50 Easy and Best Short Hairstyles for Women

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Back in my childhood days, we would all huddle up near my grandmother while she would tell tales as she tied our hair into a long braid. She would go on to tell, how in her childhood days she would have a much longer trail going all the way across her hips and how we would laugh at the fun stories she would share. Then for quite a short span of time, the fashion trends changed and focused mainly on the middle length hair. Then again the world said the olden days were golden and in came the long mane once again. Even though as of late, the world has reminisced a bit with their olden day favorite stars, often the latest of the trends have shown how the affinity of women has been bending towards now sporting short hair.

hairstyles for short hair

The busy women on a daily basis now wants to rid themselves of the pain of having to sit through a rigorous hair tying process and that is why the modern women have all established themselves beautiful with the now new haircut style which is soft and short and yet impactful. The power of short hair has been quite recently realized when women embraced the new trend and therefore moved on to make some powerful fashion statements.

Easy Haircuts for Short Hair Women 2017:

Given below are some of the best short hairstyles that the modern woman can take a cue from.

1. Cute Bob Haircut for Short Hair:

short hairstyles1

Ever since the short hair trend started, people have been focusing on the bob quite a lot and hence the first to our list of many is the classic bob haircut. The hairstyle here has a slight lock that has been parted from one side and falls precariously on your forehead while the rest of the hair ends just underneath your jaw line accentuating it all the more.

2. The Angular Look Short Haircut:

short hairstyles2

The next to the list is the angular look which has been doing its fair share of rounds after the short haired trend bug bit it. Usually the common scene would include a front long, longer than the rest jutting out in an angular fashion falling slant ways across your forehead. Often the rest of the hair is either kept behind the lock level or simply cut all the way up.

3. Scruffles Hairstyle for Short Hair:

short hairstyles3

The scruffles hairstyle here is called the shag haircut where the layers are in multitude easily topped one after the other to add volume and personality to your look while trying to keep the locks free and fluffy by cutting them short enough stacking them in place. Once again the front layer is bigger than the rest.

4. New Short Thick Hairstyle:

short hairstyles4

To everyone whose scared of losing their hair depth by cutting their hair short, here is a classic example of how you can retain your hair in the perfect length and at the same time make sure you don’t stay behind the fashion line. The hair is perfectly set across your forehead and made into smart layers of two. Once again it ends underneath the jaw line.

5. The Maximum Boy Haircut:

short hairstyles5

This hairstyle shows the least amount of hairstyle that you can rock and at the same time keep the trend setters on their heels. If the busy morning is too much for you, simply opt for the classic boy cut hairstyle with some scruffy front layers falling just above your eyebrows creating the perfect mix to your short navy styled back.

6. The Limited Waves Short Hair:

short hairstyles6

The hair here is limited to the ear level and within this mini bob hairstyle, the locks which are in a single layer is styled to a soft beach wave. The front is a little more freely set than the back which is constricted due to all the layer build up. It will be stay in first place of best short hairstyles for women with simple cares.

7. Another Angular Hair Look:

short hairstyles

This is yet another angular fashioned hairstyle somewhat different than the one we already spoke about. This hairstyle is inspired by the angular fashion when paired with our mini bob elaborated just prior to this. Much like them, the hair on the front is soft and rolled into a swirl while the rest of the lock, shorter than the front lock is constricted and held in place.

8. The Little Ponytail Hairstyles:

short hairstyles8

To get this look, all you need is a simple pony with soft short front layers and when the front layers bother you in the heat just pull them back and secure them into a little pony at the crown of your head.

9. The Smoldering Look:

short hairstyles9

This hairstyle is yet another variation to a solid bob but this time the features and the textures of the lock are fashioned in a feminine way with some of the lock on the front softly brushing against the forehead falling to one side.

10.The Side Lock Short Hair:

short hairstyles10

Here we have another angular look where the hair is definitely a statement piece with its bigger than the rest ritualistic side lock that goes all the way to the side of the jaw line while the rest unlike the other hairstyles are kept to the bare minimum with short choppy locks.

11. Banded Look Short Length Haircut:

short hairstyles11

Now the shorter versions of the hairstyles are deemed as pixie looks and the best way to tackle them is simply by using a band across your crown. The hair in this hairstyle is quite small and crisp, favoring to your fashion bugs and at the same time a touch of feminism is added to the look by simply using a sheer band.

