The South Indian film industry actress is popular for their talent, creative work style, beauty, and fashion sense. We often see the actresses flaunting lovely and versatile looks on and off-screen, and among them, the most common are sarees. South Indian actress in saree looks and style has been in trend for decades and generations together, right from the time the movie industry has started. Yet, it is a timeless and classic style that can never go off the trend.

Today, we are here to explore the contemporary south Indian actress in saree looks. These looks vary in different types and styles, and if you love the classic fashion sense, you must not miss it out.

50 Hot Celebrity Indian Women Hot Saree Looks 2023:

Here we go; we have worked around bringing you the best and latest of trending south heroine in saree styles and look. Let’s check these styles with pictures.

1. Amala Paul Hot Saree:

The gorgeous Amala Paul looks stunning in this fancy saree. Amala Paul acts in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies and is among the most popular south Indian actress. She often tries traditional looks or outfits, and her saree looks are often among the most favorite and trending ones. We love this south heroine in saree in this stylish and glamorous style statement.

2. Kajal Agarwal Hot Saree:

Kajal Agarwal is in the cinema industry and a prominent South Indian actress for over a decade. She has received numerous applauds and praise for her acting style, fashion statement, and beauty. Kajal Agarwal in this saree is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. She blends in the modern fashion sense with Indian glamour and nails the style. How do you like this south actress in silk saree?!

3. Anjali Hot Saree:

Anjali is a popular Tollywood and Tamil movie actress who has received good attention and fame by now. Anjali often admits her love for sarees and how she likes experimenting with different saree styles. This is captured in a recent award ceremony and function, and we love how this particularly suits her very well. What do you think?

4. Nayanthara Hot Saree:

Nayanthara, also called lady superstar, had filmed Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies. She is among the top-rated actress presently in the South Indian films and movie industry. Nayanthara looks gorgeous and bold with the simple yet elegant style in sarees. We love them in this quite plain style and how sizzling hot she appears despite minimal styling.

5. Anushka Shetty Hot Saree:

Who doesn’t know Anushka Shetty? She hails from the Karnataka region, starred in several Telugu and Tamil movies in the past decade and many years. Anushka loves traditional and Indian-style statements mainly, and we often see her and spot her in the sarees. This fancy sizzling saree is among our top favorites. Anushka is among our top favorite south Indian heroines in saree.

6. Namita: Hot Saree

Namita is among the top trending yesteryear actresses in South Indian movies. She is known for her hot and stylish sexy roles with bold characters and fantastic talent. Namita looks unique and trendy in the saree styles, and this is one such picture that has become our favorite.

7. Shriya Saran Hot Saree:

Shriya Saran has acted in movies right from Telugu, Tamil to even Bollywood national wide cinema. She is known for her lean and feminine style statement and often spots in western outfits. However, did you ever witness our favorite beauty in hot sarees? This look is among our top trending ones right now; Shriya looks no less than a princess in this one.

8. Priyamani Hot Saree:

Priyamani is famous for her feminine and homely looks and appearance. Right from the time she entered the cinema field, she is seen many times with saree outfits. Her love for them is well-known. This gorgeous saree on Priyamani is seen during an event and is clearly among the top trending ones on the internet since then.

9. Samantha Hot Saree:

How about Samantha in sarees? The versatile actress is Tamilian. However, it popularly even acts in Tollywood movies. Samantha experiments with several look boldly without any hesitation, right from fancy, sleek saree styles to traditional ones. She carries them all out so effortlessly too! We love how youthful and elegant Samatha matches up with the sarees.

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10. Trisha Hot Saree:

Trisha mainly focused on Tamil and Telugu movies, has often appeared in film, events, and TV interviews in sarees. She has admitted her love for basic sarees and fashion tremendously. This is one such saree picture we got of our favorite actress, and we love how beautifully she carries it out. She indeed is among the most beautiful actress in a saree.

