There are several variants of bras in the market right now. Given the increasing fashion requirements, patterns and types of dresses for women, we need to style and care for our dresses accordingly by fitting in the right bra. In a similar way, we all have heard of women’s backless bras at some point in time. But it is quite common for most of us to wonder which may be the right fit of this to our body type. In today’s article, we shall see the best backless bra for yourself to fit different body types and features. One cannot assume that we all can have a uniform type of bra to suit all our needs. Hence here are different types and let us get into how to suit them best and choose them!

Features of Backless Bra:

Here are the important features of girls’ backless bras.

  • The backless bra does not have a visible strip. They are usually transparent, which is easy to fit in strapless or deep-neck dresses.
  • The backless bra comes in different fabrics suited to different dresses or occasions. They may come in cotton, satin, linen or silicone. Depending on bra size and comfort, one can choose the required style.
  • Backless bras may also come as stick-on cups for subtle protection. The bras can be fully covered or just partly covered.
  • If your backless bras are push-up variants, you can also customise the lifts.
  • In addition, the backless bras can come as low neck with wires hanging around the neck or strapless.
  • Most backless bras may come with wires to support beneath the breasts.
  • The backless bra may be of padded variant or not, depending on the type of style. Cups are best suited for busty women who love flaunting their style but do not want to compromise their body shape.
  • There are also very minimal bra stick-on covers for women ready to flaunt it all, with their style for dresses showing a lot of cleavage.
  • They are a great alternative to everyday wear bras if you have athletic breasts.

Which Breast Shapes Can Wear Backless Bra:

  • Do you know that not everyone can try out similar comfortable backless bra? The comfort level varies; hence, different breast shapes should stick to different types.
  • If you have round-shaped breasts, go for any backless bra of your choice and comfort.
  • Teardrop breast shape best suits those with fuller-covered backless bras with transparent straps or those backless bras with support under the neck.
  • Those with teardrop breasts can try out even the silicone variants of the backless bra.
  • Those with an athletic form of breasts can try out any variant of the backless bra.

Latest Models of Backless Bras with Images:

Here’s a list of the 15 best backless bras you can wear with low-back dresses.

1. Jockey Backless Bra:

Most of us already know about the company Jockey. This popular brand came up with a backless bra from Jockey to suit the requirements of young women looking for comfortable party dresses. The jockey backless is convertible and has straps that can be attached and used as regular wear. This is flexible and has comfort pads and a non-padded variant too.

  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Good for: All breast shapes and sizes for regular wear and party wear
  • Wear it Under: Strapless dresses and blouses
  • Worst Pick For: Nightwear and weddings

2. Plus Size Backless Bra:

Are you plus plus-size woman? Now comes the latest plus size backless bra to meet the needs of younger women who are not in regular sizes. They are made to stay in comfort for even those with bigger and larger breast sizes and shapes. They hold the breasts up without sagging and help provide support in a comfortable zone

  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Good For: plus size women with larger breast size
  • Wear it Under: Party wear, deep neck dress
  • Worst Pick For: T shirts

3. Backless Halter Bra:

In this variant of the backless halter bra, the strap runs around in front, and the back of the neck is mostly uncovered. This helps those who want to have thin strap dresses or even wear lower sides of dresses. This backless halter variant bra is yours if your blouses and tops are tricky.

  • Fabric: Nylon and Polyester
  • Good For: Round-size breasts
  • Wear it Under: Side deep tops and party dresses
  • Worst Pick For: Regular t-shirts

4. Backless Sports Bra:

Sports bras do not mean you have to limit yourself to sports. These backless sports bras are great for women interested in dancing and working hard to show their nice bodies. Hence you can try these fully covered backless variants of sports bras for active lifestyles and exercises

  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Good For: Regular wear for all breast shapes
  • Wear it Under: Deep neck t-shirts
  • Worst Pick For: Partywear

5. Floret Backless Bra:

The Floret backless bra gives full coverage comfort for women with more than regular-sized breasts or those seeking good comfort and support. These floret bras are already quite popular for the best quality and range and easily cater to different breast sizes.

  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Good For: Bigger breast size and asymmetric breast shapes
  • Wear it Under: Everyday wear tops and dresses
  • Worst Pick For: Blouses

6. Fashion Forms Go Bare Ultimate Boost Backless Strapless Bra:

This backless bra is a perfect friend to your backless dresses. It’s made of nylon and spandex. It’s strapless and backless with adhesive underwire push-up cups. It has seamless, foam-lined cups with built-in push-up pads for the ultimate support and lift. For the bra to stay in place, it has adhesive side wings. Its microfiber is stretchable and seamless. This bra is available in varied sizes and three basic colours beige, black and pink.

  • Good For: Party wear for women with athletic breasts or round breasts
  • Wear it Under: Deep neck dresses
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear
  • Fabric: Nylon

7. Fine Lines 6-Way Plunge Convertible Bra:

Apart from being a backless bra, it is a multi-way bra so that you can wear it underneath most of your clothes. It’s a seamless, convertible, underwire plunge push-up bra. It provides foam-lined cups with removable foam inserts. If you wish to wear it as a convertible bra, you can go with the clear waist strap included in the package. Its adjustable stretch straps convert to a low back position. You may also use its conventional straps as criss-cross and halter. The bra comes with a row hook and an eye-back closure. It is made of high-quality soft stretch microfiber of nylon and elastane. Available in three basic colours and varied sizes.

