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9 Easy Grunge Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

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Grunge hairstyles are always these funky looking, unique hairstyles that girls and even boys want to try it out. These styles go way back to the 90s era, and these styles never go out of fashion. They give a bit of sense of old era and still keeping everything else modernized. So, without further ado, let’s jump on the list right away.

Best Grunge Hairstyles For Women And Men:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 9 easy grunge hairstyles that suit for every hair type.

1. Messy Denim Bob:

Messy Denim Bob

This hairstyle looks very beautiful yet very messy. This haircut is flexible and is very easy to maintain and do as well. This type of hair works great with medium length hair too. This cut looks better when you have a voluminous hair along with a dark makeup. This haircut really looks very gorgeous and totally depicts the 90s grunge hairstyle.

2. Half-Up Space Buns:

Half-Up Space Buns

If you’re looking for grunge haircuts, this is the way to go. This is a very unique looking hairstyle, where half-up and half-down haircut along with the two buns look very good. It looks great when you colour the hair totally with a nice vibrant colour.

3. Short Hair with an Edge:

Short Hair with an Edge

If you’re into grunge hairstyles for short hair, be sure to look into this cut. This haircut features short hair and it looks fantastic. You can even give it a pixie type, edgy and asymmetrical look. This is one of the most nicely looking short grunge hairstyle.

4. Pink Roots Grunge Hairstyle:

Pink Roots Grunge Hairstyle

If you’re after cute grunge hairstyles, then you may find this one interesting. This haircut features nice looking colours, where you colour pink to only its roots and not the ends. The pink colour is really vibrant and pops like no other, giving you that cute adorable look. Also, It can be a great option for short grunge hairstyles too.

5. Rose Gold Highlights Grunge Hairstyle:

Rose Gold Highlights Grunge Hairstyle

If you like grunge hairstyles for long hair, this can be a great option nonetheless. This hairstyle includes a platinum rose gold colour that is just beautiful. The colour runs dark on the roots and lightens as it goes towards the ends. It is recommended to style in waves to make the colours stand out and give a nice grunge type look.

6. Braided Pony with Undercut:

Braided Pony with Undercut

If you’re really passionate about easy grunge hairstyles, then this special cut might be your best bet. This look is great for long hairs – it’s easy to maintain and has a simple ponytail over an undercut. The ponytail will show off your grunge hairstyle, and this is the only way you can achieve that messy type look.

7. Purple Ombre and Side Braid:

Purple Ombre and Side Braid

If getting one of the most gorgeous girl hairstyles is your priority, then you should look nowhere else. This haircut features sleek dark hair with just a simple straight finish, along with a braid on the side for that final touch of an art. Makeup is recommended to really up the style factor.

8. Long Hair with Sleek Sides:

Long Hair with Sleek Sides

If you want grunge hairstyles for guys, this could be a pretty good option right now. Here the sides of the head have a smooth and sleek finish, while the top of the head have a really long hair that is swept towards the front of the head, covering almost the right eye. This type of haircut looks great on curly as well as straight type hairs as well.

9. Low Fade with Parted Hair:

Low Fade with Parted Hair

This is one of the best 90s grunge hairstyles men special type haircut. This haircut features are very low fade on the sides, with a tapering shape towards the top. The top has really long hairs that are combed and parted to one side, giving a certain boldness and distinct feeling to its looks.

Grunge hairstyles have always been a craze since the 90s. These timeless and classic haircuts never go out of style, and that’s why they are so much popular even to this date. What makes all these best hairstyles shine are their distinct style and features.