Who doesn’t love to be updated always about fashion? Women as well as men these days keep themselves updated about in and around fashion trends, styles and fashion accessories. The new fast catching trend is nose pins, nose studs and nose hoops. Women with different facial features and face cuts can choose that lovely nose pins according to one’s choice and requirements.

Cute Nose Ring Hoops:

Here we will have a look into the top 9 nose ring hoops for girls in teenage

1. Simple Round Nose Hoops:

These are one of that kind which any woman has and flaunts at some or the other occasion because of its minimalistic design in either gold or sterling silver. Flaunted by many celebrities,this simple round nose hoops have caught everyone’s attention these days. This is perfect for everyday wear to office, work, college etc.

2. Beaded Nose Ring Hoops:

Purely for ethnic and traditional wear are these lovely looking beaded nose hoops. It goes the most with Indian traditional outfits. One can use this fabulous beaded nose ring hoops for teaming up outfits with weddings, family functions, etc. These do not go with western outfits though. Women with broad nose can carry this look with style.

3. Diamond Nose Hoop Ring:

Who doesn’t love diamonds? That’s why the saying is apt being diamonds are a woman’s best friend. One of the best gifting options can be these super cute diamond nose ring hoops. Young women and teenagers can easily carry off this diamond hoops. They are strikingly different and unique from the traditional nose ring hoops. The diamonds can be studded in white gold or there can be a series of diamonds studded in gold or white gold hoops.

4. Black Nose Hoop Ring:

More bold and fashionable are these cute nose ring hoops in black colour. These are on the same lines as golden or silver hoops but look more prominent on the face because the black colour stands out as an accessory. One can pair it with western outfits, denims, tees, shrugs etc. for that modern yet casual look. Made of metal, these black nose hoops can also be double ringed.

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5. Clip On Nose Ring Hoops:

These are bang on in trend and are very fashionable. These are no piercing nose ring hoops and can be clipped on any side of the nose like left, centre/ middle or right.They can be of gold, silver or rose gold with colourful stones or diamonds studded on them for more beauty and fashion. They are clip on ones hence can be adjusted according to one’s size. Get that boho chic look with these clip on hoops.

6. Swarovski Crystal Hoop Nose Ring:

Hoops can be handmade and customised according to one’s requirement. Swarovski crystals are very much in fashion and these look amazing and one can accessorise the look in a classy way. Coloured Swarovski crystals can be beautifully used in nose hoops and one can match any outfit. These look traditional and very much Indian. These never lose shine or never get tarnished too.

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7. Nose Ring Hoops with A Star:

Stars are those lovely objects found in almost every fashion accessory be it bracelets, charms, lockets, earrings etc.  A tiny star in a nose ring hoop look amazing when worn and is trendy and cool at the same time. Women with sharp features can flaunt this starry look with style.

8. Kundan Pearl Nose Hoop Rings:

Kundans and pearls are very important jewellery in an Indian bride’s wedding trousseau. The bridal outfit has matching, heavy and expensive Kundan and pearl jewelleries for the bride to complete the bridal look. A woman looks resplendent when she wears the traditional Kundan pearl big nose hoops and there is a special charm in her look because of the hoop. The hoop in golden is studded with kundans and pearls.

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9. Amethyst Nose Ring Hoop:

Wow is just the word for this beauty. A nose hoop with three amethyst stones studded perfectly is a treasure for keeps. With the shine, clarity and that distinct colour of amethyst stones, this nose ring is definitely a hit among young women to flaunt the new style accessory of their new fashion statement being nose rings.

Trendy nose rings in various designs, patterns and styles are an instant eye catcher. Nose pins, rings, studs and hoops are today’s fashion thing with almost everyone flaunting a nose accessory from celebrities to almost every famous personalities. The best part is that nose hoops are the best flaunted with any outfit.

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