Tube socks are stretchable socks in the long tube form and do not have a shaped heel. These appeared in the 1970s and became popular through basketball and soccer which made them ever popular. These socks traditionally white which coloured bands generally of the sports team colour. Over a period of time, these socks entered the fashion world and are worn as a business and casual wear. Due to the absence of the clearly defined heel and ankle region, they are one size which fits all.

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Here are the top 9 tube socks; let’s see them one by one.

1. White Tube Socks:

White is the traditional colour of socks. It seamlessly blends with the team colour of any sports team. These socks also keep the foot warm in cold weather and provide enough air circulation in the summer. But the only thing is they get stains easily.

2. Striped Tube Socks:

Stripes suites are for every man. They are perfect for all occasion. Striped tube socks equally complement business attire as well as casual sports. Stock your wardrobe with socks of every pattern in stripes.

3. Wool Tube Socks:

Wool is a unique fabric which has inherent antimicrobial properties. It is also known to repeal water naturally which makes it a perfect wear for winter. Invest in a couple of wool socks for the winter season.

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4. Cashmere Tube Socks:

Cashmere is such a high fabric. Though not usually associated with a sock, it is just the perfect fabric for socks. Made from fleece layer of the goat’s coat it protects feet from the winter chill and frost. Being resist fire it also perfects cosying up in front of a fireplace.

5. Black Tube Socks:

The black is associated with power, elegance and power dressing. Black is also the colour of every occasion and equally complements every business wear and casual elegance. Stock up these black socks in the wardrobe without fail. The most advantage of this colour stains will not appear in this colour of the shocks.

6. Red Tube Socks:

The red is an intense and warm colour and is slowing finding its place in power dressing. Red is also the colour of contrasts. When men choose red socks it says he is confident in his skin, and for women, these socks add a different dimension to their whole persona.

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7. Pink Tube Socks:

Pink is a feminine colour but it is also the colour of rebellion. Women choose pink tube socks to complete their power wear while men who are confident in their presence choose pink socks to complement the otherwise monochromatic choices.

8. Green Tube Socks:

Green is the colour of vitality and health. It is also one of the common sport’s colour. Green socks may not be a preferable colour to go with most business wear but is it such cool colour to flaunt for a casual occasion or to a game. Do keep one of these unorthodox pieces for a casual occasion.

9. Knee High Tube Socks:

Knee-high long tube socks are part of sports culture. However, there is also a scientific element behind the long socks. The knee-high socks employ compression force to improve the oxygen consumption which is an added advantage in a game. These socks are also commonly worn by the elderly as it helps reduce swelling in the feet by improving blood circulation.

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Tube socks have come a long way from the monochromatic and sportswear days. These socks are available in vibrant colour and are an interesting choice to wear on a business or casual day. They are also perfect for lounging around and protects from the elements of nature when needed.

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