What is that one most feminine yet powerful color that sweeps a girl off her feet but makes sure when she lands, she lands on her feet? Pink is such a powerful color that it can depict feminism and at the same time depict strength through the eyes of a feminist. The color pink comes in a variety of shades for us girls to choose from. The best of the shades match the best of the occasions and soon enough we are all trying to match our outfits with our awesome shades of pink.

Best and Beautiful Pink Nail Polishes in India:

Given below are some of the best shades of pink nails that you can opt for as a nail color choice.

1. The Nude Gloss:

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We start off with the barely there nail polish where the nail color is slightly more relevant than a clear polish but this time the extreme light shade of pink mixes in with the nude color to give off a slight neutral look. This nail paint comes with extra gloss on the top which adds a classy feel to the otherwise sober nail paint. This is an extremely easy look for the summers paired with just about anything.

2. The Coral Pink In Pop:

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The coral pink as the name suggests is bright and popping in color with a neon side to it so that it can catch your eyes from the very first appearance. This is a fun loud color fir for the parties where you can easily pair black outfit or accessories alongside this. The eye popping neon hue would definitely make heads turn as you sashay by showing off your freshly done nails.

3. The Coral Pink With Shimmer:

Pink Nail polishes coral pink with shimmer Save

The coral with shimmer is the same as the one discussed prior to this but this time the party look just got a heavy boost. While one of the fingers sport a definite but different pattern, the pink on the nails here has taken the party to a new level which includes some more loudness.

4. The Peach Perfect Pink:

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Peach is yet another natural yet empowering color that falls under the pink family where peach is treated as a much sober yet vibrant color. The color described here is a nude peach pink which includes three different shades that gives the peach a frosted yet pink hue. This too is a superb combination for a summer day out paired in with a simple black summer dress.

5. The Extra Glimmer Pink:

Pink Nail polishes extra glimmer pink Save

Now these nails mean business when they say we are going to dazzle all night long. The nail paint here is a soft plump pink with some heavy glitter work that adds a loud wildness to the look and at the same time makes sure the look is not too tacky with all the sparkles.

6. The Frosted Pink:

Pink Nail polishes frosted pink Save

This color is known as the frosted pink where the color pink is the undertone but the use of a lighter shade to the pink adds a freezing cold look to it. However, this indeed is a cool color both for the summers and winters.

7. The Raspberry Pink:

Pink Nail polishes raspberry pink Save

The raspberry pink is a much deeper and enriched color that can be worn with loudness and fun. The raspberry pink has slight touch of neon in it that makes it eye popping and bright.

8. The Golden Shimmer On Pink:

Pink Nail polishes golden shimmer on pink Save

The golden shimmer on pink is yet another flavor to pink nail paints where the pink appears to have gelled well with a sudden golden shimmer and as a result you are left with awesome glimmers.

9. The Elf Berry Pink:

Pink Nail polishes elf berry pink Save

The elf berry pink is the last to our list and hands down we can say it is one of the cutest ever colors that we can deal with. It is soft and plump and at the same time making a strong fashion statement.


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