An open type of footwear is known as a sandal. Generally, sandals differ from men to women. For men, sandals mean footwear with straps that pass over the instep. An ankle of the feet surrounds these. These gent’s leather sandals are almost flat bottomed. People feel free to wear them as they are comfortable, flexible and adjustable. Leather Sandals for men are becoming a fashion now a day.

Sandals were first designed in the United States. In the olden days, people used to prepare with twigs and leaves to take care of their feet while walking. Slowly it has been followed and started to prepare with the skin of animals. It is upgraded with leather, rubber, wood, etc.

Features of Leather Sandals:

What exactly are these gents leather chappals? How do these leather sandals vary from each other, and what are their significant features? Here are some clues.

  • Hey, if you think the leather sandals or chappals of them are similar, no, you are wrong! Their designs quite vary. You have flip-flops, cross straps, footwear, slide sandals, suede sandals and more! Isn’t it cool!
  • They range in different colours; you can find the all-black variants, tan, brown, grey, etc. Choose as per your preference easily.
  • These leather sandals can absorb sweat and make feel you comfortable too. This is quite striking and makes all of us want more of them!
  • You can find casual everyday wear to formal looks and high-quality classic looks.
  • They will last you forever – and aren’t going to ditch you with short term utility. One pure leather sandal will last you way longer than you can imagine!

Best Ways to Pair Leather Sandals for Men:

How exactly can you style these male leather sandals? Which can be an ideal outfit to pair this footwear with? Here are a few tips.

  • If you think you have minimal options with leather footwear, let us tell you, these are super versatile looks. They can probably go with everything and anything.
  • You can work on formal-looking leather chappals with formal wear or blazers too.
  • The flip flops or slide in sandals can be ideal for casual everyday men’s wear such as a t-shirt or shirts with jeans.
  • They make you look aptly dressed and not underdressed. This is the best part. Slide on the casuals or even your regular tee with the chappals, and you are good to go! You can pair the tees with shorts, and they can make you appear cool and handsome with smart looks!

Latest Leather Sandals for Men with Images:

This article will list good leather sandals for men with very comfortable and affordable images.

1. Men’s Leather Red Tape Fisherman Sandals:


Have you ever heard of fisherman sandals? You may have come across this look, which almost looks like our everyday chappals, yet with the fascinating appearance and looks. The footwear’s raw design stands out from other variants but gives carefree trendy vibes.

  • Design: Black Fisherman Sandals With Buckle Closure
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Daily Wear
  • Style Tip: Wear these for your quick outings with casual wear, shorts or jeans.

2. Men’s Leather Thong Sandals:


The thong sandals are footwear with a thong fit between toes which connects the entire footwear like a strap, especially on the sides. It is another casual, edgy look footwear for men seeking a bit of uniqueness from everyday models and variants. It is comfortable and suitable for casual or quick hustles daily.

  • Design: Brown and Black Thong Sandals
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Everyday Regular Wear
  • Style Tip: These are ideal with men’s shorts and tees for casual outings or hustles.

3. Woodland Men’s Casual Leather Sandals:


We all have heard of the popular brand Woodland. Their casual leather sandals are of extreme style and comfy fit, with an elegant appearance and bright hues. Here is one such high on style and comfort styled sandals with bright colour and comes with buckle closure. The modern, vibrant look attached to it is unbeatable, with a lovely textured look and appearance.

  • Design: Tan-Brown Casual Sandals with Buckled Closure
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Casual Rveryday or Colleges
  • Style Tip: This can be ideal for college going guys or everyday wear for an informal look, with casual tees or shirts.

4. Men’s Leather Gladiator Sandals:


We absolutely love how the gladiator sandals instantly give a luxurious and elite look. These tan-brown sandals come with Velcro closure and are ideal for regular professional men who have to run to the office. Well, not every day do you need to wear formal shoes to the office, and on those days, this footwear can give you both a professional and relaxed look effortlessly.

  • Design: Tan-Brown Gladiator Sandals
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Regular Office Wear
  • Style Tip: Wear them with formal pants for the best looks.

