30 Stylish and Best Shoes for Men in Fashion 2018

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Shoes is an item of men’s footwear which protects human foot. It is to be worn while doing various activities. It is also treated as an item of decoration also. Through time, the design of shoes has got enormous variations. Every man has passion for shoes. Today men want to look best to get his work done. There are different types of shoes for every different occasion. The shoe design differs from culture to culture and function to function. Shoes have become an essential necessity of men. It is a best companion for men.

Shoes for Men

30 Latest and Fashionable Mens Shoes Designs in Trend:

Let we have look at the top 30 stylish shoes for men in india.

1. Black Leather Oxford Shoes:

Black Leather Oxford Shoes

It is undoubtedly the best one. Earlier, oxford shoes were available in black color only. But now we can see variety of colors. It is laced shoes that are characterized by its shoelace eyelet tabs. It is timeless and goes great with formal. The toe section is extended for the comfort of wearer. It is simply a stylish shoe.

2. Monk Strap Mens Shoes:

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk Strap does not have laces. It gets closed by buckle and straps. It has either one strap or two straps. In this case, strap is considered as an accessory. It is also a formal and casual shoe for men but less than an oxford shoes. It is fashionably curved with unique color. There are even three straps available in Monk but it is not much used.

3. Derby Shoes:

Derby Shoes -3

These nice shoes for men have wider opening shoe lace. This method is also known as ‘open lacing’. In these shoes, shoelace eyelet is sewn on top of the vamp. Because of open laces, you can easily put your legs on. In this, the laces are hidden like concealed. This shoe is apt for those who have big feet. The toe portion is also wide.

4. Wingtip Mens Shoes:

Wingtip Shoes-4

Wingtip shoes have a W shape design on the toe cap. Black and white color stylish shoes for men are decorated with dots. In this, the leather is perforated with a standard pattern. A toe cap is given nice curves. Inside there is red color fabric. It has wide opening so a man can easily put his feet in and out. The W design is its identity.

5. Brogue Shoes:

Brogue Shoes -5

Brogue shoes usually have perforations on it. These perforations are for decorative purposes. These perforations let the water out in the rain. There are two types of brogues: full and semi. Brogues and Wingtips are similar but not same. It is below ankle and with classic leather. Earlier it was used as formals but now it is used as casual too.

6. Loafer Shoes:

Loafer Shoes -6

Loafer shoes are lace less and have distinct heels. It features an elegant and easy style mostly liked by royals. On one side, there is an extra elastic inserted which allow the shoes to be easily removed. It is having a nice color too. Heavy rubber soles are used in loafers. There are 3 types of loafers: Penny, Tassel and Bit.

7. Moccasin Men Shoes:

Moccasin Shoes -7

Moccasin shoe is made up of deer skin or other soft leather. Sides are made with one piece of leather. This is cool shoes for men. It also has floral print and buckle. It is slip-on-shoe and is like loafer. You can use it as formal and casual. A bow like buckle is affixed on top of the shoe. The toe portion is little higher than normal.

8. Chukkas Mens Shoes:

Chukkas Shoes -8

Chukka shoe is high-ankle shoe mostly made of suede or leather. It has open lacing with two or three pairs of eyelets. It is more comfortable shoe to wear and widely available now-a-days. This is the latest shoes for men and running high in fashion. They are plain and color is such that it seems like a brick is kept.

9. Dress Shoe Men:

Dress Shoe -9

Dress shoe is more accepted as formal shoe. It is every man’s need. This black shining shoe is one of the black shoes for men. A toe cap is not much extended and wide. it is like oxford shoes. It is having minor heels too. One small layer of thread is stitched on top of the shoe. It does not have any support inside. There is leather only.

10. Stylish Sneaker Shoes:

Sneaker Shoes -10

Sneaker is designed for sports and other physical exercise. Sneaker has flexible sole made of rubber and upper part made of leather. It is more reliable shoes for everyday activity. It was on top list of men’s shoes 2018. Black color sneaker can create magic as black is everyone’s favorite. It does not have any print.

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11. Kung Fu Shoes:

Kung Fu Shoes -11

The Kung Fu shoe is a type of shoe that is made in China and was worn while practicing kung fu and other material arts. It is typically in black color. It is made of cloth and plastic sole. Variants of this shoe are now produced large for general purpose wear. You can band it and fold it the way you can.

12. Saddle Shoe:

Saddle Shoe -12

Saddle shoe is a low-heeled casual shoe. It is having a plain toe and decorative mid-foot. It is typically constructed from leather and mostly found in white with a black saddle. Though now any color combination is possible. It is the stylish shoes for men. The red and brown color leather connecting lace is rare.

13. Jutti Men Shoes:

Jutti -13

Jutti is an ethnic Punjabi type of footwear. It is made up of leather and with expensive embroidery. On upper sole there is mango motif print and golden color embroidery work. It is having flat sole and handmade embroidery work which is mostly seen wearing by groom on his wedding. It is fancy.

14. Cool Organ Shoe:

Organ Shoe -14

Organ shoe is designed to facilitate playing of the organ’s keyboard and is worn by organists. As it is worn only at the organ, it avoids picking up of grit which could stain the pedal keys. It has slightly higher leather heels to have ease on playing with the heel. It is having special use for special purpose.

