Every man wants to protect his feet from sun, water and dust etc. No person in the world can walk barefooted for a long time. They want to protect from any object such that it doesn’t even harm our feet. It causes pain and may lead to a bigger issue. As there is a lot of sandal footwear are available. Among sandals are mostly preferable by youth today. Sandals will make wearer comfortable and flexible while a walk. Sandals are suitable for all attires for a person.

In olden days people used to walk on barefoot. In those days they started preparing something which resembles the type of the sandal. These are prepared through twigs and leaves which are easily knotted and are smooth and soft. Later it began to many, and various models and designs with multiple styles came into existence.  Sandals generally contain lots of straps which covers the feet and some threads which are used to knot by using the support of ankle.

Sandals for Men That are Trendy and Comfort in 2020:

Below we have mentioned different types of sandals for men that are perfect for everyday wear; office wear etc..which are easily available in all over India online websites with low prices.

1. Woodland Sandals for Men:

Woodland signifies spirit of adventure. Its products are pushed to the boundaries through innovation. Such that customer can explore new products, innovative design and styles. Captive facilities of woodland allow producing durable footwear for customers. Their products accomplish to climbers, extreme skier, snowboarders, explorers, endurance runners and mountaineers. Woodland is one of the most expensive men’s sandals with super comfort and lifetime warranty.

2. Liberty Sandals for Men:

Liberty is feet wear company which was founded in the year 1954. Founded by Dharam Pal Gupta, Purshotam Das Gupta and Rajkumar Bansal by the name Pal Boor house. It was first associated in India for distribution and exclusive showrooms with Balbir Singh & sons in the year 1983. Presently the company produces 50,000 pairs of footwear per day. It has six manufacturing units which were sold through 6000 multi-brand outlets and 350 exclusive showrooms. It has 50 showrooms in 25 countries. Brands available for men through this brand are coolers, fortune, force 10, gliders and Windsor.

3. Sperry Mens Sandals:

It is an American favourite men’s sandal since 1935. It was invented by Paul Sperry. They create performance built with design and quality for an enduring sense of style. People are drawn the products through surf. They have footwear for men and womanlike loafers, sandals, oxfords and boat shoes. The sandal will be casual with a cushioned footbed. It is made of non-making of rubber outsole which spins a razor cut for ultimate dry and wet traction. It will be effortless with bright nautical colourways. These fabulous sandals will be perfect for exploring to outdoors.

4. Hush Puppies:

Hush Puppies were an international brand which is available globally. This Brand is providing its products since the 19th century.  They provide products for both men and women. Products of hush have a special feature like under the feet; wearer feels very smooth because the cushion is arranged for the sandal or shoe. A soft material is used for making the sandal. Well trained designers can be seen in Hush. Designs will be unique and good looking. this is very comfortable sandal for men with low cost for all.

5. Merrell:

Merrell is not known by all people. It is one of the national foot wear industry. Merrell even manufactures apparels. Sandals are perfectly designed by well trained and graduated designers from universities. Sandals have consistency in water. Also, it means they are waterproof. These are comfortable and flexible for the wearer to wear. They are even trying to satisfy the customers with amazing designs.

6. Cushe Gents Sandals:

Cushe which is a foot wear brand had excellent designs and are isolated from other brands. They are made from grain leather with canvas. These are obtained in various colours. These sandals cover the feet a lot and are flexible to walk. Cushe products are something adorable and different from other foot wear brands.

7. Chaco Sandals Men:

Chaco manufacturers various foot wear products. Among them, sandals are one. Chaco uses good quality of material like leather and polyester etc. These can be used as the best outfits for men. Sole of a sandal will be very smooth and soft. These are prepared with the best customization.  Sandals are prepared in such a way they can be adjusted according to their flexibility. Chaco is one of the most beautiful brands in men’s sandals.

8. Lee Cooper Sandal for Mens:

Lee is a branded store in the world. Morris who established Cooper started company with a single product and increased the manufacturing the various products accordingly. Products of Lee created their standards. They laid their foundation and improved the quality of the products. Sandals are designed in such a manner they can be chosen to wear for casuals, events and parties. Sandals can be afforded by a normal person. Most of the men used this type of sandals for men for their special occasions.

9. Dr Scholl’s Sandal Men:

Scholl’s is a well-known brand in western countries because they are proving their products since 1906. Though Scholl got expanded globally around the world, it never lost its quality. Sandals of Scholl are neat and dignified. They are very comfortable and flexible. Leather is the major material used to prepare the sandals. When sandals touch the underneath of feet, it will be very soft and smooth, and it never hardens feet if it is worn for a long time.