5. Handmade Leather Sandals for Men:


We all have heard enough of Kolhapuri’s famous sandals, and we can’t stress enough their elegance and Indian classy look. For men who are willing to have a traditional Indian wear ethnic look, what best than pairing your festive outfit with grand handmade sandals? These mustard yellow classic men’s leather sandals are a whole class apart, and we love how stylish they look.

  • Design: Mustard Yellow Handmade Sandals
  • Sole Type: Leather
  • Occasion: Festive Wear
  • Style Tip: Wear them with ethnic or traditional outfits for the best classy look.

6. Red Chief Formal Leather Sandals:


Another formal men’s leather sandals are back. These black versatile strappy sandals can be a step up in your fashion game. Men who love fluffy and cushioned footbeds can prefer this to relax or give relief from foot issues, and ideal for long-day wear. The style and design also appear edgy and sleek to suit modern men’s preferences.

  • Design: Black Formal Leather Sandals
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Formal Wear
  • Style Tip: Formal outfits to semi-formals can be ideal with these sandals.

7. Clark Men’s Leather Beach Sandals:


This vacation special, beach sandals from Clark, is absolutely divine. With a simple texture, perfect to have long walks on the beach and yet to give a classy look, the brown, black and white combo leather sandals are comfortable to slide on and have excellent long day wear.

  • Design: slide On Leather Sandals
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Vacations, Beaches
  • Style Tip: Wear this pair with beach shorts and an outfit to give the best classy look.

8. Men’s Italian Leather Sandals:


These Italian inspired leather sandals in black look not unique but also contemporary. With a supreme coating of leather, plush texture, look, and a stylish appearance, these are for those men who aren’t ready to settle and are looking out for something out of the casual routine. They are super cool and ideal for men who prefer smart yet regular looks.

  • Design: Black Italian Leather Slip-on Sandals
  • Sole Type: Genuine Italian Leather
  • Occasion: Formal, semiformal occasions
  • Style Tip: Wear these with formal outfits or blazers to look fancy.

9. Khadims Men’s Leather Sandals:


Khadims brand in India is known for their budget variant of modern looking footwear, and we also love how comfortable they are. These brown and black comfort sandals for regular wear are among them. They are within reach with a budget and effortlessly give comfortable, casual, yet vibrant vibes. With a cushioned footbed, this footwear also makes it ideal for those looking for long day wear variants.

  • Design: Brown and Black Comfort Sandals
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Regular Wear
  • Style Tip: These are ideal for casual daily outings or quick grabs for men in casual wear.

10. Liberty Leather Chappals:


These kinds of leather chappals you see above are something that looks conventional and vintage yet are still timeless in their designs and pattern. We love how these black leather chappals give a modern and fancy look effortlessly. These are perfect for men stuck with the time and who love to have the traditional attire back!

  • Design: Black Leather Chappals
  • Sole Type: Leather
  • Occasion: Regular and Office
  • Style Tip: These can be ideal for semi-formal and casual outings with shirts and jeans.

11. Men’s Bata Closed Toe Leather Sandals:


The all-black Bata men’s sandals look super cool and smart. With the plush polished design, the sandals have soft synthetic material, which gives a relaxed and natural style statement. It is ideal even for a day longer wear hours and provides trendy style with casuals and semi-formals, best for an everyday look.

  • Design: Black Sandals with Synthetic Upper
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Casual, Everyday
  • Style Tip: Wear this with a tee shirt and jeans or shorts for casual and smart looks.

12. Men’s Leather Slide Sandals:


The slide sandals are new in fashion and regular comfortable wear. This all-black leather footwear comes with a brand typography logo at the edge and is easy with a simple style. For men across age groups and formal and semi-formal wear, this look can be fulfilling for those with simple choices.

  • Design: Black Plain Slide On Sandals
  • Sole Type: Synthetic
  • Occasion: Formal and Semiformal
  • Style Tip: Wear this for casual everyday wear like shirts and jeans or pants.

13. Arrow Men’s Leather Slip-On Sandals:


The Slip-on flat sandals in the tan-brown colour are edgy and classic in their design and appearance. With the simple slip-on variety and Velcro fastening, the genuine pure leather product goes long for durable wear and gives out vintage looks. Try it out for your everyday offices, and you can be assured to go with every outfit effortlessly.