  • Good For: Party and nightwear for all breast shapes
  • Wear it Under: Backless dresses, deep neck dress
  • Worst Pick For: Gym and daily wear
  • Fabric: Nylon and elastane

8. Coucou Comfort Cup Padded Wire-Free Invisible Backless Bra:

This versatile transparent backless bra, made of cotton and elastane, will allow you to wear back-revealing outfits and dresses easily. Its soft padded coverage cups provide support and comfort all day long. It has a thick transparent elastic back band. It is wire-free and thus comfortable. The shoulder straps are detachable and adjustable. The back has a swan and hooks closure with tabs. This bra is available in pink and varied sizes.

  • Good For: Parties for any breast shape
  • Wear it Under: Backless dresses or deep-back dresses/tops
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday casual wear clothes
  • Fabric: Cotton and elastane

9. Penny Priority Invisible Line Transparent Back Padded Wired T-Shirt Bra:

This bra’s radiant fabric and revolutionary coverage fit most body types. It has moulded seamless and crush-resistant padded cups. It is underwired for lift and supports and offers full coverage. It comes with a broad underband and side wings, providing extra support to the bust. The straps are convertible, elastic and adjustable. The high-stretch transparent back strap gives a durable grip. This bra is available in every possible size.

  • Good For: Party, slim women and petite
  • Wear it Under: Backless dress or blouse
  • Worst Pick For: Top dress or t shirts
  • Fabric: Cotton

10. Victoria’s Secret Front-Close Demi Bra:

This front-close bra by Victoria’s Secret offers complete shaping with adhesive cups. This bra is perfect for revealing necklines and sexy backless dresses. It is made of polyester, polyurethane and silicon; its adhesive cups can be worn up to 25 times. It is available in nude and black with various size options.

  • Good For: Parties, thin and hourglass figure women
  • Wear it Under: Backless sexy dress; Bikinis
  • Worst Pick For: Nightwear and t shirts
  • Fabric: Polyester and silicone

11. Victoria’s Secret U-Plunge Backless Push-up Bra:

Image Source: pinterest

This sexy u-plunge push-up bra by Victoria’s Secret is completely backless and perfect to wear underneath any revealing backless outfit. Its u-plunge style is great for extremely deep necklines. It provides the required shape, lifts and support along with comfort. It comes with clear adhesive sides. Made of nylon and spandex, there are size options and colours.

  • Good For: Round breasts and hourglass figure women
  • Wear it Under: Deep V neck dress
  • Worst Pick For: Weddings and blouses
  • Fabric: Nylon

12. Next Stick On Bra:

Stick on a bra by Next is backless and strapless. It provides the required support, lifts, coverage and comfort. It has lightly padded cups for giving your bust a natural shape. Made of nylon and elastane, it has adhesive wings on the side to keep the bra in place. It is available in two basic colours and varied sizes.

  • Good For: Any breast shape with party wear
  • Wear it Under: Strapless dress and backless dress
  • Worst Pick For: Everyday wear and blouses
  • Fabric: Nylon

13. Miss Guided Magic Push-Up Bra:

This push-up bra is strapless and backless with a front closure. It provides discreet support for your backless outfits and revealing necklines. It can easily be attached to the skin. Made of sponge and polyurethane, it is available in black and nude with various size options.

  • Good For: Round and teardrop breast shapes with party wear clothes
  • Wear it Under: Strapless and backless dress or blouse
  • Worst Pick For: Daily wear
  • Fabric: Polyurethane

14. Miss Guided Kaley Strapless Backless Bra:

This is a strapless and backless bra made of mixed fibre. It is lightly padded for lift and coverage. It provides the required support and comfort. It’s available in nude and has size options. This is also a good backless bra for a wedding dress.

  • Good For: Party wear for all women and a backless blouse
  • Wear it Under: Low neck and dresses without straps
  • Worst Pick For: T shirts and sportswear
  • Fabric: Cotton and nylon

Backless Bra Wearing Tips:

Do you know how to wear a backless bra? Backless bras can be a little more difficult to wear than regular bras, so you can keep a few tips in mind while putting them on.

1. Keep The Skin On Your Back Clean:

You wouldn’t like to reveal your back if it isn’t spotlessly clean, would you? Make sure to exfoliate your skin with a loofah and shower gel starting before a few weeks you plan to wear a backless dress. Do it every two or three days because scrubbing may damage your skin daily. Also, do not forget to moisturize the skin on your back well.

2. Adhesive Bras:

Adhesive bras come with a duration period. Like in most cases, you can wear them 25 times. You must hold the bra at its two ends and stick it to your bust. The adhesive will stick to your skin. Check the movement of your breasts by bending over. It should adjust itself as you bend over. Women with small to medium-sized busts should not have problems with adhesive bras.

3. Transparent Strap Bras:

Bras with a transparent strap at the back generally have swan and hook closures with tabs at both ends. So just put the tabs into the right hooks just like in the conventional bras. These bras are a good option for women with heavier bust as it offers the required coverage and support.

These are popular women’s backless bra variants in today’s world. Given the above different types, one can easily choose the best-fit bra for their body and breast size and to cater to respective occasions and outfits. Forget not girls; here comes the suited bra for even your sexy dresses and party nights. Now get on the move and flaunt it with style!

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