Sandals have always been the toughest choice to make and that depends on a lot of things like your leg size, company, model, colour etc. Well, if you can’t change your legs then change your sandals. Yes, sandals can define and change your personality drastically. How many of us know that there are different types of sandals available in the market. But do we know which one should we wear? Which type of sandal will tall or short height ladies will flaunt? Which type of sandal should petite or heavy girls wear?

So, don’t worry. I am sure you all might have become confused after all this. Take a look at the top 18 types of sandals names with pictures that will give a complete idea about the sandals. This post will be like a quick sandal guide for all you ladies. We have made sure to list the latest sandals in fashion.

Different Sandal Types With Photos:

Let’s find here with mentioned new model sandals with images that can alternate your appearance.

1. Wood Sandals:

These are the latest sandals which have become popular for a while now. These new style sandals are made of wood which is actually a durable and tough material. It is similar to denim. They are water and dust-resistant. The one here is simple with no buckle. They also come in a range of sizes and models that will last a long time.

2. Tatami Sandals:

The other favourite collection of women is the Tatami sandal. It offers maximum comfort and is flat-heeled. They mostly come in buckles and sit comfortably on your legs to suit the various sizes. They are mostly brown in colour and also come in black.

3. Leather Sandals:

Leather sandals are costly but last a really long time. They come in a wide variety of models, patterns and sizes. This type of new sandal for women looks really beautiful on the legs. Leather is known to offer comfort for the heel and the fingers. They are also lightweight.

4. Rope Sandals:

Rope sandals are other stylish sandals that look unique and are crisscrossed with rope laces wound around the leg. It is comfortable to wear and can be a little rare to find. This has no rubber on the bottom and is mostly handmade. It is adjustable and has been in use for a very long time.

5. Metallic Sandals:

Metallic sandals are the best and nice sandals, albeit their cost is usually high. You can find a range of colours among these stylish sandals which come in a variety of patterns and sizes. They are extensively found in online stores and come with or without a buckle. Some of them are flat while others are healed.

6. Wedge Women Sandals:

Wedge women’s sandals are usually high-heeled and come in black combinations. They are usually working with short frocks or mini-skirts. They are buckled and need some practice before you can wear them comfortably and walk around.

7. Flat Sandals:

Flat sandals are the most common and comfortable sandals to wear. These are easily available and are relatively cheap. They come in buckles and come in a range of colours. They look beautiful on the legs and have a lot of sizes and patterns to offer.

8. Rubber Sandals:

These rubber sandals are new fashion sandals. They are comfortable to use and are time resistant. They can be easily cleaned with water and dried in the sun to remove the smell or dirt from them. This type of sandals for girls is ideal for long use and the buckle offers additional comfort and fit.

9. Lace Shoes:

This stylish sandal is the most common and is probably the oldest shoe style. They are simple and come with laces. This shoe style comes in a wide variety of prints and styles. Nowadays, floral or sequined lace shoes are quite common, that come in a range of sizes and patterns to suit your shoe size.

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10. Kitten Heels:

These latest sandal in fashion is semi-formal and semi-party shoes. They have slight carving out heels which gives a very good shape to your feet. They also come in a huge variety of colours and patterns. Actually, these are the smallest and most comfortable heels to wear and have a small heel to add to the look.

11. Tip Toe Sandals:

This special sandal is completely formal. They come up with a fully pointed front which looks very chic. It is mostly a matte finish. This looks very chic and minimalistic. It is perfect for those formal meetings and looks beautiful in different colours. They come with or without a buckle.

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12. Gladiators:

Gladiator sandals are long sandals. It comes in different patterns and designs. They can be worn on numerous occasions in different seasons too. They look best when worn with one piece and short dresses. This way you can flaunt your gladiators and your legs fully. They can come in heeled or in a flat pattern. The flat patterns are the most common ones seen. If you want to select new stylish sandals, then you go for these.

13. Flip Flop:

These are the most comfortable and cute sandals. These are the ones which we wear in our home on a daily basis. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. So, with beautiful colour and pattern, these flip-flops can be easily worn outside. I have seen many people flaunting these flip-flops while travelling. This cool sandal is also quite comfortable and perfect for daily wear. These come both in a flat and heeled pattern. Further, this is quite inexpensive. They can easily be found in local stores. Buy them from a good brand and they are sure to last a long time.

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14. Flatbed:

This is the 90s sandals making their comeback way again presented as a new sandal design. We all were wearing and flaunting them for quite a long in our childhood. There are different styles of flatbed sandals. You can easily make your choice out of the available options. This type of sandal and its name was once commonly heard and opted for fashion sandals.

15. Stiletto:

These are high-heeled sandals. They have quite high and thin heels. These are the perfect model-type sandal. They look quite chic and model-like. These are perfect for cocktail parties, date nights and even for that fashion parade-type parties. They currently come in a wide variety of colours and prints. But the plain solid colours look the best.

16. Pumps:

Pumps are other chic sandals. These pumps have made a wave in present times. These are plain solid-coloured sandals with quiet heels. This heel ranges from 2-3 inches in size. They are perfect formal wear for your formal suit and come mostly in black colour to give it the right professional look.

17. Sling Back Sandals:

This sandal style is quite similar to pumps. But they have quite high heels more than even 2 inches. They have rounded or pointed toes. But the back part is not covered. It is completely open. These sandals are quite common at parties and can be very commonly seen in India. This simple type of sandal for girls is another popularly seen choice among many.

18. Mary Jane Shoes:

These are the US name of school shoes. They are closed with a slightly rounded front. There is a strap in the midst of these sandals which helps to keep the shoe in place. They offer maximum protection for your heels and protect them from dust.

So, that was all about different types of sandals. You can easily locate them at different prices and in different locations be it online or offline. They are inspired to look stylish and impressive, while adequately fitting your apparel of yours. Some of them are simple, and trendy while others like stilettos require some practice to walk around comfortably.

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