10. Red Tape:

Red Tape sandals are known as high fashioned for our life style. Various designs and styles of sandals men are seen Red Tape. It has successfully completed a decade for its products. Red Tape brand has seen only some of the eastern and western countries. Red Tape consists of designers who are well trained and well-skilled craftsman. Before releasing the product, it is checked twice and thrice such the wearer must be happy for choosing their product. If a customer is happy, they will be happy.

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11. Bata Men’s Sandals:

Bata brand is known to every person in the world because this brand is has provided its products for some decades. It has some thousands of stores in almost 70 countries. Bata has special designers who can design the sandals or shoes accordingly to customer or wearer. Major product used for manufacturing the product is leather. Sandals will be very soft and smooth when it is worn. Though it is worn for a long time, also it never causes any pain to the feet.

12. Adidas Sandal for Mens:

Adidas is one of the brands which is mostly manufacturing its products for sports and footwear. It even manufacturer’s apparel. Adidas has laid its foundation in the footwear world. Products are available almost every nook and corner of the world. Designing any product requires lots of innovative thoughts. Before designing any product, lots of things need to be remembered. This brand product is something unique. Good quality of the material is used to manufacture the sandals for men. This is very adjustable and comfortable with a beautiful look.

13. Johnston& Murphy Sandals for Men:

It is a brand of a legacy style of sandals men. It has excellent designers in their family. One of the designers of Johnston & Murphy is William Dudley. He started his footwear business in Newak at New Jersey in 1850. He crafted many designs as a designer. Murphy designed shoes to President Millard Fillmore. He even designed his designs for present president of United States of America Barack Obama.

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14. Prague Sandals for Men:

Prague is an international brand which is available in almost every populated countries. It has unique designs. It has an excellent outlook. Sandals can be easily attracted from any corner of the store. Prague manufacturer amazing footwear, its spare parts are made from a different material. This is one of the mind-blowing sandals for men with latest designs.

15. Nike Sandals for Men:

Nike is a branded company which is well-known brand globally all over the world. It was founded by Bill Bower man and Phil Knight. It was founded in the year 1964. Its headquarters are located in Washington County, Oregon in the United States. In the world, a lot of people know this brand only for sports footwear. But it also manufactures sandals in it. These use good quality of materials for its products. Products of Nike are seen globally. It is available through popular websites.

16. Sparx Men Sandal:

Sandals are manufactures by all footwear brands. Among them sparx also one of the best manufacturers in the sandals. Sparx presents a new collection of shoes which aims to cater to the comfort and style needs for young and sporty men’s sandals. To feel an individual comfortable and relaxed. The pair is designed with a padded foot bed and a textured sole. It has a style, where the pair of shoes is designed with the panel and stitch detailing. A Velcro closure at the fore foot strap, foot bed are injected with grooves. Materials used are rubber, synthetic and some fabrics. Sandals will be very stylish and trendy.

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17. Clymb Men Sandals:

This is one of the newest companies out there to make their mark on the word of sandals. It sports a unique colour and can be said to be one of the most affordable sandals for men ever. It ranges within 150-200(INR) and can be used for all possible purposes. However, it is not a formal sandal, and for that, it cannot be worn at offices or other work places that have an everyday formal dress code. You can avail this sandal at almost all possible online stores.

The quality is arguably durable, and it will be a good rainy season sandal as well. The straps are quite well designed in this sandal shoe, and the synthetic leather makes it quite comfortable to wear. If you are willing to sport something new and tough and is different from the fancy ones out there, then this will be a great casual sandal for you that comes with a fancy pattern done on it. It is available in brown and beige colours.

18. Puma Men Navy Gray Sandal:

Looking for something that is gonna last long and comes with style as well? Take a look at this brand new sandal shoe from Puma. This is without a doubt, one of the best-looking sandals men’s shoes out there for men and is one of the finest casual shoes of all time for teenagers as well. It looks quite comfortable and sports the basic combination of two colours, yellow and black. There is also application of the colour white on the edges of the strap.

The pattern used in designing this sandal shoe is awesome. The straps and belt pattern is so unique that any guy will want to sport this awesome-looking shoe. It is lightweight and quite attractive as well. The substance used in manufacturing this sandal shoe is textile and synthetic. It can be kept clean without breaking a sweat. Because of the comfortable pattern used in this sandal shoes, it can be wiped off easily when the dirt is deposited.

