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9 Healthy and Energy Drinks to Take During Pregnancy

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Energy drinks have always been something of a taboo when it comes to pregnancy because there are countless number of companies in the world that deal in energy drinks that are rich in chemicals and other ingredients that are not very adequate for the body or your baby. There are a few natural energy drinks though that is available in the market. Along with some great health drinks that you can easily make at home to give your baby all the nutrients it needs to stay fit and healthy throughout the period of pregnancy.

Energy drinks don’t always have to be bought in a store though as many can be made at home using simple ingredients for the best benefit. It is one of the only full proof ways by which you can constantly provide a continuous supply of nutrients to your baby easily in order to facilitate adequate growth over the period of nine months or so.Given below are the top nine energy and health drinks that you can enjoy at home without any issues of side effects in regards to your baby and yourself.

List of 9 Energy Drinks to Take During Pregnancy:

1. Lemon Juice:

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Lemon juice is a very appropriate energy drink that can be made easily at home with the help of raw lemons. It is a great way to rejuvenate yourself during your pregnancy without delving into caffeine and sugar rich energy drinks. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C which is a very good energy booster.

2. Banana and Strawberry Smoothie:

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Rather than relying on chemically rich energy drinks try and drink healthy and rich smoothies and juices which are rich in calories allowing for the proper development of your baby. It is said that a baby requires over 230 calories extra everyday and thus an extra amount of calories must be consumed.

3. Healthy Mama:

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Healthy mama is a caffeine free protein rich energy drink that works well for you during your pregnancy period covers two very important factors which is the absence of caffeine which can prove to be harmful for your child and protein rich which is very necessary to keep you and your baby healthy and strong making it one of the best energy drinks during pregnancy.

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4. 5 Hour Energy:

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Is a brand that is quite widely used as an elaborate energy drink and unbelievably it is one of the only widely used health drinks that can actually be safely consumed during pregnancy making drinking energy drink while pregnant a much safer situation.

5. Pomegranate Juice:

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It is one of the best homemade health drinks that you should enjoy during your pregnancy if you want to help in the development of your baby. It is a rich source of nutrients and minerals making it a great homemade health drink for all expectant mothers making it one of the best health drinks for pregnancy.

6. Monster Energy Drink:

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Monster is a great energy drink sold all over the world and is also available for pregnant mothers if consumed in small quantities.

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7. Mango And Apple Juice:

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Mango and apple juice is also a great homemade health drink which adds flavour to your pallet allowing you to fight fatigue and also provides the adequate nutrients necessary for the proper development of your baby.

8. Chia Fresca:

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If you are looking for a healthy alternative to caffeine or any other energy drink then try out this great health drink that doubles as an adequate energy drink as well. Sometimes the question arises can you drink energy drinks while pregnant and this is a very valid answer.

9. Tea:

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Tea is possibly one of the most rejuvenating liquid consumptions you will ever have and the best part is that it is very healthy for your baby.

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There are a few great energy drinks in the market and there are plenty of health drinks you make at home to control fatigue during pregnancy and to help your child grow in the most appropriate manner.