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Best Pregnancy Diet Plan

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Pregnancy is not only one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life but is also the one of those times when she has to be extra careful and responsible when it comes to making choices and decisions ranging from the lifestyle she lives to the food she wants to eat. It is so because whatever an expecting mother does or drinks or eats is directly proportional to the health of the unborn baby.

The health of the baby inside the mother’s womb depends on the mothers’ food habits and nutritional intake. Therefore, it is important to be acquainted with the right kind of diet during pregnancy.

pregnancy diet

Pregnancy Diet:

Generally when a woman is pregnant, everybody has a long list of suggestions and advices for the next few months. And yes, the list of the suggestions is quite long. Hence, it is essential for you to know what is healthy for you and your baby and what is not. This article discusses about the healthy diet chart for pregnant women that should be followed during pregnancy.

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• Essentials:

Some of the must-haves in the menu are folic acid, iron and fibre. These are essential for the health and should not be missed. Make sure your fair share of all the usual nutrients are taken care of in your basic 3 meals namely the breakfast, lunch and dinner. To indulge in the so called essential healthy diet for a pregnant woman, you can bring home foodstuff like juice, brown bread and always drink tea filled with ginger or chamomile. From smoothies to healthy salads, you need to keep those snacks coming every 2-3 hours to keep both yourself and your child full. This leads to a healthy development and your child will never be underweight.

• Dairy Products For Pregnant Women:

A pregnant woman should consume at least four servings of dairy products such as milk, butter, etc. in order to promote a healthy growth of the bones. Consumption of dairy products helps to provide vitamin D and calcium which are essential for bone growth. Which is why, your body should not be deprived of the necessary nutrients, as it will indirectly affect the growth of bones in your child as well. For milk, you can always add chocolate supplements to make it taste better in case your pregnancy lactose taste intolerance peeps in.

Use either low fat evaporated or skim milk. As for curd, plan your meal wisely so there is always space for this dairy product. It is rich in all sorts of supplements like potassium, calcium and Vitamin D, and a must have in your diet during pregnancy. Talking of butter, it isn’t half as healthy a diet during pregnancy as milk and curd, but it should be able to restore your dose of fat. Do make sure you don’t overdo it and stick to having butter only twice a week when pregnant.

• Meat:

If you are a non-vegetarian then you should not stop the consumption of lean meat, fish and chicken as these food items provide EFA, DHA and proteins which helps in the proper development of the brain and muscles. When pregnant, try choosing your meat carefully. Stick to fish in the lunch and chicken sausage or bacon in the mornings. The ideal pregnancy diet plan for a pregnant woman should consist of all meat rich in protein, namely the chicken breast and the fish fillets. Stay away from livers since they contain retinol, an excess of which might lead to pregnancy issues. Red meat shouldn’t be entertained more than thrice a month either as they affect the health and development of your unborn baby.

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• Eggs:

Eggs also constitute an essential part of the pregnancy diet since it provides amino acids and proteins to both the mother and the baby. Eggs help in providing the most common nutrients to the bodies of both the mother and the baby. However, make sure that the eggs are not under cooked or raw. Talking of which, the best ways to cook your egg for a healthy dose of protein would be to boil it for at least 7 minutes in a low flame. This removes whatever risk there is of Salmonella poisoning from the egg. It might not harm your baby, but it might lead to a bad bout of diarrhoea. When it is a fried egg that you want to enjoy, do ensure you fry the egg on both sides and for poached eggs, you ought to let it set until the whites are not opaque anymore and the yolk has set. Keep these guidelines in mind and you will be good to go. Egg is one of best foods for pregnancy diet.

• Fruits And Vegetables:

Even if you do not like to eat fruits and vegetables, you will have to consume them for a better health of you and your baby’s health. Fruits and vegetables contain numerous vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body. You should not diet during pregnancy ever. Instead, shop for grocery that include the likes of fruits like bananas and pomegranate, which are rich in iron and vegetables like lentils, black beans and broccoli. As for folic acid, dried peas, beans and nuts should be your first choice.

You can always make a salad out of these ingredients and add Chinese cabbage, sprouts, papaya and apples for dressing. Do make sure your diet has either bread or rice, but brown bread would be the healthier choice. Aside these, oranges for Vitamin C and Pears for Vitamin C, K and Copper are a good choice as well.

• Yogurt:

Yogurt is imperative to a pregnant woman’s diet list because it provides calcium and also benefits the body with other nutrients. You should understand that yogurt provides more amount of calcium than milk so it is good if you added yogurt in your diet. Most doctors encourage taking yogurt as long as it is processed and pasteurized. Do not confuse the probiotic bacteria deemed good, with the bad ‘listeria’ bacteria which is equally harmful. Try to include fruits and custard in your diet if you are lactose intolerant instead of yogurt. This can not only be a great alternative, but also appease your inner sweet tooth and food cravings. In case yogurt suits you just fine, make a pregnancy diet chart and include the milk product at least 3-4 times a week religiously. It will help develop and strengthen your baby’s bones and joints in no time.

Apart from the choice of fruits, a pregnant woman should also comprehend that the diet of a pregnant woman is not similar to a normal woman’s diet. Therefore, an expecting mother should never deprive herself of food but that surely does not mean that you would overeat. Because then you would only deteriorate the health of the baby along with your own. You should regularly check with your doctor in order to maintain the ideal pregnant woman’s weight.

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Best Sleep In Diet During Pregnancy:

Also, make sure that you get enough sleep. Sleep is essential for the health of both the baby and the mother thus you should neither deprive yourself from enough sleep nor should you try to compensate it with some other options.

It is natural to follow a diet plan during and after pregnancy. The reviews of maintaining a healthy diet plan during pregnancy helps to ensure the proper health of the baby and also the mother. Oh! The most important thing during pregnancy is to drink plenty of water. Water is very important and good for the body.