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15 Different Western Kurti Designs Collection For Women

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When it comes to wearing kurtis then all what is considered is the perfect fit, proper design and a beautiful kurti. There are various choices in kurtis like traditional kurti, semi-western kurti and western kurti, etc these all are normal categories in kurtis. There are plethora’s of western kurtis that can be worn at different occasions. From small girls to grown-ups this western kurti fashion suits everyone.

New Western Kurti Designs For Women:

There are various styles which can be adopted with the western kurtis collection,

1. Chiffon Western Kurti:

Chiffon Western Kurti

This western kurtis fashion is inspired from the soft fabric i.e chiffon. The kurti is made up of soft chiffon material and is simple. There are no prints or embroidery on the kurti. It is simply paired with a rich fabric jacket. The cuts of the kurti are not usual they are stylish and western. This type of western kurti looks good on young girls.

2. High Side Slit Western Kurti:

High Side Slit Western Kurti

This kurti has a high side slit and long length. This is the fact that makes it a western long kurti. It is trendy and gives a smart look to the girl. Well suited for young girls and for people who like to be in fashion. This kurti looks good with palazzo.

3. Sleeveless Designer Western Kurti:

Sleeveless Western Kurti

There are various types of sleeveless designer western kurtis for girls which are worn by them frequently. This kurti is simple yet western. It is best for college girls and small girls. Still, woman of any age can wear something like this. It can be simply paired with leggings.

4. Saturn Western Kurta:

Saturn Western Kurta

Well, there is saturn dress material which makes the dress look elegant, graceful and beautiful. This western kurti is of a long-short pattern. It is long from the back and and short from front. It gives a classy look and is best suited for young girls. You can wear these in parties as well.

5. Indo-Western Kurta:

Indo-Western Kurta

This kurta has a taste of Indian as well as western touch. It is well suited for functions and events. If you want to be a traditional and modern at the same time then these types of kurtas as best for women of mid-age. You can still be modern at your age and rock the party with such an amazing outfit.

6. Stand Collar Kurta:

Stand Collar Kurta

There are various kurtas in this pattern. The stand collar looks smart and elegant. Another thing that can be done is pairing it with modern accessories. This western kurti design is stylish and elegant as well. It looks good on young girls. It can also be worn at events and functions.

7. Embroidered Western Kurta:

Embroidered Western Kurta

The embrioided western kurta is another popular choice for western kurta. It is rich in looks and cuts. This can be worn by woman of any age and will give a graceful look. It is made of rich fabrics and unique patterns and designs. These western style kurti is best for events and functions.

8. Side Collar Cut Kurta:

Side Collar Cut Kurta

This is another pattern in western kurti the side collar cut explains it all. You want to go for a printed kurta you can go for that this kurta is simple, plain yet fashionable. These are good for woman of any age. You can wear it with leggings as well.

9. Frock Style Western Kurti:

Frock Style Western Kurti

This is the frock style western kurti that can be worn at various events and fictions. These kurtis are at fashionable and in trend. These are usually worn by young girls. It is also a party dress and gives a chic look. It also makes you look younger.

10. Attached Jacket Kurta:

Attached Jacket Kurta

This western kurti pattern has an attached jacket with the kurti. It gives a smart look and is well suited for string woman. This kurti is the icon for stylish and strong woman. These western kurtis can be worn at corporate places as well. These can also be made of different materials.

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11. Printed Western Kurta:

Printed Western Kurta

This kurta has some different cuts with a printed fashion. It is clear with the look that it is a western kurta and it is best suited for young woman. It can be paired with palazzo or leggings as well. This gives a causal look and can be worn at casual events as well.

12. Long Frill Western Kurta:

Long Frill Western Kurta

This kurta has different cuts form the normal ones. It is stylish, beautiful and something different. This gives a bold look when worn has become a style statement for young girls as well. It has a high front slit which gives a modern look. It can be worn at causal events and is usually preferred by young girls.

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13. Jacket Style Kurta:

Jacket Style Kurta

This kurta is very modern and in trend as well. It has an open long slit which goes to the legs. This is a kurta for young girls and for people who love fashion. It gives you a stylish look and can be worn at parties as well. The jacket kurta is made of rich materials and is also present in different styles and designs as well.

14. Western Dhoti Style Kurta:

Western Dhoti Style Kurta

This kurta has the traditional look. Dhoti Kurtas are in fashion and are adapted by a lot of women. These look stylish and give a smart look. These western style kurtis are best for parties and events. This is every girl’s desire kurti and can be the perfect western kurti outfit that any girl can wear. It is also worn by woman of any age and it makes them look stylish as well. Many superstars have worn these at various events.

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15. Semi-Jacket Western Kurta:

Semi-Jacket Western Kurta

This is the western kurti design with semi-jacket style. The jacket is only at the upper portion and the rest is open. This looks very stylish and gives a smart look as well. It is usually worn by young girls. It has that chic look which makes you rock the party.

Here we have mentioned some of the western kurti patters for girls and women as well. There are a lot of variety in western kurti. These western kurtas are made in different rich fabrics, styles, patterns. Etc.