We are transitioning to summer, and there is nothing better than wedge sandals to nail the fashion statement yet stay comfortable. These sandals are the best friend for women who do not wish to take the pain of wearing high pointy heels yet want a chic feel with ease in wear. They are classic and always in trend, come in different designs and models, and give you ample options. Today, we are here with the latest wedge sandals for women’s designs. They are among the top-notch style statements for this season and make your stay comfortable and stylish.

What to Wear with Wedge Sandals?

How do we style and pair wedge sandals in our day to day life? But, before we explore the latest trends in this footwear for women, let us give you some tips!

  • Wedge sandals are versatile. They are feminine yet comfortable and give you a myriad of options to try out. These sandals are equally perfect for your jean and denim day looks, casual outing, or even for a dressy look and one-piece outfit.
  • Prefer wearing skinny jeans with wedge sandals to create a chic and edgy casual look. You can even pair them with shorts for a sleek, bold style statement.
  • Pair the wedges with a dressy look for a feminine, classic and contemporary vibe. Wear it with good flared dresses, mini skirts, and bodycon outfits to stand out. Red, black and beige dresses look amazing with wedge sandals.
  • You can wear wedges on several occasions in hand. For example, wear them to your offices or business meetings (make sure they do not have embellished or studded designs), or wear them for your dinners and brunches; you will look amazing.
  • You also can prefer to wear wedges for weddings and festivities. They are the new day trend seen among brides, too, comfortable yet glamorous.

Best and Stylish Wedge Sandals for Women:

These sandal wedges make a person look taller and create an impressive look. Now let’s have a look at the top 10 new look ladies wedge sandals along with images:

1. Strappy Wedge Sandals:

This unique Strappy Wedge Sandal by Love Moschino will make you go weak on your knees. The tie and dye printed wedges offer comfort and a signature style statement to your feet. They go lovely on short dresses and are also perfect for summer outfits. Are you planning a trip to the beach? With a smart bikini and these wedges, you are all sorted!

Brand: Love Moschino

Colour: Multi-coloured

2. Wooden Wedge Sandals:

Love that ranch style and wish to take a little inspiration from it? These wooden wedge sandals are a perfect choice. Not only are they sturdy, but they are also pretty comfortable. With a premium leather strap and chiselled wooden platform heels, these sandals can make you want to walk for long (literally!).

Brand Name: Miu Miu

Colour: Black Strap

3. Gladiator Wedge Sandals:

Wearing heels is no more war with this pair of ultra-modern gladiator wedge heels. They come in studded leather straps and a back zipper for ease of wear. Pair them with a t-shirt and cute shorts and bring out the inner warrior in you.

Brand: Nature Breeze

Colour: Tan

4. Platform Wedge Sandal:

These nude-coloured Platform Wedge Sandals will make you say, “Oh! So Comfortable!”. Your feet will thank you for choosing this pair. The platform wedge offers an even surface and can ergonomically balance your feet. The stylish buckle adds just that right touch of sparkle to your cute little feet.

Brand Name: Jimmy Choo

Colour: Nude

5. Glittering Silver Wedge Heel Sandals for Girls:

Wedge heels Sandals are very comfortable to wear as they are more open at the upper end and lend the wearer a classy look. These silver wedge high heel sandals look very attractive as it has a glittering effect all over the sandal and give the wearer a glam up and attractive look.

Brand Name: Moomoo

Colour: Silver

6. Platform Wedge Sandals:

The platform pattern Wedges sandals are a fantastic substitute for high heels. These sandals can still give them the same appearance and make you look dressy, and they are much more comfortable to wear. They come in various colours and styles and easily grab a chic look!

Brand Name: Charlotte Olympia

Colour: Beige

7. Sparkling Gold Wedges Sandals for Ladies:

These gold Wedge sandals are royal to look at, and the ankle strap helps your feet breathe more than shy high or high heels sandals. The straps lend a comfortable grip to the feet while walking. These types of sandals are perfect for parties and great wedding wear.

Brand Name: Dillards

Colour: Gold

8. High Heels Wedges Sandals in Red:

These types of high heels Wedges sandals are also known as stilettos, and the height of the heels can even extend to 8 inches. These types of sandals are a worthy skill for getting the lengthening effect. These sandals are closed-ended in the front to have a grip on your feet and are available in different colours so that you can match them with your outfits.

Brand Name: Jennie Shaw

Colour: Cherry Red

9. Black Wedge Sandals with Cone Heels:

The most stylish and awesome sandal is this leather black Wedges sandal with cone heels. The sandals have strips at the front at the cone heels, giving them an elongated look. The sandals have a wider look in the front and are narrow towards the end, making them great office wear and cool for funky parties. It looks great if dressed up with skirts.

Brand Name: Steve Madden

Colour: Black

10. Colourful Women’s Wedge Sandals:

Women and girls love bright colours, and they want their sandals to be the same. These wedges sandals are the perfect choice for them as it has bright colours and the fun prints make them look fancy and fashionable. The entire sole of the shoe is elevated at the same height, making walking easier and more relaxing. These types of sandals are perfect if worn with stylish skirts or frocks.

Brand Name: Dolce and Gabbana

Color: Printed, Multicolored

Wedge sandals are very stylish and are very glamorous to look at that. It gives your feet a completely new look, making you look fashionable. These sandals are available in beautiful pastel colours and designs and styles. You can pick the one which suits your persona, and you can wear these sandals as good office wear daily and pretty party wear.

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