Now comes the time of fancy sandals. Now, people understand fancy as part wear but the actual meaning of these fancy term is latest. So, in this post we are covering some of the latest fancy sandals.

Latest fancy sandals is something which is in trend. Now, trends are something which varies quite widely. It is very subjective and differentiated. So, trends vary from person to person and from place to place. So, what is trendy in our country may not be trendy in other country. Thus, just a note before beginning this post is that these are a list of fancy sandals just as per my choice and overall market trends.

So, without wasting much of time let’s head over to our post. Here is the compilation of top 9 fancy sandals for wedding season to both men and women along with images that can purchase from online also in India.

Best Fancy Sandals For Wedding For Men And Women With Images :

1. Shoes :

Fancy Sandals For Wedding Shoes 1 Save

Shoes are something which we all must have in our wardrobe. They serve a lot of purpose. Either you want to stay low or casual opt for sneakers. Today sneakers come in wide variety of choices and designs. So, you can easily make your pick. Similarly if you going for an outing or trekking go for sport shoes. They are quite durable and will give you the perfect hold and grip. And when you want to have that tomboy and tough look boots are there for you.

2. Flip Flops For Men :

Fancy Sandals For Wedding Flip-Flops 2 Save

Other super stylish and casual sandal is flip flop. It seems that flip flop have originated and revolutionized itself when compared to previous years times. Today’s flip flop is more of a wardrobe essential and a fashions staple. You can have wide variety of choice in terms of patterns and colours in this flip flops. These can you where even you are inside and when you are going out but want to wear something comfortable. Even in longer journey times flip flops are the best.

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3. Semi Heeled Fancy Sandals For Girls :

fancy sandals Save

Semi heeled sandals are for those girls who don’t like or can’t wear those extremely high heeled footwear. They are approx. 2-3 inches heel. These are perfect for daily wear. Petite frames can rock this sandal by making them look without making it appear too dressy.

4. Black Sandal Pumps For Women :

Fancy Sandals For WeddingPumps 4 Save

These are the high heeled sandals. These are the ones similar to models. They have thin pointed sandals. Heel height in these pumps begins from 3 inches. And they can range up to 6-7 inches. They mostly come in solid block colours but now a day’s different patterns can also be seen.

5. Strappy Sandals :

Fancy Sandals For WeddingStrappy-Sandals 5 Save

This is the thin and easy to go sandals. They come with thin stripes which looks quite flattering on fair slender feet. They are perfect for a long summer day outings. They are usually flats. But you can also get strappy sandals in slight platforms. I haven’t seen much of these strappy sandals in high heeled or platform ones.

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6. Belles For Wedding :

Fancy Sandals For Wedding Belles 6 Save

This is my most favourite pair of sandals. I feel belle have set a milestone in terms of footwear industry. They are quite simple and convenient to use.

7. Loafers For Men :

Fancy Sandals For Wedding Loafers 7 Save

Another revolution in terms of footwear. They are quite similar to belle but the feets are much more covered as compared to belle.

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8. Mule Sandals For Women :

Fancy Sandals For WeddingMule-Sandals 8 Save

This is easy slip on sandals. But in order to keep the footwear in place mules are used.

9. Platforms Sandals For Ladies :

Fancy Sandals For Wedding Platforms 9 Save

Seriously platforms made life easier for girls. They give your height without making it too painful for you as in pumps and kitten heels.

So, this was a round up of top 9 fancy sandals. You can get them in your nearest stores at quite good prices. So, go ahead and make your choice.

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