There are various types of anti dandruff products that are available in indian market these days. For those people who do not like chemicals they can try using some form of remedy that is natural or a bottle of natural extract containing cleanser can also be a good and very easy to use handy thing. These should be applied and used regularly to get the proper benefits.

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These are also not extremely costly and are usually quite easily affordable by most people. These are often as cheap as 150 to 240 rupees for a good amount to last for about a month usage. If a person wants something that is extremely high end, then those can be quite costly. However, for regular usage, there are quite a few reputed brands and also sellers who sell good products which can be easily used to control the problem.

Medicines for Dandruff Control:

Below are the 10 best natural medicines that can control dandruff are as follows.

1. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Therapeutic Oil:

This is a very well known and popular brand dandruff medicine. This is their product that contains the goodness of Bhringraj. As we all know this is a small plant that contains the properties which can also enhance health of strands. This oil is quite affordable at about 150 Rupees and can be easily used on a regular basis. To derive more benefits, this can be massaged after heating this over indirect heat. This also enhances blood circulation and helps the roots to absorb the nutrients. If the cause of problem is due to stress, this can also relieve that to sooth the head.

2. Nizoral Shampoo:

This is a well known and best dandruff medicine product and also comes moderately priced. It contains Ketoconazole which belongs anti-fungal medication family. This can be regularly used at dose of 5ml to 10ml to the wet scalp. Apply twice weekly for 2 to 4 weeks to get a better result.

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3. The Body Shop Rain Forest Volume Shampoo:

This is a popular high-end product and can be used if a person wants to use something that is slightly costly. However, this is also quite easily available these days because of the number of shops that this brand has set up at major shopping centres these days.

4. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Volume Boost Shampoo:

This is another slightly costly but very effective shampoo with containing Nymphaea Alba Root Extract and Panthenol. This is also quite affordable even though slightly costly.

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5. Nioxin Booster:

This is a popular product of dandruff these days. These can be used with their other kits. This can cause temporary swelling to make areas look fuller and also get rid of fungal infections.

6. Tvam Henna Shampoo:

This is very popular in herbal anti dandruff medicine. This is often bought by the people suffering from itch. This can also sooth with the natural henna extracts and is also moderately priced at about 200 Rupees.

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7. Clear Nourishing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

This contains nutrition 10 which is the active ingredient and this helps to soothe dry and irritated conditions and also makes the sections more lustrous. This is also moderately priced at 240 Rupees for about 400 ml bottles.

8. Aveda Damage Repair Cream:

This is a gentle shampoo with quinoa protein which helps to not only smooth the inflamed head due to itch and repair damaged hair. This is quite a costly but effective product.

9. The Body Care Egg Shampoo:

This has extracts of egg protein which is quite helpful and also it is free of formaldehyde and allergic perfumes. This is affordable and moderately priced at about 150 INR as well.

10. L’Oreal Elvive:

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This is a medicated product that helps a person to get rid of any itch and also boils. It helps to remove any dry flakes. This is moderately priced at about 240 INR and also quite affordable.

Stop getting irritated with dandruff using allopathic or herbal medicines. Every Medicine said in this article would be help full to clear dandruff in a natural and medicated way. So try at least one medication to away from dandruff and be free from itching and irritation.


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