  • Design: Brown Slip-On Sandals for Men
  • Sole Type: PU sole
  • Occasion: Office wear
  • Style Tip: These can go well with everyday shirts and pants and a big dial watch.

14. Men’s Designer Leather Shoe Style Sandals:


The latest sandals even come in shoe kind of patterns to give that plush and smart look? This designer wears kind of styled sandals with laser cuts, and we love the entire appearance and looks it delivers effortlessly. We love how this leather sandal fits the modern man with contemporary choices with a luxurious, trendy style statement and stunning outlook. This one is perfect for high-end parties or formal occasions.

  • Design: Brown shoe style sandals with velcro closure
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: Wear this with formal or partywear with a big dial watch to complete the look.

15. Lee Cooper Men’s Leather Strappy Sandals:


Probably the strappy sandals are the most overlooked and known variant out of all these models. The strappy ones are also popular for their easy accessibility and the look they deliver. The black textured option in this look is among the most coveted variety, with simple and elegant looks and versatile utility attached to it. Men and guys who love the most natural looks with branded signature design look can try this Lee Cooper sandal.

  • Design: Brown textured sandals with buckle fastening
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Regular, casual outings
  • Style Tip: Wear this with casual wear to complete the look.

16. Buckaroo:

Buckaroo is a rugged and vibrant lifestyle brand that offers premium leather sandals for men’s footwear created by skilled craftsmen. North American Cowboy named it, and this brand lives on. These men’s leather slip sandals have the best classic and contemporary designs skilled by innovative craftsmanship.

After continuous research in the market, Buckaroo released its products, which are made of leather. This brand represents the style, toughness, fashionable and stud. These sandals are manufactured and conceptualized thinking about customer satisfaction and comfort zone. This brand includes the high-quality fashionable ankle, comfortable slip-on and full-grain leathers.

17. Dr Scholl’s:

Scholl’s been maintaining its brand since the 19th century. William Mathias is the father of Dr Scholl’s footwear industry. There are multiple products, Scholl’s for Men and Women. They design all types of products, from kids to old ages. Multiple models can be bought from stores of Dr Scholl’s. The material used is of good quality, has sustaining capacity and gives a long life span for the product. These days, several brands are seen in the footwear world for any product.

18. Red Tape:

For men’s footwear, lots of branded company has taken birth. Every company is taking a challenge and producing products with some unique features. Red Tape is one of the international brands is providing footwear products like leather sandals, shoes, loafers etc., with multi designs. This brown leather sandal offers comfort and ease like nothing else.

Every design is designed by the designer such that it must be eye-catching for the person. It resembles the lifestyle of a person. Sandals will be very comfortable and give a stylish look to the person. Mostly Red Tape products are available all over the world. They maintain the standards of international.

19. Alberto Torresi:

This is the best leather sandal product which can be used in summer. This shoe makes the feet cool and comfortable. The inspiration of the Roman sandal designs it. It has a leather upper and flexible sole to feel comfortable for the person who wears it. These are crafted stylishly by well-skilled craftsmen. The leather used to make the sandal is smooth and glossy. The finishing work given by the tailor will be perfect. There will be sleek and comfortable design features with clean laces, stitched uniquely with an elegant aesthetic.

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20. Reebok:

Reebok brand was started in the year 1895 by W. Heron. Its headquarters are located in Canton, Massachusetts, in the United States. Its parent is Adidas. Lots of people know only Reebok shoes. But as this subsidiary of footwear, it even has sandals in it. This brand has collaborated with other companies as well. It designs, and the craftsman very well skims manufacturers. This is one of the most popular leather sandals for men, which make your look more alluring.

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21. Puma:

Puma is a well-known brand for apparel, footwear and shoes. Rudolf Dassier founded it in the year 1948. Its headquarters are located in Herzogenaurach in Germany. It is served globally all over the world. Its key people are Jochen Zeitz. Leathers completely make their products. The product is very comfortable for the person who wears it. Sandals are designed by well-skilled craftsmen. This type of men’s leather sandals will suit any sensitive skin.

