Socks are very useful and important part of the footwear. Socks help us to avoid the nasty shoe-bites and also protect our feet from the friction caused while walking wearing shoes. There are different types of socks based on the length. One should also be careful of choosing socks as per the weather and climate as well.

Different Types of Socks with Pictures:

Here are a few types of socks from which you can decide the right one for yourself.

1. Ankle Length Socks:

These socks also go by the name of “Low Cut Socks”. They are preferred by men who wear low cut shoes, boat type shoes or loafers. These socks prevent blisters and at the same time give a sophisticated and elegant look. People who love funky things should surely have ankle length socks.

2. Knee Length Womens Socks:

These types of womens socks are generally preferred by those who love to wear boots. These are high fashion looking socks. These socks give complete protection against tough weathers and are highly suitable for outdoor activities. In the earlier days these socks were very popular amongst girls and it was a part of the uniform.

3. Fish Net Socks for Ladies:

These are highly stylish ladies socks. They are generally available in black and white colors. They can be worn with canvas shoes or even pumps. They are usually considered as a festival accessory. They offer a funky look to your otherwise plain outfit.

4. Calf Length Socks:

Calf Length socks are generally worn with shorts, skirts and casual dresses. They offer both warmth as well as protection. Calf length socks are preferred when you want to look very casual.

5. Fence Net Socks:

These socks form a part of the exotic apparel. They are generally made of a mixture of acrylic and spandex material. They are very sexy and have a geometric pattern. Also it can be noted that one size fits all.

6. Crew Length Socks:

These types of socks are about six to eight inches of length and reach below the calf. They are good for outdoor activities like hiking and even sports. These socks are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.

7. Slip on Socks:

Slip-on Socks are very thin. They are generally considered perfect for ballerina shoes, loafers. Another name for these socks is No Show Socks. Slip-on socks are good for people who do not like to wear socks. So keep a pair of slip-on socks handy.

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8. Quarter Length Socks:

Quarter length socks reach just above the ankle and below the calf. They give protection to the feet from blisters as well as shoe bites. These types of socks can be worn by men with suits and other professional outfits as they have a posh look. Women prefer to wear them at night just to protect their feet.

9. Cuban Heel Stockings:

Cuban Heel Stockings are great stunners with a simple look and one of the best womens socks. It looks really charming when worn with vintage styled dresses. These stockings have opaque cuffs with back seams of striking black color. Cuban heel stockings generally come in 3 colors – black, white and beige.

10. Ankle & Heel Pain Reliever Socks:

These types of socks are specially made to give relief from feet pain. It is a boon for runners, hikers or people who spend a long time standing. It offers relief from Heel Spurs, Arch Pain, Heel Pain etc. it is designed in such a way that it can be worn daily and very comfortable during sport activities. The foot odor is reduced considerably as it has antimicrobial fibers. It has special compression zones to provide relief from pain.

11. Crochet Baby Booties:

These booties are for babies. They protect the tender feet of the babies against the harsh conditions. These are very easy to make and come in a lot of patterns and styles. There are various sites which demonstrate easy ways to crotchet these booties. They are also easily available in shops and online.

12. Moccasin Slipper Socks:

Here is another lovely pair of socks for children. The moccasin style slipper socks keep the feet and toes warm. The leather used is of a washable kind. The leather is stitched on to the cotton socks. These types of socks come in a variety of colors and funky kind of designs.

13. Thigh High Socks:

These Thigh High Socks are made from a blend of poly-cotton. They are soft and very comfortable to wear through the day. They look very cute when worn with minis or shorts. They can also be worn with the school uniform skirt. They are flexible and soft on the skin.

14. Football Socks:

These socks are specially made for football or soccer players. They offer a lot of comfort as they are cushioned at the heels and foot. The fabric used allows easy airflow and ventilation. The top has elastic to prevent it from drooping down while running.

15. Winter Socks:

In winter the feet get pretty cold and it becomes difficult for you to walk around. These winter socks are knitted from wool to keep your feet warm during winter. Go ahead and get yourself a couple of these warm winter socks. They are so easy that you can knit them yourself too.

16. Frill Socks for Babies:

Check out these cute pair of cotton socks with a frill. They look beautiful on babies as well as girls. They also come in a variety of colors to match their dresses. It is an excellent choice for birthdays, parties and other functions. It can also be worn as a daily wear. They are comfortable as they are made of cotton.

17. Stirrup Socks:

Stirrup socks were a part of the uniform of the baseball players in the 1900s. Slowly this style of socks faded away. Nowadays the old style of socks is returning with a big bang. White colored Long socks are covered up with Stirrup socks.

18. Leg Warmer Socks:

Leg Warmers are the favorites during winter time. They are generally made from natural cotton yarn which is a good sweat absorber. They are a trendy accessory preferred by girls as you can wear them on your jeans or on a skirt making your dress look extra unique. These also make good gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

19. Ski Socks:

People who love to ski now have these wonderful socks especially designed for ski-lovers. They are fun to wear as they come in bright and vibrant colors. These socks keep your feet warm in the freezing snow. They also offer comfort and keep your feet odor free. The calf is totally enclosed as they have a high cut. These socks have cushioned soles.

20. Split Toe Socks:

Indian Women find it very difficult to walk around in the winter as the normal socks is difficult to wear with chappals or sandals. These Split Toe Socks is highly in demand as it can be worn with chappals. The socks have a compartment for the big toe thumb and the remaining toes have another compartment. It is like a baking glove for the foot!!!

21. Ballet Grip Socks:

Ballet Grip Socks are designed for yoga, ballet and other activities. These socks enable you to concentrate on the activity without the fear of slipping. It keeps the feet clean and dry as well. The sole has a dot pattern that increases the grip on the floor.

22. Gel Socks:

These are really wonderful socks as they work like foot creams. You don’t have to apply foot cream to keep your foot soft as these socks come with a lining of hydrating gel that have Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil. Keep them in the fridge before using. Wear it at night for a few days and you will see your feet turn soft and without cracks.

23. Pink Tulle Socks:

These socks are made from nylon tulle material that is of a highly superior quality. They don’t stretch and are loose fitting. These tulle socks have a back seam just like the olden days’ stockings.

24. Heart Shaped Back Seam Socks:

If you are planning to wear a mini skirt or shorts for any outing, then here is a perfect kind of sock that will go very well with your dress. These socks have back seam with little pink hearts’ design over the back seam. This sock will create a style statement.

25. Transparent Socks:

These are the latest trendy summer socks. They are made from a combination of spandex, polyester and cotton. They are thin and transparent with designs only on the ankle, feet and toes. They come in a lot of colors to match your dress and they go well with any kind of footwear.

Socks are very important as they prevent the feet from stinking. They also prevent blisters and keep the feet warm in winter. There are different types of womens socks and mens socks. There are different types of socks for different seasons – woolen for winter, thin cotton for summer etc. There are also different types of socks for different kinds of sports. So happy socking!!