The nose ring is one of the most popular trends in today’s fashion, every woman likes to wear it, and it can go with any modern or traditional outfit. The nose ring is also one of the integral parts of Indian wedding jewellery, every bride likes to wear it, and it enhances the beauty of a lady. It can be accessible in all metals like silver, gold and diamond in many shapes and sizes. A nose ring is a beautiful compliment for a lady.

Many different kinds of nose rings can give you exclusivity, and you can make a bold style statement using a big nose ring as a prop. These nose rings hang down the nose, giving an exclusive and spectacular look to a woman’s face. It makes the woman appear attractive and the centre of attraction in the crowd and is a pretty eyeing catchy one.

Latest and Beautiful Nose Rings in Big Size:

Look at traditional big-nose ring designs for special looks in wedding ceremonies.

1. Traditional Bridal Big Nose Ring:

On the wedding day, the bride wants to look different, stylish yet traditional and ethnic. This type of gold and pearl nose ring can give her a heavenly and pure look. This type of nose ring lends an attractive look to the bride’s face and gives her mind-blowing looks.

2. Pure Gold 10 MM wide Big Nose Ring:

The nose ring is in pure gold and nearly 10mm wide in breadth. These types of big-sized nose rings are also known as clickers and can be worn even if your nose is not pierced. This nose ring appears cool, can be worn with any outfit, and gives you hip hop.

3. Ethnic Maharashtra Style Big Nose Ring:

This nose ring is worn in Maharashtra (The western part of India). The nose ring has designed with pearl and has a longish look. It’s generally worn on the side of the nose and adds immense beauty to the woman’s face.

4. Diamond Big Nose Hoop Ring:

Who can resist after looking at this sizzling diamond nose ring? The nose ring or “Bali” is designed with single 14 white, lustrous diamonds and a small one hanging, giving an extra enhanced look. These big loops look great on sharp, pointed noses and gels with more traditional wear.

5. Big Nose Ring with Polki:

Polki big nose rings look gorgeous and look very beautiful, and appear very attractive. Three stones are studded in a betel leaf shape with a small sizzling polka all over and a perfect one for any special occasion or festival on the nose ring.

6. Kundan Big Nose Ring Hoop:

This kundan big nose ring appears very pretty and gives a traditional look to a woman’s face. The ring is designed in gold, and the small red bells attached to it give a mesmerising look to a woman’s face. These nose rings are very popular in India, especially in Rajasthan and adjoining areas.

7. Red and Green Stones Big Nose Ring:

The big nose ring is also called”nath” in India and is considered an auspicious and sacred ornament worn on a special occasions. It is crafted in red and green stone on the sold metal, having a pearl chain to fix it properly.

8. Silver Big Nose Stud in Flower Pattern:

The nose ring is crafted in silver and gives a heavenly look to a woman. It is crafted in a circular floral pattern and would appear gorgeous on a woman with sharp features. The nose ring looks cool with most outfits and lends an appealing appearance.

9. Big Blue Nose Stud:

These studs can be handmade and even tailored to your taste and style. The ring is crafted in a round shape and surely looks very beautiful and sensational when won by young or teenage girls at college and any parties or hangouts.

10. Floral Nose Stud:

Studs can be available in many shapes, but this floral shape and red crystal are eye-catching for everyone, and it gives the perfect touch to your look; and can wear these big nose studs anytime and anywhere and can fit them with any dress.

11. Big Nose Rings in Gold:

This big gold nose ring can give her a pure and exclusive look, and these two red crystals enhance the ring’s beauty. This is a perfect choice for a gold lover. It can a suit better on the round shape face.

12. Black Metal Big Nose Ring:

This big nose hoop looks beautiful and charming with a black hanging diamond, making it a spectacular look. It’s useful for any party to wear going, as black is a colour that suits any outfit.

13. Big Nose Pin:

This beautiful nose pin of golden flower with red crystal and hanging pearl looks charming can gift this to anyone because of its unique style it can be worn on any occasion. It can suit any nose shape and every age group.

Big nose rings are generally worn on any special occasion by women, like marriage or any auspicious occasion. Celebrities wear the big stylish nose ring in Hollywood and Bollywood to get a hot and chic look. This type of nose ring marks an overall beauty and enhances women’s look and overall beauty.


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