12. The Mohawk Variation 1:

short hairstyles12

Now we start exploring the rather hardcore versions of the new short hair trend where Mohawks which was once only limited to guys have surfaced in the pages of the women’s magazines with celebrities endorsing the look including the famous Sharon Stone and Miley Cyrus. Usually the hair from the middle is propped up in a Mohawk style with the rest cleanly cut.

13. The Spiked Look Haircut:

short hairstyles13

The spikes even though might look a bit same to the Mohawk is not exactly the same when distinguished. The spikes too like a Mohawk have shorter sides with a bigger do in the middle. However, the spikes when compared are usually sharper with pointy crisp edges as compared to a Mohawk. Who don’t want to like this type of short hairstyle which brings more applause from crowd.

14. Cute Side Shaved Haircut:

short hairstyles14

This is yet another variety of the hardcore section where the hair on the side instead of being cleanly cut is shaved leaving only the hair in the middle to fend for itself. The hair here is in short spikes and usually since the ear goes bare here, a fancy ear cuff or ear chain usually suits really well with this look.

15. The Classic Grandma:

short haircuts for women

These days a lot of our grandmothers have decided to let the fashion talk for themselves and hence this particular hairstyle has been embraced by many a woman of the mature age. Not only does it bring out the maturity of the look but at the same time keeps you looking fun and energetic.

16. The Pin Up Hairstyle:

short hairstyles16

Now we start with the section of the hairdos where the myth of sacrificing hairdos just because you have a shorter hair is broken. To spice up your everyday bob haircut, this time try out this awesome look. Start by segregating individual strands from the side and pinning them criss-cross one beside the other.

17. The Side Braid Hairstyles:

short hairstyles17

With the side braid we would show you how braids all across your head can account to different hairstyle trends. For the mean locks that just won’t quit, here is an awesome idea to tackle it. Start with the side locks by braiding them and simply attach them at the back of your head with a bobby pin.

18. The Front Braid Haircut:

short hairstyles18

For the front braid, section out the smaller layers from the front. If you have an angular haircut, section out the angled part and then start braiding it backwards. You can often ask for help from someone and once done braid them at the back of your head and pin it to place.

19. The Back Braid New Short Hair:

short hairstyles19

Once again the braid at the back start with the side braid but this time the braid is tied all the way to the back. This time start with either sides and converge the braid at the back of your head to get the perfect look.

20. Trendy Updo Short Haircut:

short hairstyles20

Who would have thought an updo this good can be achieved from such short a hair. However, there is much more mechanism and complication to this look but once achieved you will have your time’s worth. Start by rolling your hair from the middle and pinning it to the back. Continue the same with the rest of the locks and then pin it to place.

21. The Curls Ahoy:

short hairstyles21

Curls have always made it to the top list and even here the short hairstyle rule has been given a new meaning by using short curls to define how powerful hair can be to formulate personality. Here the curls upfront are loose and freely falling while the rest of it at the back is once again constricted owing to the heavy layers.

22. Over The Eye Hair Cut:

haircuts for short hair

The classic over the eye is a sure look that you have seen many times plastered over the front pages of a glossy magazine and now with a little effort you can implicate the luster in you as well. This is yet another front lock bigger than the rest look and can do very well in with formal and informal events. Of course for dramatic effects always make sure the front lock is set in front of the eye hitched just up enough for you to see.

23. Trendy Chinese Upfront Haircuts:

short hairstyles23

The Chinese front bang look usually covers the entire length and breadth of the forehead. Usually thick as an elephant and lustrous this hairstyle can be opted in a normal bob or layered look. However, if you want a bit of modification instilled here, make sure you try for this asymmetrical look for sure.

24. The Fusion Haircuts:

short hairstyles24

To start off, this hairstyle is called the fusion because of its shaven sides but what keeps the look different is the soft locks that are almost covering the entire of the head other than the soft side shave. Color combinations make a good fashion statement too and hence here color has a huge part to play.

25. The Classic Shag Haircut:

short hairstyles25

This is yet another variation to a shag hairstyle where the awry layers are built and stacked up well in fashion but from the look of it the hairstyle feels quite free and flexible. Because of the short locks, the hair gains a volume while the frilly look adds to your fun persona.