15. Jump Sole Shoes Men:

Jumpsole Shoes -15

Jump sole shoe was primarily invented for basketball players. It is like a platform attached with your shoes. It is useful in jumping practice. Currently this platform is used by athletes in other sports also. It gets tightly fix on your feet and let you jump high to basket. Here the surface is spongy.

16. Climbing Shoes for Men:

Climbing Shoes -16

Climbing shoes are specialized footwear for rock climbing. It is having pad and close fit. Further, It has smooth and sticky rubber sole. It is not suitable for walking. These colorful shoes for men are high on ankle and flat. It is flexible kind of footwear. The shape of this shoe is L and very soft. It provides physical ease while climbing.

17. Duck Mens Shoes:

Duck Shoes -17

Duck shoes are also known as bean boots which is made from rubber sole and leather upper. From ankle area, it is designed with rubber and lace. It is widely opening. On back side too, there is design. It is cool shoes for men. It is slightly above ankle and colorful lace is used. Many stitches with thread is done to make it well built.

18. Snow Shoes for Men:

Snow Shoes -18

Snow shoe is specially for wearing in snow. It is a combination of lace and buckle. Most snow shoes are made up from lightweight metal and synthetic fabric. It reaches little below the knees. The surface is of pure leather and strong enough. This shoe needs to be perfectly worn so that you do not face difficulty on snow.

19. Cowboy Boot:

Cowboy Boot -19

Cowboy boot particularly refers to riding boots. It is having a pointed toe, Cuban heel and no lacing. Generally it is made from cowhide leather but sometimes made from exotic skins of lizard, snake, elephant and the like. A V shape metal is affixed on top of the shoe and sided is decorated with thread work.

20. Skate Shoes:

Skate Shoes -20

Skate shoes are manufactured to be used in skateboarding. The design of skate shoes includes a vulcanized rubber with minimal thread pattern. Double stitching is done to extend the life of the upper material. A pad is included for comfort. It is light-weight as even skateboard will come with these shoes.

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21. Whole Cut Shoes:

Whole Cut Shoes -21

Whole cut shoes are made from a single piece of leather. It is entirely plain and smooth with little decorations. It is purely strong leather shoes with durability and shining. The laces are in built tied with sharp and pointed toe. The shoe is so big and one of the latest leather men shoes. Different color shade is done on top.

22. Combat Men Shoes:

Combat Shoes -22

Combat shoes are one type of military shoes and specially worn by soldiers during their training. It is designed with a combination of grip and foot protection. It is made up of waterproof leather. There is lace and on one side chain too. The shoe is tough enough for tough work. A soldier can easily do his job with this shoe.

23. Roller Men Shoes:

Roller Shoes -23

Rolling shoes have wheels attached on back. It is a kind of shoe which allows the wearer to choose between walking and rolling. If you want to roll, you can open the wheels. Otherwise it will get adjust in its space. The wheels are projected slightly besides the heel. The laces are thick here. The fabric used is very soft like in sports shoes.

24. Wrestling Shoes:

Wrestling Shoes -24

Wrestling shoes are specially designed for sports man shoes who do wrestling and are actively used in competition also. They are flexible and light weight, the wearer feels like bare foot only. They provide ankle support and less chance of hurting toe nails. Further, they are simple and plain, not much decorated. Its main aim is to give support to wrestlers.

25. Boat Mens Shoes:

Boat Shoes -25

Boat shoes are typically designed for using on a boat. Its design is also looks like a boat. Original brown color leather is used in making this shoe. Instead of lace, there is a string of leather. Two stitches are taken to make it stronger. It needs to be durable because you never know for how much time you need to keep it wearing.

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26. Diabetic Shoes:

Diabetic Shoes -26

These shoes are specially made for diabetic person. In diabetes, patient gets skin down problem and various other foot problems too. It provides them extra depth. One extra sole is inserted to give proper support to their feet. They can easily walk in this shoe. It looks like a bandage itself. It is also known as therapeutic shoes.

27. Cross-Training Shoes for Men:

Cross-training Shoes -27

This cross-training shoe is perfect for an athlete. It is appropriate for a person who does regular walking and jogging. It is extremely light-weight and also more useful on hard surface. In this shoe, finger is also given support with smooth leather. The zigzag pattern on back gives comfort in walking or while doing aerobics.

28. Chelsea Boot:

Chelsea Boot -28

Chelsea boot gets recognized with its elastic side panel. It is ankle-high boot with close fitting. Chelsea is being used since many ages and still it is in fashion men shoes. It provides a fabric on the back of the boot so that a wearer can easily pull on. In Victorian era, it was used by both men and women. These shoes are normally plain and neat.

29. Elevator Shoes:

Elevator Shoes -29

Elevator shoes have thick soles inside so that the wearer looks high height. Its heel is made up of wood, plastic or rubber. The ankle portion is made up of soft. It gets tied up with laces and buckle is an added accessory. Sometimes it is used in orthopedic problem also because of its thickened soles.

30. Spectator Shoes Men:

Spectator Shoes -30

These are very unusual shoe. It is a low-heeled made up of contrasted colors. The toe is decorated with designs and the lace panels are even darker. Around lace panel, a row of holes is done. It seems like a toe portion is constructed from wood. It must be hard on wearing and a colorful cloth is used behind the lace panel.

There are plenty of options available in shoes to choose from. Attention is what it demands while selecting a perfect shoes for men you. Be a proud owner of shoes essential for you. Shoes create a foundation he stands on. It makes your appearance complete. Essential thing is never compromise with fit and comfort.

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