You may have heard enough and witnessed the phenomenon of bang hairstyles. But did you ever hear about baby bangs? Also known as micro or tiny bangs, these baby bang hairstyles trend is quite recent in the fashion world. It all began just a couple of years back and has already become a huge hit. With the bangs falling short over the forehead and many inches above the eyebrows, these micro bangs give that trimmed-up and retro look.

Today, we have decided to treat you with such lovely yet unique and bold baby hair bangs trends in the last two years.

10 Best and Easy Baby Bangs Haircuts:

While the baby bangs cutting looks have got popular, we have rounded up a few amazing and stunning looks you may not want to miss.

1. Blunt Nicro Bangs:

If you heard the blunt bangs look before, this micro bangs haircut is about the perfect blend of blunt cut and bangs. With short trimmed hair falling on the forehead and added with the bob haircut, we quite love the entire overall style statement. Be it for parties or wild dancing nights, this baby hair fringe can be apt and modern to try out.

  • Women with round and diamond face shapes can try this beautiful style out.
  • Try this look with wavy and straight hair texture.
  • Women in their 30s to early 40s can look youthful and edgy.

2. Wispy Baby Bangs:

Wispy bangs are many feathered and soft bangs that give a flattened look effortlessly. These wispy baby bangs are a unique and modern-day contemporary look for women who prefer experimental and chic style statements. Be it for the wild and youthful look or a modern heavy trend, these bangs can be an apt and perfect fit.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shapes can try this baby fringes out.
  • Wear this style for women with wavy and curly hair textures to look good.
  • Be it in the 40s or the 50s, these wispy baby bangs can look chic and youthful with bold looks.

3. Baby Fringe Bangs with a Pixie Haircut:

The pixie cut is already boyish and has no care look we all know about. How about adding beautiful baby bangs to this style statement? For women busy in work and professional spaces, or with hectic schedules, these short hair micro bangs are one such easy to maintain and lovely look to try out.

  • Those with any face shape can try this lovely look easily.
  • Women in their late 20s to late 40s can try this lovely stylish trend.
  • A smooth and straight hair texture can be a perfect match.

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4. Asymmetrical Baby Bangs:

The asymmetrical haircut is totally new in fashion for that edgy and bold look. You can even experiment similarly by trying asymmetrical baby bangs, and we bet you will stand out from the crowd. Here, the baby bangs would be increasing in fashion as it goes from one side to the other side. With the chic and contemporary look, these short length hair baby bangs will surely look modern.

  • Women with oval, heart and diamond face shapes can try this choppy baby bangs style.
  • Wear this for women in their 30s to look edgy and chic.
  • Those with straight and wavy hair textures can prefer this haircut for the best looks.

5. Asymmetrical Baby Bangs with a Messy Look:

Messy hairstyles have been a phenomenon for their natural and modern looks. Why not try such a look with asymmetrical baby bangs? With super-short micro-cut bangs, a bit of fade on the sides and an overall messy curly hair trend, we love how this edgy look can look unique and wild in the fashion world.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shapes can try these short baby bangs.
  • Curly hair texture can be edgy and chic for this hairstyle overall.
  • Women in the 30s age group can be a good match and fit this haircut.

6. Baby Bangs for Long Hair:

You can also now try out baby bangs with medium or long hair length, and here is one such example. Take your favourite haircut as a base, be it layers of feathers or a normal straight cut. Now add little baby bangs on your forehead, and you are good to go. Such a loose leave over hairstyle can be easy and quick to do and yet you can look elevated in the world of fashion.

  • Women with oval and heart face shapes can try this style out.
  • Wear this for wavy and curly hair texture for the best of the baby bangs looks.
  • This look is amazing and fits well for women in their 20s to get an apt and lovely makeover.

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7. Rock Style Bangs:

Rock or Rockabilly hairstyles have been in trend for the last forty-fifty years and now are back in fashion. They have the perfect blend of classic as well as edgy-chic looks. This rock bangs look with an overall curly layered haircut can look edgy on women who love to look no less than a fashionista. Be it for high-end fashion events or vintage looks, and this can be an ideal match.

  • Women with oval and heart face shapes can look perfect in this style.
  • Try this for women in their late 20s to late 30s for that seamless haircut.
  • If you have curly and dense wavy hair texture, this rock baby bangs look can be an ideal match.

8. Textured Short Baby Bangs:

For women who love and prefer a super short and easy to maintain hairstyle, yet with a bit of twist and tweaking to modern looks, these textured and layered wise baby bangs can be super-edgy. Be it for formal or professional looks, or an artistic/music field career, and this short haircut can be unique and contemporary.

  • Women with oval and rectangular face shapes can fit well in this look.
  • Try this style for women with straight and wavy hair textures.
  • Add on this look for women in any age group below 50 years to have that youthful and mesmerizing style statement.

9. Wide Baby Bangs with Lob Cut:

If you do not prefer too short hair such as a bob, why not a lob haircut? It can be quite edgy and feminine in look. Further, you can go a step ahead and try to elevate the entire style statement to look beautiful by adding baby bangs. How about such lovely and yet not-so-micro kind of bangs? Be it for offices or parties, this versatile style statement can never be a miss in looking stunning.

  • Women with diamond, oval and sharp facial features can try this style out.
  • Wear this for women in their 20s and 30s to look gorgeous and beautiful.
  • Wavy and straight hair texture can be a perfect and ideal match here.

10. Baby Bangs for Curly Hair:

This medium length curly hair can also be worked on to get the perfect baby bangs. While the length of the baby bangs is your choice, go ahead and trim it as per your style statement. In the picture above, the micro bangs are super short and fall well with a trimmed look. The overall messy style also gives a new and unique makeover.

  • Those with diamond and round face shapes can try this look.
  • Wear this style for curly and messy hair to give that unique and contemporary hairstyle trend.
  • This look is edgy for women over 40 years to appear edgy and bold.

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For women searching for something new to flaunt and who prefer a charming and mesmerizing style, the baby bangs haircuts and hairstyle options can be a good idea. We hope you liked our compilation of the top trending list. Let us know your favourite one; we love to hear from you!


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