11. Aditi Rao Hydari Hot Saree:

Although a Hyderabadi, Aditi Rao Hydari is a famous face in Indian cinema, both in Tollywood levels and Bollywood. She has a tinge of royal and plush looks and grandeur appearance whenever she flaunts any style statement. Aditi Rao in sarees is one such grand look we love to encounter. She appears stunningly beautiful and classy without any doubt.

12. Tamanna Hot Saree:

Tamanna has become a face of fame from her initial movie, Happy Days. After she starred in Bahubali, she has even got famous nationwide. Unfortunately, we often do not spot Tamanna in Indian wear and sarees. However, when she does, she looks exquisite and mesmerizing. Here is one such picture to treat your eyes. How do you like it?

13. Bhavana Hot Saree:

The Malayalee actress, Bhavna loves Indian wear and sarees and often flaunts out the different range of versatile saree looks so effortlessly. Here is one such recent style statement we fell in love with! Bhavna is known for her feminine yet bold and plush looks, with a taste for experimental and versatile fashion.

14. Catherine Teresa Hot Saree:

Even in sarees, not everyone can carry out the designer wear modern looking stylish sarees. We recently saw Catherine Teresa carrying off this beautiful toned saree look, and we can’t help but gush over it. If you love such diva-style statement appearances and sizzling grand looks with a hot youthful fashion sense, this is a must-check-out.

15. Bindu Madhavi Hot Saree:

Bindu Madhavi prominently appears in Telugu and Tamil Cinema. She is known for her unique and bold roles in the recent movie choices. Bindu most often flaunts her styles in sarees, and this is one of her contemporary, edgy look. She loves trying fancy silk sarees, and this is clicked in a media launch event. Without any doubt, they suit her very much.

16. Charmi Kaur Hot Saree:

Charmi Kaur was popularly known as the face of Telugu cinema roles in the last decade. Well, even now, she hasn’t completely disappeared. She makes those stunning appearances once in a while and mesmerizes with her fashionable and stylish looks. This saree look on Charmee is quite traditional and yet beautiful!

17. Divya Spandana Hot Saree:

Divya Spandana is a popular tamil and Kannadiga movie actress who has recently served as a member of Parliament. She loves Indian looks, and in most of her movies, Divya Spandana appeared in sarees and half saree styles. Here is one such you may love!

18. Hari Priya Hot Saree:

Haripriya is a new actress who works in Kannada and Telugu movies. Her distinct Indianized features, traditional looks, and appearances often mark her as unique from her peers. Hari Priya personally loves sarees styles besides other experimental edgy fashion appearances. This is one of her personally favorite, and most trending saree looks.

19. Hansika Hot Saree:

Who doesn’t know Hansika? The North Indian beauty has made her mark in the Telugu movie industry, despite her short-lived career. Hansika is mainly known for her bold and hot fashionable appearances in western outfits. However, her saree Indianized styles too became the talk of the town when she carried them off quite well. Here is one such!

20. Jyothika Hot Saree:

Watching Jyothika act on the movie screen is absolutely treat to all of our eyes. She is a versatile actress, presented well with creativity, art, beauty, and a sense of elegance. Jyothika is often spotted in sarees, and here is one such of our favorite stylish looks. So what do you think of it?

21. Ileana Hot Saree:

The Bollywood actress Ileana indeed was first known and introduced in South movies. Her role in Telugu movies is popular and well-received too. Ileana often loves western wear and edgy comfortable outfits; however, her sarees looks are no lesser-known. She is known to experiment with hot, edgy styles, and here is one such example.

22. Keerthi Suresh Hot Saree:

The Malayalee, Telugu, and Tamil actress, Keerti Suresh, is popular for her ethnic and classic looks, subtle fashion, and simplicity. Keerthi personally loves sarees as a fashion statement and often chooses to try them out in movies and personal lives. We love how well the malayalam actress hot carries them out also.

23. Kavya Madhavan Hot Saree:

We say – no one can carry bold styling with simple sarees like Kavya Madhavan. Here is one such example that can prove us right. Kavya Madhavan looks gorgeous in Indian wear sarees, mainly when she styles them unique and exemplary!