19. Lancer Sandals For Men:

If you are looking for something (footwear) that will offer you with ultimate comfort and will bring some trendy looks to your feet, then check out the totally authentic men sandal from Lancer. This is one of the most trusted branded men’s sandals when it comes to footwear. Their products are so cool that almost every guy thinks of sporting and they do. The red and greyish white colour makes it one of the best-looking sandals for men out there.

The colour is one of the prime attractive features of this shoe, and that is what will make people interested in this shoe in the first place. With a minimum heel height, it grants comfort to your foot, and for all the good features it can be said to be one of the best sandal shoes for men out there. It is available in red and grey colours. The synthetic leather is one of the best features about this sandal shoe and men will find this comfortable for them.

20. The Lee Cooper Black Sandal:

Lee Cooper is one of the best brands out there when it comes to men sandals. They provide sandal shoe lovers with nothing but the best quality shoes. This particular sandal sports a very attractive pattern and is surely one of the best-looking shoes for all men and boys. It brings comfort with style and will be good for the feet. With the classy looks, it brings some trendy touch attached to it.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best-looking shoes out there that can be sported by all men. It has that kind of casual and western vibe done to it because of the design and the black colour on the straps is one of the best features of this shoe. With inner leather fittings, it sports the velcro finishing, and it is best for regular fitting feet. The genuine leather is why people will wear it in the first place.

21. GoLite Men Sandals:

Another brand the name of which you generally don’t get to her almost everywhere is Golite. Unfortunately, it is one of the most underrated brands of all time and for that men don’t get a chance to wear this awesome sandal shoe by this brand. Luckily, this article highlights this awesome sandal shoe by them with a suitable picture and all the good features. The brown sandal shoe from Goldie is one of the toughest sandal shoes that you can ever avail.

The way this sandal shoe is designed is worth mentioning, and even if you don’t get to buy this shoe from almost any shoe store, you will find it online. It will cost you a little much more than the Bata and the other local bands but along with the price comes PU material and style. It can be used as a party shoe and is without a doubt, one of the best sandals for men.

22. Footlodge Men Sandals:

This is a formal wear sandal shoe that comes with an awesome design (done with the straps) and sports an alluring black colour. It is kind of an ambassador shoe and will be suitable for all men out there. The pattern used in making this shoe is one of the best ones out there. It can t be used as a formal shoe when you shine it and fetch it up with shoe polish. This is something you won’t regret after purchasing.

It can be said to be one one of those things that will offer you comfort with ultimate class. The synthetic material makes this one of the most comfortable formal shoes out there. The breathable material comes with allure and will offer you a special kind of confidence that you can only avail when you wear something comfortable.

23. Terravulc Sandal Shoe:

Looking for a decent-looking sandal shoe this year? Take a good look at this beautiful orange and grey sandal shoes by TerraVulc. TerraVulc is one of the most underrated companies of all time and is there to provide you with affordable and authentic footwear. The colour pattern used in this shoe is very attractive, and you will be able to sport it almost anywhere. Since it is a casual shoe, it can be carried by most men. It is however not a formal shoe and cannot be worn at corporate places. The design done on the straps is quite cool, and you will find this shoe suitable for the ones who love alluring and attractive stuff. It is available in more than one colours.

The shoe comes with a round tip is the material used in making this shoe is authentic and it will be comfortable for the feet as well. The logo is one of the prime attractive features about this shoe and people will recognize it instantly by looking at the logo pattern.

24. The Sparx Black Sandal Shoe:

Looking for a comfortable shoe this season? This is one of the best-looking ones in this category and can be carried by men as well as boys. Black makes this product look classy, and the price is quite within the standard budget as well. The shoe and the brand both are quite recognized ones and can be availed at almost all shoe retail outlets. The textured foot bed is one of the best features of this shoe and men will purchase it primarily for this particular reason.

If you are looking for something that will make you look attractive and classy at the same time, then this shoe can be said to be one of the finest stuff for you. The panel and loop (at the back) are probably one of the best things about this shoe, and that is why it is so comfortable (according to the feedback given by testers).

25. Elpaso Brown Sandal:

Looking for a trendy sandal? The Elpaso sandal is probably one of the best things for your feet out there. The design done on the straps is very attractive, and that is what will steal all the attention. It looks quite simple but is very trendy. The dotted pattern on the front part of the shoe provides a lot of space for the wearer’s feet to breathe and the small gaps perfectly designed towards the lower gap is another amazing portion of the shoe that is so alluring and makes one look very classy. The light brown colour reveals the fact that this shoe is made of pure leather. The surface is quite durable, and dirt can be easily removed from it with the help of a brush. In case, you are looking for something new this season for your feet; then this will be the perfect thing for you right now.