22. Adidas:

Adidas has been one of the leading brands maintained since the 19th century. Mostly Adidas products are related to footwear and costumes. Adidas products can be seen in sports. Most running products of Adidas are shoes and T-Shirts. But even sandals are also designed by Adidas brands. The Adidas Company produces even other products. Adidas also produces some fine men’s leather footwear.

Sandals will be very simple, but they cover over three fourth’s of your feet. Feet can be protected from sun rays. They are very trendy. Floaters are designed in multi models with different styles and unique designs. All designs will look similar, but there will be minute changes in the product. Sandals will be very elegant to look at. They will be classy and neat.

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23. Koovs:

This is a cross strap flat men’s leather sandals, and the material used in the making of this is pure leather. It has been claimed to be one of the most comfortable leather sandals for men and suitable for young and mature men. The genuine leather is what makes this shoe perfect for men. It will not look too suitable for teenagers or even younger boys. It is quite affordable, and the pin and buckle pattern makes it quite suitable for wear in tropical regions, such as India. The flat stole is one of the prime features of this leather sandal, and the London designer style makes it so authentic.

24. El Paso (Brown):

This is a beautiful-looking brown sandal by Elapso. With PU sole material, this sandal shoe sports a Velcro closing. The round tip shape is one of the best features of this shoe, and it is durable. It can be said to be one of the most affordable men’s leather sandals and suitable shoes for those men, who walk on the streets a lot and prefer the authenticity and comfort of pure leather. Because of the good quality leather used in this shoe, can easily remove dirt from the straps or the tip.

25. Knotty Derby:

In India, there are several good-looking leather sandals for men, and one of them is the Knotty Derby hagrid six strap gladiator. It comes in brown colour and sports nothing but pure leather. It is quite affordable and suitable for most men compared to all other leather sandals. This brown leather sandal is quite comfortable, and it is so fragile and elegant and sharp that almost every Indian man would want to wear it almost anywhere they go. The brand concentrates on making some of the best sandal shoes and boots for men, guaranteeing genuine leather.

26. Hush Puppies:

Looking for some leather shoes for men in India? Take a look at this Hush Puppies brown leather sandal shoe. It is one of the most comfortable sandals for men in India. The straps are quite wide and look deeply made as well. One can just look at this shoe and figure out the amount of genuine leather used to make this sandal shoe, which is 100%. The brown colour and the round trip can be one of the best men’s leather sandals.

27. Balujas (Brown):

This is one of the best brown leather sandals for Indian men from Balujas. It sports a very deep brown colour and looks made of totally authentic leather. You will be able to sport it in offices that allow men to wear sandals. The sandal is a bit more expensive than the ones discussed before in this list. But along with the price, you will have to look at the quality. It is one of the most durable leather sandal shoes that an Indian man will want. It is comfy and lightweight.

28. U.S Polo Assn:

Looking for the latest brown leather sandal shoe for men? Here is something that might suit your needs. This particular shoe comes with a really good design and is suitable for all men. The pattern of attaching the straps is quite new and suitable for all men. The colour done on it is quite alluring and suitable for almost everyone fond of such shoe sandals.

29. The Paul Smith Cut-out Leather Shoe:

This is something new that you probably haven’t come through before. It will look good on almost everyone’s feet. This shoe brings comfort with style. One can be easily impressed by the look of this leather sandal.

30. Lee Cooper:

In 1908, Lee Cooper was started by its founder Morris Cooper. Majorly it is found in England, London and the United Kingdom. It is an apparel industry. Lee Cooper has different products. Shoes and sandals are well-known products of Lee Cooper. These are lightweight and durable soft. Products are distributed widely around the globe. Products of this brand can be afforded by the common man as well.

Leather sandals and shoes offer the best comfort for the feet. Although priced higher, it offers to stand a long time. Buy them online or through a store; they promise to give you the same looks and comfort. Try them out and pick your lot from the ones above. Your shoes will define your style statement and do not take them lightly. Grab the best ones today! Walk happily!

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