Ever since the early 2000 millennium, the only actress and heroine we know who have been consistent with hits and style together is Kareena Kapoor. Now that she is Kareena Kapoor Khan, she still hasn’t lost the charm, body, and style. She can nail all the looks she takes, be it traditional or western. Here are some of the latest pictures of Kareena in saree. Let us all get inspired by style and image through her photographs. The perfect drape can be learned now!

Amazing Sarees Collection of Kareena with Images:

Let we have to look at the best Kareena Kapoor in Saree.

1. Bright Traditional Wedding Attire:

The attire of Kareena Kapoor wedding saree is evergreen and bright. This is the most followed look by many while getting saree due to the right amount of accessories, bright colour saree, work, and elegance. Doesn’t she look amazing?

2. Plain Blue Look:

This simple Kareena Kapoor blue saree look is elegant as well. The right drape gives a simple yet smashing look and looks amazing. The silver and golden border further enhance the simplicity and dazzling elegance.

3. The Latest Saree Gown Trend:

How can we skip this latest saree gown trend? Kareena Kapoor saree gown trend was begun recently, and now many celebrities even follow the look. Doesn’t she look flawless and amazing? This rocking style is possible with a well-toned body.

4. Keeping it Silk and Simple:

Silk sarees are evergreen. Kareena Kapoor in a silk saree is the latest trend as this suits many occasions at one go. This look is effortless and flawless both together and makes it all together amazing and well suited

5. Designer Saree:

This Kareena Kapoor in Manish Malhotra saree is the best designer look she can ever wear. This suits her, and she is slaying the look in the most elegant way possible. The silk saree is what suits her best in this designer way.

6. Transparency and Hot:

This Kareena Kapoor in transparent saree is hot and trendy for her. She is slaying it totally with the posh look in the transparent black saree. The bold look suits those who have confidence in their body, which is well-toned.

7. The Shiny Sequins:

Here is a dish served best with glitters. You can always rely on Kareena to spice up her look and still be sober while she is at it. The perfect sequin show on the nude beige saree is indeed wonderful as Kareena herself looks her dazzling self. With the sequins fitting perfectly, she looks stunning. This is a good party look among our favourites in the Kareena Kapoor saree collection.

8. The Colour and Traditional Bright Look:

Here is a wonderful colour filled Kareena Kapoor saree design that would make you look simply chic and at the same time bring out the fun side in you. On a normal day, you would be bland but if you want to play it cool, take a cue from Kareena here, who incorporated this pop lemon colour with a side dish of pretty baby pink. The white in the blouse adds to the appeal. This Kareena Kapoor image in saree will surely inspire you to try!

9. The Dazzling look:

You would often notice an actress playing safe, and what safest colour is other than black? Black is often the best colour to experiment with when it comes to new looks, and here Kareena Kapoor Khan in saree over this chiffon georgette saree looks fantastic. The blouse in a metallic silver shade adds oomph to the look, while most of the saree is embellished in diamond-like ornaments.

10. The Ombre Brightness:

When we mention ombre, we mean the transition from one colour to another, with each colour fading beautifully into another. The entirety of the saree is filled with embellishments of diamond-like while the pure white slowly transcends into coral pink. Also, the borderline has a silver zari outline for added effects. Doesn’t this Kareena Kapoor latest saree photo amazing?

11. The Black and Bright Pink:

Here in this picture, Kareena Kapoor is wearing a saree that looks fiery hot even though she has wrapped herself in a pretty pink and black combo. Usually, pink is a very overpowering colour that is feminine and, at the same time, a statement piece too. When this is combined with black and silver, the piece looks very beautiful.

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12. The Angel White:

White always looked marvellous on Kareena Kapoor in saree, and therefore when she worked this saree out so well, we were left speechless. The saree in white satin looks awesome, with the pallu of the saree dazzling with be glittering jewelled ornaments.

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13. The Neon Look:

Looking bright and beautiful, Kareena once again opts for bright neon colours. She once scintillates in a yellow blouse, but this time the saree is in bright orange with chiffon texture while the yellow and blue borderline looked awesome with dazzling diamond outer lines.

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14. The Bold Hot Red:

Red is another bold and beautiful colour. Kareena looks her best in this red saree that has a beautiful border. The black zari borderline with heavy ornaments also gets a special mention. A spaghetti inspired blouse goes well with this.

15. Kareena in a Natural Look:

Here is a beautiful lemon green saree on Kareena. It is simple with a short-sleeved blouse and has mild shiny borders. She has matched it with appropriate earrings with barely any jewellery on her. She manages her style with a smile. The lemon yellow is mild on the eyes and is good party wear. This one is something to get inspired by.

16. Wedding Saree Look:

Did you just get bowled over? Kareena tries on a pure wedding saree. She looks exceptionally appealing and completes the traditional look with a bindi and a simple necklace. The jhumkas, too, play their role in getting the right look. Her red lipstick perfectly matches Kareena Kapoor’s wedding saree and is an apt choice.

17. The Designer Collection:

Designer sarees are a popular choice in the tinsel town. Kareena sure has her way with a heavy blouse, the designer set with a stylishly draped saree around her. The saree has a golden zari with black borders. She has matched the look with some hanging earrings.

18. The Simple Look:

This one is plain simple and combines blue, white and black. TheKareenaKapoor blue saree with blue borders and black borders running across the saree makes the black thin strapped blouse the ideal match. She only has a bracelet and prefers minimalistic dressing.

19. The Black and White Look:

Here is another simple hot look that only probably she can pull off. With shades of black and white, she looks smoking hot, along with her boat neck cut blouse jet black. She only has one thick necklace around her neck with no other jewellery.

20. Traditional Evergreen Look:

This is yet another Kareena Kapoor saree photo in which she looks smoking hot. Her saree is a combination of sandal colour and blue, with a sleeveless black strap blouse. She only has a stud as her earring and manages to take this minimalistic dressing to the hottest level! We probably must learn that from her.

Well, that’s it! That’s how much you can get inspired by her looks. The idea is simple. Pick up bright contrasting colours and match them appropriately with a blouse. Once that is done, it does not matter if you adorn some jewellery. Your attitude and confidence will do the talking! Get started and try out now!


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