24. Lavanya Tripathi Hot Saree:

Lavanya Tripathi is a North Indian who fell in love with South Cinema. She appeared in several Telugu movies and often is spotted in Indian wear such as sarees and suits. This traditional saree look of hers is among our top favorite and most trending ones.

25. Khusboo Hot Saree:

We bet no one needs a description of Khusboo. Khusboo Sundar is a popular actress, politician, and producer, and she mainly appears in Sarees itself. Her work itself defines herself, which is quite exemplary, and her personalized Indian style statement with traditional to fancy sarees is beyond beautiful.

26. Laxmi Rai Hot Saree:

This beautiful yet straightforward saree on Laxmi Rai is beyond gorgeous. Laxmi Rai looks stunning in the Indian wear sarees, and we see her while flaunting at events and shows. She pairs and styles the saree with exquisite jewelry and designer wear looks that we can’t take our eyes off her!

27. Lakshmi Menon Hot Saree:

How about this hot look of Lakshmi Menon in a red saree? If you love bold and edgy contemporary looks, styling the saree right is crucial. One such example is this one flaunted right by our South actress Lakshmi Menon! We bet she is among the top favorite hot Indian actresses in saree.

28. Meera Jasmine Hot Saree:

The Malayalee beauty Meera Jasmine has predominantly appeared in Telugu and Mollywood movies. In most cases, she never shied out in flaunting her love for sarees. Here is one such picture, and we love this Indian traditional beauty in a simple and elegant style.

29. Malavika Hot Saree:

This picture of Malavika looking mesmerizing in a traditional saree is beyond words. Malavika, although she doesn’t appear heavily in saree looks, it suits her very much. Here is one such example, and we can’t be proven wrong! What do you think of this hottest actress in saree?

30. Nithya Menon Hot Saree:

Nithya Menon is well appreciated for her versatile work, acting talent, and beauty. She looks drop-dead gorgeous and elegant when she wears a saree. Here is one of her recent pictures in the saree, and we love how beautiful and smart she appears.

31. Neetu Chandra Hot Saree:

Neetu Chandra appeared in a good number of Telugu, Tamil, and Bollywood movies. The predominantly South actress rarely wears sarees, but she looks nothing less than grand and stylish when she does. The saree fancy looks suit her very much, and we can see how edgy and sleek Neetu appears in them!

32. Poonam Bajwa Hot Saree:

Although North Indian and Punjabi, Poonam Bajwa is a well-established actress in Telugu and Tamil movies. Her distinct features, slim appearance, and curly hair is often talk of the fashion town. Poonam looks exquisite and beautiful in sarees, and here is one such example. The overall appearance is quite elegant and classy!

33. Pranitha Hot Saree:

The beautiful actress, Pranitha, looks extravagant and feminine in the saree looks. The toned-down structure and elegant appearance match her taste with simple and stylish sarees very well. How do you like her in sarees?

34. Rakul Preet Hot Saree:

Rakul Preet has established herself in Telugu cinema by now, and we often see her wearing traditional looks. One such is the gorgeous sarees and styling by the actress. Rakul looks lovely and admirable in those sarees, and we aren’t kidding. See it yourself!

35. Raashi Khanna Hot Saree:

By now we have already understood how well Raashi Khanna loves Indian wear! We often spot her in simple and elegant style statements. Raashi looks dazzling hot and perfect in sarees. She carries them all very well, from traditional and straightforward wear sarees to fancy looks and designer wears. We have her recent picture that entirely swept off our feet.

36. Ramya Krishna Hot Saree:

Ramya Krishna is a well-known actress popular in Telugu movies. She has been quite famous for years together and still is among the most popular choice in movies. Ramya Krishna is often spotted with her love for sarees, in versatile and plethora of beautiful looks. Here is one such to brighten up your day!

37. Regina Cassandra Hot Saree:

Regina Cassandra is a popular new-age actress in Telugu and Tamil movies. She is known for her elongated facial features, sleek looks, feminine style statement, and sharp, beautiful looks. Regina looks gorgeous and sensational in sarees. See it yourself!

