Clothes are a barometer of an individual’s position, mood, taste and style. Our personal choice of attire reveals a lot more about our personality and state of mind. Socks, in particular are a versatile piece of garment and can be used very subtlety and cleverly to reflect every mood and occasion. There are different kinds of Thigh High Socks are available from ankle to thigh high.

Best Thigh High Socks with Pictures:

Apart from the beauty factor, thigh socks have many health benefits and here are top 9 choices for long thigh high socks to choose from.

1. Black Thigh High Socks:

Black is a strong and a powerful colour. It embodies power, mystery and sensuality. Someone who prefers thigh socks is a unique person in itself but, wearing black thigh high socks colour is pushing it to a different altitude.

2. White Thigh High Socks:

White socks are traditional. It is still the preferred choice of colour for most in the business world. The thigh socks gives necessary comfort and are perfect wear for winters.

3. Red Thigh High Socks:

The colour red is synonyms with power dressing and is also the colour of energy, willpower and warmth. A person who wears red thigh high sock either as part of business or casual ensemble is a confident individual.

4. Pink Thigh High Sock:

The colour pink is mixture of colours red and white, and it retains the best characteristics of both these dominant colours. Though it is normally associated with women but pink thigh high socks work equally on both men and women.

5. Grey Thigh High Sock:

Grey is colour of detachment and it does not demand attention. Wear this colour when blending is need of the hour. Grey thigh high socks are also perfect to wear indoors on a rainy day or when cosying up in front of a fireplace.

6. Woollen Thigh High Socks:

Socks are made with a variety of fabrics, but woollen socks are best of the lot. Wool retains and releases heat based on weather, it also repels water which makes it the best fabric to wear in winters. All said, thigh high knit socks are must have wardrobe item. Additionally, thick thigh high socks are super comfy and wicked warm to wear in the winters.

7. Striped Thigh High Sock:

Bold prints and stripes socks are perfect for every occasion. Striped thigh high socks break monotony of the otherwise monochrome business wear. They also make fun style statement with any casual or sportswear, which makes them a must have.

8. Thigh High Tube Sock:

Tube sock have been around since a long time and specifically thigh high tube socks have been part of the professional sports since ages. Traditionally white with stripes in team colours and these socks are a sports collectible. Today tube socks have progressed from sport wear to office and casual wear.

9. Plus Size Thigh High Sock:

Socks are normally one size for all, but there are men and women who have bigger feet and wearing regular socks would be a great disadvantage and hardly serve any purpose. Men with foot size bigger than 12.5 and women with size more than 10 should always opt for plus size thigh high socks over regular socks. Plus size clothing is big market today and multiple choices are available in this segment.

There are various types and length of socks from ankle to knee long but, thigh high socks are a different category in itself. These socks are super comfortable, come in various patterns, colours and provide relief from common foot ailments. Be sure to buy some of these men and womens thigh high socks.