Long socks are always the favourite type of socks in the market. Both men and women use them. Men use them mainly as spot wares and winter wear. Women use it for style, with uniforms, sports, and many varieties available for women in the long socks section. The men’s section is also filled with many designs.

Best Long Socks in New Models:

You can explore various designs of long socks here. Pick your favourite one and try it.

1. Woman’s Lace Long Socks:

You can try these womens long socks in black colour. This is made of lace material and is extremely stretchable. But they are large lace bands and are extremely comfortable. You can wear it with your shoes and shorts for a stylish look.

2. Kawali Panda Long Socks:

You no longer have to wear those old boring plain white socks. Try something unique in your socks. When it comes to these white socks, with a Panda design, are made of velvet material which is very soft on your skin. It is extremely comfortable and looks stylish at the same time. You will get many different colours with the same design.

3. Men’s Foot Long Socks:

Most mens long socks designs are plain colour with upper stripes. This design is different from that. You can try this amazing design made of cotton, elastin and spandex material. This is a very good sock with moisture absorbance. Hence keeps your feet odour free.

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4. Colorful Striped Long Socks:

When you check for long striped socks designs for ladies, this is the most famous design you can find. It is cotton socks with a colourful design. You can wear it with your black shoe and be sexy and stylish at the same time. The socks length is very high, and you can wear this with a short dress.

5. Handmade Womens Woolen Socks:

You can make woolen socks at home. This is a good design of long woolen socks that you can try out. This is perfect wear for winter. Its colourful design looks excellent, and you can wear it with any of your dresses. Wear with hiking boots or slippers; these socks will give you maximum comfort.

6. Hot Pink Knee High Crew Socks:

Long pink socks are the favourite choice of girls always. This especially comes with a white combination, which makes the design extra attractive. These pink socks are very nice and are made of good quality cotton, spandex and elastane material. You can wear it with your boots or shoes.

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7. Mens Long Knee Socks:

This is a premium men’s long knee socks design. It is made of Turkish cotton material and offers maximum breathability and comfort. The design is multicolour, and you can combine it with any shoe type. The socks are durable and make your look stylish.

8. Red and White Long Striped Socks:

The white and red combination is always popular. This design is long red socks made of durable cotton spandex material. They are built to fit correctly and length above your knees. You can wear them with boots, shoes etc. and with a short dress, these socks design will make you hot.

9. Grey Leg Warmer Socks:

You can try these beautiful plain long grey socks to make yourself comfortable. It is a cotton knee-high long socks that you can wear with black shoes and boots. It is made of cotton, polyamide and ribbon. This is a handmade item, and you can get many colours of the same design.

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Have you checked each one of them? Which is your favourite? Pick your favourite and try it with a cute short dress and a pair of shoes. Pick good quality socks to avoid further skin problems. The material should be breathable and comfortable at the same time.

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