26. Princess Hairstyle for Short Hair:

short hairstyles26

Just because you have let them chop your longer locks down doesn’t mean you have to stop embracing your feminine curls. Even with a classic bob if you have a thing for curls, here is the perfect look for you. once the bob is done with, use a simple roller to curl the underneath of your locks thereby giving you that soft princess rolling wave which you can now cherish. It is one of the latest trendy hairstyles for short hair that is so beautiful.

27. Short Braid Bun Hairstyle:

short hairstyles27

A short hair is capable of much more than just a clip on and here is a lively example of it. Curling your hair tie it into a soft back bun and then use the longer layer on the front to braid it and bring it all the way above the bun and use bobby pins to pin it in place.

28. Vintage Look Style for Short Hair:

short hairstyles28

The bandana and the head rag is back in its olden style. Back in those days, head scarves will be a burning fashion trend and with that little pony high on your crown now you get easily opt for that olden day housewife look.

29. Shag Variation 2.0:

short hairstyles29

Another modification of a shag haircut the hair here is straightened even though it still has distinguishing multitude of layers keeping the look fresh and crispy. The hair has been calmed down unlike the other shag haircuts which are quite fulfilling and restless.

30. The Tuck In Under Band:

short hairstyles30

We end the list with a simple head band tuck in for the warm summer days when the hair can be wrapped around the head band on the underneath, just above the nape of the neck and then secure it to place with a pin or two at the sides.

31. The Old Charm Hair Look Short:

short hairstyles31

This is one of the classic hairstyles for short hair and in this one you can see that this is also a suitable one for the matured ladies. In this one as you can see the short hair look is very low on maintenance and this is one very good one for the people with a little thinning hair problem. This is because hairstyles such as these prevent hair fall and thus you can keep the volume of the hair intact.

32. Feathery Back Haircut:

short hairstyles32

This is one more of the retro styles and is still very popular with the smart girls. In this hairstyle for short hair you can have the back portion of the hair really long and very feathery too. In that case you can keep the front portion short and cropped and make it look messy. All the ends of the hair are probably done with the thinning scissors which makes the whole thing look feathery.

33. Simple Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair:

short hairstyles33

One of the simplest of the short hairstyles and in this one you do not have that much of the risk factor because the length is cool and pretty normal and there is no highlighting or pop colours done in this one. Also this look now goes with all sorts of outfits because pixie is the new cool now. You can even sport this look with a saree and make your swag impress all the people around you.

34. Pretty Girl Short Bob Hairstyle:

short hairstyles34

Since there are lesser options for the short haircuts the creativity factor is extremely important. In this one also you will see it is a simple bob but with a little bit of more creativity. In this one the hair has natural curls and in this one the bangs are done a little differently. This is a softer version of the old school bob cut. In this one the bangs are kept shorter in length and they are evenly spread all over the forehead.

35. Sharp Pixie Cut:

trendy short haircuts

In this hairstyle the girl has not taken too much risk but the bleached hair has creativity intact. This is a version of the side undercut but a little safer than that. As you can clearly find in the picture that the hair is cropped from the one side but it is not shaved off to make a proper undercut. The other side is left short yet long and not cropped up.

36. New Shag Version:

short hairstyles36

Where the old shaggy is one of the latest hairstyles for short hair too, this one has taken a more important position in the list. In this one the hair is given a more modern touch and the young girls can also try for this. In this one the sides are kept a little shorter and also done with the thinning scissors. This is a very good option when it comes to hairstyles for round or oval faces.

37. Simple Mohawk Short Haircut:

short hairstyles37

This is a very smart hairstyle for short hair and is a layered version of the Mohawk styled hair. In this one the hair on the sides are kept shorter than the middle portion and this way proper layers are formed but the layers are shorter than the normal haircuts. In this one if you set up the hair in the typical Mohawk style you will be able to see that the sides have a little length than the usual Mohawk in which the sides are almost shaved.

38. Schoolboy Charm Short Look:

short hairstyles38

In this hairstyle, the lady is trying to move away from all the conventional hairstyles and even the shortest of the hairstyles. Here she has chosen an absolute boyish style in which the hair is kept classically short and just the way how school boys are combed. This is also the style factor of this hairstyle and the mature ladies would look best in this kind of hairstyle.

