Grunge hairstyles have been a contemporary and most sought after hair trend for the last three decades. Right from the beginning of the 1990s onwards, messy, sassy, untamed, and rebellious hairstyles have gotten into the style trend slowly. With such characteristics of unique and heavy bold looks, grunge styles have become a phenomenon overnight. Known to have emerged from alternative rock music style, today, we have compiled the topmost picks under these fashion statements, which are trending all across. Here we go!

Best Grunge Hairstyles for Girls, Women, and Ladies:

Our top favourite grunge classic and boldest hairstyles and haircuts include,

1. Mullet Hairstyle:

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Suppose you would love to experiment with a modern, ultra-bold, sophisticated, high-end pop fashion style statement. In that case, you may want to check this mullet haircut here. This look is perfect if you would like to stand out from the crowd and add the glam quotient effortlessly. This one sure will look impressive and deliver accentuated bold looks.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Those with any hair texture can try this look.
  • Ideal Face Shape: Women with oval and elongated face shapes can check this haircut.
  • Suitable Age Group: Those below 45 years old can try this haircut.
  • Matching Outfit: This look can be perfect with casual western wear only.
  • Ideal Occasion: Try this haircut during parties and casual outings to catch all the attention.
  • Suitable Season: The haircut is seamless for summers, monsoons and spring.

2. Blunt Cut with Bleach:

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If you would the flat, blunt cuts, you must check this new-age, modern, and contemporary haircut right here. This haircut is a perfect choice to immediately bring on a modern and grand sophisticated style statement seamlessly. Women can look youthful and edgy, chic with this look and will surely garner all the attention. The haircut is also easy to maintain and the grunge hairstyle will surely look seamless whenever you get ready with busy schedules. It is a perfect grunge hairstyles option for short to medium length hair.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Women with straight and fine hair can try this grunge hairstyle.
  • Ideal Face Shape: An oval face shape is ideal for this haircut.
  • Suitable Age Group: Those in their 20s to early 30s can check this look.
  • Matching Outfit: Western wear, dresses and casuals can look good in this look.
  • Ideal Occasion: This haircut is amazing for parties and dinner outings.
  • Suitable Season: Any season is ideal for this hairstyle.

3. Long Braid Grunge Style:

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In case you have a bold choice and want to try out a unique colourful style with long hair, this may be the apt fit for you. With bright hair highlights, a braid near the crown and loose hair left beneath, this stylish look is super unique and contemporary too. The waves add to the entire stylish look and enhance the overall sassy attire. We are in love with this new-age style.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Wavy hair texture can be ideal in this grunge braids look.
  • Perfect Face Shape: All face shapes can try this unique and bold style easily.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in the age of end 20s and mid-30s can try it out.
  • Matching Dresses: Long maxi dresses or knee-length dresses can be ideal.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this for parties and night outings.
  • Suitable Season: Winters is a good season to go in this hairstyle.

4. Sassy Double-Sided Bun:

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With half hair down and half hair with a double side bun on both sides, these new grunge buns look one of our absolute favourites. It is also quite easy to achieve; all that you need to do is take some hair on both sides to make a bun and leave the rest of the hair down beneath. A sleek and thin braid can also be done to the left, along with loose hair. If you love further bold looks, you can also choose to add hair highlights.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight and wavy hair types can be the best choice here.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Women with round, oval and heart face shapes can try it out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this for girls and women in their 20s and in their 30s age too.
  • Matching Dresses: Try this with skirts, shorts, and casual outfits.
  • Best Occasion: This can be good to go for casual outings, dinners, and social gatherings.
  • Suitable Season: Spring and monsoons can be the best and ideal seasons to try this hairstyle out.

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5. Feminine Pinkish Long Grunge Style:

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If you are someone with bold feminine, and girly choices, these 90s grunge hairstyles for long hair ideas can be the apt and the best option for you. Here, with long wavy hair, all that is done is pink highlights. You can also go along with the colour of your choice, but be ready to pose and carry along with bold and stunning looks. We are sure those around you will be impressed!

  • Suitable Hair Type: Wavy and curly hair type textures can be ideal here.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Wear this for heart, oval and round face shapes.
  • Ideal Age Group: Try this style for women in that of the 30s to look youthful.
  • Matching Dresses: From casuals to knee-length dresses, most outfits can match this hairstyle.
  • Best Occasion: Try this look for parties and night club outings.
  • Suitable Season: Winters and monsoons can be the best season here.

6. Messy Bold Hair Bun:

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Well, we have always known hairdos and bun hairstyles. But did you ever come across the grunge hair bun look? Here is one such variant which we love. With a messy look and polished style statement, this hair bun looks gorgeous and stunning. It gives a unique and edgy feel and also is much different from the casual styles we often come across.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair texture can try out this style effortlessly.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Wear this look for women with diamond, heart and oval face shapes.
  • Ideal Age Group: Try this style for those women who are in their 30s and 40s.
  • Matching Dresses: Fancy tops and skirts or jeans, maxi outfits can be the best choice.
  • Best Occasion: Try this style for parties, cocktail events, and dinners.
  • Suitable Season: Summers and spring can be the best season to try this haircut.

7. Grunge Inspired Bangs Cut:

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A haircut with bangs has been a timeless and classic hairstyle for a long time. While we have never gone out from the lovely look, today we have grunge hairstyles with bangs look. With colourful and bright hair colour along with highlights and bangs shortly falling on the forehead, this style is unique and super bold. It is chic, edgy and best for women who love modern and contemporary styles.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair texture can be the best fit for this look.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Wear this style for oval and diamond face shapes.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their late 20s to late 30s can try this youthful style.
  • Matching Dresses: Casual outfits to partywear, anything can be the best match here.
  • Best Occasion: Try this style for any social gatherings and outings.
  • Suitable Season: Winters and monsoons are the perfect time of the year to try this style.

