simple gold ring design? Worry not; we have an elegant and charming plain gold ring design for you. This Candere plain gold ring for men is elegant, stunning, and contemporary. It is marked with modern style and brings forth smart and hot vibes. The ring matches men in younger age groups and can be a lovely engagement ring. What do you think of this 2-gram ki sone ki anguthi?

  • Design: Gold Ring Plain Band In 2 Grams For Men
  • Occasion: Engagement, Casual
  • Style Tip: You can pair this with everyday or occasional use with any outfit.

3. 2 Gram 916 Gold Ring For Gents From GRT:

You can even check out the pure 916 gold design for men. This gold ring for men from GRT Jewellers blends traditional and modern design and exudes a contemporary vibe with a classic outlook. It suits men across age groups and is versatile to wear across occasions. What do you think of it?

  • Design: 2 Gram 916 Pure Gold Ring For Gents From GRT Jewellers
  • Occasion: Everyday, Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with a simple gold chain and any outfit of your choice.

4. 2 Gram Gold Diamond Ring:

Do you like studded rings? If yes, we even have the gold diamond anguthi for men. The gold ring from Malabar Gold and Diamonds in 22kt is alluring and stunning. The ring brings a classic, elegant, timeless look, suitable for men across age groups. It is also lightweight and is perfect for special occasional use. If you like an intricate and designer gold ring choice, you must not miss this one.

  • Design: 2 Gram Gold Diamond Ring For Men
  • Occasion: Functions, Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair with party or ethnic wear for men with a gold chain.

5. 2 Gram Gold Couple Rings For Engagement:

If it is for a special occasion like an engagement, how about checking out a couples gold rings? These rings match and vibe with each other, marking a special occasion. The gold couple rings in two grams look timeless and gorgeous. The gold band ring is versatile for everyday use and lasts without tarnishing. What do you think of this choice?

  • Design: Couple Gold Ring Bands 22k
  • Occasion: Engagement Ceremonies
  • Style Tip: Pair with other gold accessories such as gold chains and others for men and women.

So, what do you think of these 2 to 3-gram gold rings and designs for men and women? This Sone ka Anguthi under 2 grams is a perfect budget-friendly and lightweight pick for men and women across age groups and will give you charming and contemporary vibes effortlessly. Let us know which one you like the most; we would love to hear from you!


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