39. Front Spiked Style Haircut for Short Hair:

short hairstyles 39

To keep in balance with the handsome guys out there, these rocker attitude girls do it with a lot of swag as you can see. This girl in the picture is one such example of how you can carry creativity in style. Even a few years back these hairstyles were out of even the wildest of all dreams. In this one the boy cut is kept simple but the top portion or the crown is left with a little more length and thus the spiky version of it.

40. Trendy Braided Hairband:

short hairstyles40

A pixie with a braid is something you must have never even thought about but you simply get it over here. In this one the girl has an asymmetrical pixie cut and one side of the hair is left longer than the other side. For you, you can take that lengthy side of the hair and start braiding in a way that moves above the crown and forms like a hair band from on top of the head and then pin on the other side.

41. Cropped and Spiked Short Haircut:

short hairstyles41

I feel this is the simplest among all the hairstyles for short hair in this whole list. As you can see in the picture the hair is super cropped and also messy but it is of course far from being an undercut since in this it is typically cropped. Now all this messy hair is set up with gelling and looks hard and sharp and all spiked up from all sides.

42. Too Creative Trendy Haircut:

short hairstyles42

This is one of the very trendy geometric hairstyles for the women with shirt hair. This one is a risk taken because this is first of all a new trend and the hair is cut in such a way that it takes a lot of time to grow and you will have to maintain the style till that time of course. In this way the bob cut is again cropped from the ends near the ears and then the geometric version of the simple bob is achieved.

43. Innocent Bob Short Haircut for Girls:

short hairstyles43

This hairstyle is the most suitable for the girls and ladies with curly hair. It is very low on maintenance and is a neat one. You can get this hair cut for a cuter and sweeter look because the innocence in you is best expressed through this one haircut. You can simply get this and not even worry about what to wear because this is suitable with all that you want to flaunt.

44. Blow Dried Bob Short Hairstyles:

short hairstyles44

In this one hairstyle you will find a simple of the simplest hairstyles looking sexier than it normally does. There is nothing and no extra effort that you need to put because the hair is just blow dried and nothing else. It is a simple bob with a nice bang on the front. The hair is blow dried and thus looks very teasy and messy.

45. Emo Short Hairstyles:

short hairstyles45

When we are making a list of all the short hairstyles it is like a sin to not mention the very trendy emo cut. In the picture you will be able to see in a very good way how the simple emo cut is also adding so much style to the look. This is not a very gutsy one and so you do not have to worry too much before getting this done. The only thing is that if you are more into fusion or Indian wear then this is not for you.

46. Thick and Retro Hairstyles for Short Hair:

short hairstyles46

This one bob style is a retro version of the short hairstyles and is more suitable for the women who have thick hair. Now for this one you do not need very good sense of style because this type of haircut does not even need too much styling. It is just better to be left in a more casual way for the better look.

47. Messy Pixie Haircut for Women:

short hairstyles47

This is a cuter version of the pixie cut which is combined with the bob cut hairstyle. In this one the hair is cut evenly on the both sides but the back is given the touch of pixie. Now to the front the fringes cover the forehead and make your face look smaller. The teased and messed up hair adds on to the drama and you look prettier that way.

48. Spiked Up Emo Look:

short hairstyles48

We have already mentioned the normal and simple emo cut and now let us move towards some more creativity. This version of the emo cut is for the girls who are not afraid of experimenting and can carry off the wackiest hairstyles with the same style. In this one the hair has an emo look from the front and from the back all the hair is lifted up and made to look all spiked up. What attitude!

49. Short Side Hairstyle with Trendy Curls:

short hairstyles49

This is a dramatic hairstyle and looks great for any special event or even red carpet occasions. In this hairstyle as you can see is that the hair is short and is combed very well. Now a side parting is done and then all the hair is brought to one side of the head. Here it is pinned and the curls thus hang loose. The pinned up part looks absolutely straight and thus makes an awesome combination.

50. Short Vintage Waves Hair look:

short hairstyles50

More of a Cleopatra style, this is a lot of style in one frame. For all the ladies who have short hair and are planning to attend the next big event with a gown or any classic outfit there can be nothing better than this. In this just take all your hair to one side and then pin up. Now make waves on this portion and gel properly to set them. Now see how you attract all eyes in the event.

It is true that we get comparatively lesser options when it comes to a hairstyle for short hair but one thing is assured that you cannot look smarter than sporting a short haircut.