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8. Stunning Grunge Ponytail:

Image Source: Instagram

Pony of different kinds, be it high or low pony is always a simple and yet lovely choice to flaunt upon. This shiny pink hair Tumblr inspired grunge hairstyle with braids near the crown had entirely caught our attention right when we came across it. It looks stylish and edgy, with a bit of sass, and a hippy and careless look. Try this out, and we are sure you will love the outcome.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Straight hair texture is perfect for this look.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Wear this style for women with the oval and diamond face shape.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those who are the age of 30s can look youthful in this style.
  • Matching Dresses: Full-length maxi dresses or skirts can be suitable for this style.
  • Best Occasion: Parties, clubbings, and cocktail events are the perfect match.
  • Suitable Season: Any season can be ideal and good to go for this ponytail hairstyle.

9. Curly Grunge Style Queen:

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If you have a super dense and curly look, do not miss out on trying this new and modern messy grunge hair trend. With such a messy look, this style looks gorgeous and can be stunningly beautiful for any woman who wears it. In case you are bold, or have a strong preference for trying a new style with trendy hot looks, this is a perfect match for your preferences. Add on hair highlights of your choice to enhance the entire style statement.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Curly hair texture can be an ideal and perfect match.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Try this style for oval, round and diamond face shapes.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women and girls in the age of 20s and early 30s can try this trend.
  • Matching Dresses: Boho and chic, edgy dresses can be an ideal match.
  • Best Occasion: Parties are only perfect and an excellent fit for this look.
  • Suitable Season: Winters and monsoons season can be good to go for this curly hairstyle.

10. Half Hairdo Style:

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A half hair bun with loose hair beneath is among the most common styles we already know. But did you know how did it emerge in the actual fashion world? With inspiration from the grunge and musical style statements, these grunge hairstyles for medium length hair have become famous all across the globe. It is super simple and yet very fashionable and can be enhanced in style statement as per your preferences too. Add on highlights or a hair colour of your choice to make it appear bold and sassy.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Any hair texture can be a perfect match for this look.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Try this style for oval, and diamond face shapes.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women from the age of 20s to 40s, of them, can try it out.
  • Matching Dresses: Wear this with casuals and everyday outfits.
  • Best Occasion: Casual outings, and social gatherings can be the ideal occasion for this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Season: Winters are the best season in the year to try this one out.

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11. Grunge with Short Hair:

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In case you are a sucker for short hair and wondering how to go about the grunge-inspired look in this way, here is an inspiration. These comfortable 90s grunge hairstyles for short hair are super simple to do and maintain too. Get the hair colour with a bold choice as per your preference and leave it out. You can go for a bob haircut or any short haircut as per your choice, and yet it will look mesmerizing.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Wavy hair texture can be a perfect match here.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Wear this style for any face shape as it will suit everyone.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women and girls in their 20s to 40s can try it out.
  • Matching Dresses: Casual tops and jeans can be the perfect and right choice here.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this style to casual outings social gatherings, or night parties.
  • Suitable Season: This style is the best fit for winter and monsoon seasons.

12. Messy Faux Bob Grunge Haircut:

Image Source: Instagram

Last but not least, here is a modern and amazingly stunning grunge-inspired look. This faux bob look is unique and is not something that we have already come across. If you want to wake up the inner fashionista in you and prefer to look super stylish, then nothing better than this comfortable yet bold look.

  • Suitable Hair Type: Wavy hair texture is the best and perfect match for this look.
  • Perfect Face Shape: Wear this style to any face shape, as it can suit everyone easily.
  • Ideal Age Group: This style is best for women in their late 20s to those in their late 30s.
  • Matching Dresses: This look is best only with casual everyday wear outfits.
  • Best Occasion: Try this look during fests, events, and casual occasions.
  • Suitable Season: Winters and monsoons can be the best time of the year to try this look.

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Additional Tips:

With the sassy and stylish grunge-inspired hairstyles and haircuts, here are a few additional tips to help you in making the best of your looks.

  1. Work on keeping hair messy with the looks. It can enhance overall style statements.
  2. Make sure the hair is well polished and soft with proper nourishment.
  3. Work on hair spa and hair oiling methods regularly to let your hair be well nourished.
  4. Add conditioner to your hair after you wash it so that it can help with overall strength and smoothness.

With these stylish and super modern grunge hairstyles trending across the globe, we hope you like our top favourite picks. In case you are a woman with bold choices and preferences and want something stylish and out of the everyday sight look, these grunge haircuts can be the best fit for you. Let us know your thoughts too!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can the grunge pixie cut look suitable for women in the middle age group?

Ans: Yes, the pixie cut is super stylish and youthful too. Women of any age group can flaunt the style effortlessly and with confidence, and add on grunge-inspired style to it, rest assured you will look amazing. A few hair highlights and colours can enhance the overall style statement.

Q2. What are the popular grunge aesthetic hairstyles?

Ans: While there are several grunge beautiful hairstyles, the popular ones include those hairstyles with neon colours, darker and edgier quirky looks, such as those paired with double buns, pony looks, and so on.

Q3. Can grunge hairstyles suit women above 60 years old?

Ans: While the world is moving along forward with bold choices and contemporary modern style statements, women in the older age group can also prefer to flaunt out the stylish trends as per their choice. It entirely depends on one’s comfort and preference. The fashionable grunge-inspired looks women in older age group prefer boy cut in grunge style, pixie and bob variants.


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