Socks are the most worn cloth in day to day life. It gives an additional look with the shoes we wear. Short socks are in general worn by boys or men. There are some socks which can be worn by girls too. Again there come many varieties and formats of short socks to be noticed. It often covers the ankle or some part of calf. In ancient times the machine-knit socks were worn. There can be types like flip-flop and toe socks. The socks are made up of cotton, nylon, polyester.

Top Short Socks for Men and Women:

Here is the list of top 9 short socks in different models.

1. Toe Short Sock:

A toe sock is short socks men which has the variety to encase each toe individually. It has one compartment for the big toe and one for the rest. The toe socks can also be worn by both girls and boys for parties and functions. The best choice can be grey colored toe socks.

2. Business Short Socks:

The business socks are the short ankle socks which is used as color socks for conservative appearance. These socks are mainly worn for office works. These are the short black socks which are generally worn by men. There are other colors like brown or grey which can also be tried.

3. Crew Short Socks:

The crew socks are the unisex socks which are short and thick. These are the everyday socks which are usually ribbed at top of the ankles. Even the legs could be warm by the crew socks. The best choice can be short white socks.

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4. Low Cut Socks Short:

The low cut socks is the very short sock which describe in a way to be cut below the ankle. They are generally used to cover the contours of feet. The socks can be also be considered as womens short socks which can be worn occasionally. The low cut socks can also be worn with boat socks.

5. Short Cotton Blend Socks:

The short cotton socks are the most bought socks online and offline as it provides comfort whenever and wherever you wear. The cotton socks are generally worn in summers and can also be worn as sport socks. The grey color socks can be the best choice for this.

6. Short Net Ankle Socks:

The net socks are the ladies short socks which are generally worn in weddings and functions by them. The black color really looks astonishing in net ankle socks. Moreover, it can also be worn by teenage girls going out for parties or something else. The elastic used is quite tight in net ankle socks.

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7. Striped Short Sock:

The striped socks are the kids short socks which can also be considered as girls short socks as they are mostly liked by them. The striped socks looks good in multicolor usually the mixture of red, yellow, green and orange. It can be worn for casual purposes.

8. Athletic Short Socks:

The athletic short socks are the short sports socks which are quite thicker as its absorb the sweat on the legs. These are more comfortable when running. The best choice can be black color athletic socks. The socks provides comfort while running and can be both worn by male and female.

9. Woolen Short Socks:

The socks are defined for each and every season and so as for winters too. The woolen socks are quite thicker which provide warmness to the cold legs. The socks are also unisex and can also be worn for different functions in winters. The best choice can be black color socks.

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The socks have many varieties to be confronted and the best choice for short socks remains in your hands. The striped, low cut, crew socks can be worn for different functions while the cotton and woolen short socks can be worn as casual ones. The color black or grey can be chosen in general.

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