Freshwater pearls are the brilliant pearls that you find growing in the freshwater regions of the world. These are different from the saltwater pearls. They are great in shape and luster and can be large in size too. The freshwater pearls give you a great way to add them to jewelry like necklaces and pendants.

The Best Freshwater Pearls Jewelry Models for Women with Images:

Let’s have a look, here 9 trendy jewelry designs of freshwater pearls for girls. You can find these pearls items that will get the stunning look from all the people.

1. Freshwater Pearl Bracelet:

Having a freshwater pearl bracelet is a wonderful thing as it enhances the beauty of your hands. The bracelet is made with a string of freshwater pearls that are similar in size and colour. The clasp of the bracelet could be metal or gold or silver.

2. Square Freshwater Pearls:

Another great way to have pearls is to have the pure form. These square or coin freshwater pearl earrings are wonderful to have. They are different from the normal pearls and this is what is unique about them. The shape of these pearls is stylish and the shine is rustic.

3. Freshwater Pearl Necklace:

Go in for the magnificent freshwater pearl necklace that has all the shine and luster. You can go in for a long necklace or a short one. These pearls are round in shape and normally white in color. The freshwater pearls are quite beautiful to look at.

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4. Baroque Freshwater Earrings:

Buy a pair of these freshwater cultured pearls earrings that are in the baroque style. The drop earrings are quite elegant in style and look rustic as well. The earrings can be worn with any kind of garments. You can use this for casual outings as well as a good dinner date.

5. Freshwater Pearl Studs:

Studs are another way to wear earrings. This freshwater pearl jewelry is the best you can have for some special occasion. The gold plated studs with pearl drops and the rhinestones give radiance and a glamorous feel. You can wear these for a romantic dinner for a birthday celebration.

6. Black Freshwater Set:

Go in for the whole set of jewelry items when you buy freshwater pearls. This black freshwater pearls set has a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet all with the black pearls. The colour of the pearls looks wonderful and striking. This can be a great gift to your wife or loved one for a special occasion.

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7. Leather Bracelet with Freshwater Pearls:

Leather bracelet is a trendy thing that most young women love to flaunt. This Chinese freshwater pearls bracelet with leather macramé is perfect for the young crowd. You can have the leather in any colour and the pearls can be in white for a contrast. The bracelet can be worn for any occasion.

8. Bridal Hair Comb with Pearls:

Make a bride look extra special on her wedding day with this glamorous natural freshwater pearls hair comb. The comb is made of hand painted gold leaves and crystals. The freshwater pearls that are part of the hand comb make it look stunning and brilliant.

9. Freshwater Pearl Ring:

Make this dazzling freshwater pearl ring your very own and look spectacular in it. The three-pearl ring has a brilliant design that is unique. The pearls are cultured freshwater pearls that are large in size. The ring will look big on your finger so you can minimize on the other accessories that you wear.

Freshwater pearls are a superb way to look gracious and radiant. These rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc give you stunning effects that even brides are willing to accept. You can find items that will satisfy all people.


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