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38. Richa Gangopadhyay Hot Saree:

The Bengali beauty, Richa Gangopadhyay, has made her space in South movies, especially Telugu films. She is known for her body-positive image and natural acting. Although not very frequently, Richa did appear in Indian saree wear, and we love how well she brings the natural style in it.

39. Pooja Hegde Hot Saree:

Pooja Hegde, the 2nd runner-up in Miss India 2010, has been excelling in her career in acting movies. She is famous and among the most desired actress in Telugu movies right now. Pooja is famous for her diva-tic looks and sleek, chic style statement. Her styling in the sarees collection is absolutely vibrant and stunning. Have a look!

40. Taapse Pannu Hot Saree:

Taapsee, now among the top Bollywood actress, has started off her career with South Indian Telugu and Tamil movies. Often, we see the diva in sarees, and let us admit; we can’t take our eyes off her. She looks breathtaking! What do you think?

41. Niveda Thomas Hot Saree:

Niveda Thomas is a well-known actress in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam movies. In both their personal life and acting career, Niveda is often spotted in sarees, and we know her love for these outfits publicly. The elegant and charming styles and graceful looks in sarees are something unbeatable. What do you think?

42. Sai Pallavi Hot Saree:

The South Indian actress Sai Pallavi is already a sensational and popular public figure by now. She is well-known for her natural acting style, simple and elegant looks, and down-to-earth attitude. Sai Pallavi looks simply graceful and breathtaking in sarees. She flaunts off her style very well with minimal looks and an overall youthful appearance.

43. Tabu Hot Saree:

One doesn’t need any description about Tabu. The actress is a nationwide famous celebrity and starred in several South Indian and Bollywood movies. Despite the age, Tabu still looks youthful and breathtaking whenever she appears publicly for events and shows. Her saree looks indeed are among the best in fashion town!

44. Pragya Jaiswal Hot Saree:

We love how seamlessly stylish Pragya Jaiswal looks in sarees. The North Indian beauty has settled down well in South movies and often adores the sarees simple and ethnic styles out there. The charming appearance given out with these outfits is indeed worth appreciating!

45. Rashmika Mandanna Hot Saree:

The Kannada beauty indeed is making rounds these days with her popularity. She has made her mark in Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies with her cute and lovely beautiful looks. Rashmika personally loves sarees, and we see how well she styles them right and flaunts perfectly in these outfits. The beautiful and smart looks are perfect to match up to her elegant style.

46. Shalini Pandey Hot Saree:

Although she hasn’t appeared in several movies yet, Shalini Pandey already had made her spot in the South Movie industry. Her bubbly and youthful, innocent looks have charmed many of us. Shalini looks breathtaking and effortless in sarees too. Here is one such example.

47. Vedhika Hot Saree:

We bet you have all remembered Vedhika actress very well. Vedhika has recently been spotted in an event in this fantastic saree, and we simply can’t take our eyes off her. She remains youthful and gorgeous as yet and nails any trend down in an effortless and graceful manner.

48. Shruthi Hariharan Hot Saree:

Shruthi Hariharan, a Kannada movie actress, is famous for her beautiful and elegant looks, with her personalized style and overall chic fashion statements. Although not very often, one does get to see Shruthi in the sarees. And when we witness that, we can’t take our eyes off her. She looks breathtaking and vibrant in such lovely yet straightforward plush appearances.

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49. Rachita Ram Hot Saree:

Here is a picture of Rachita Ram in a hot saree appearance you must not miss. Rachita completely nails off the edgy and chic style to match Indian wear gracefully. One can’t stop but admire her bold style statement and choice of matching looks!

50. Anupama Parameswaran Hot Saree:

Last but not least, how can we miss Anupama Parameswaran? South beauty is already well famous for its ethnic and simply elegant style. She is often spotted in Indian wear, and most of us are aware of her love for sarees. Here is her recent picture we got hold of, how do you like it?

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We hope you enjoyed exploring this beautiful and stunning South Indian actress in sarees. The hot and beautiful mesmerizing style statement a saree delivers can’t compete with any other Indian wear, and these beauties indeed have proved it right! What are your thoughts?


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