Running has been a staple and smart way to lose weight and burn unwanted calories. You can burn around nine to eleven calories a minute if you run the right way. That’s a pretty good deal for all the people who struggle with their bodies! It is much better than treadmills, majorly because you get to do things the natural way.

So if you are hoping to become a runner soon, you can refer to this article.

Best Running Tips for Beginners:

Get Yourself the Right Shoes:

The first thing you need to do in order to run like a professional is to get the right shoes. They will prevent injury and help you run faster than you probably can with normal shoes. So next time you’re going out for shopping, get a nice pair of running shoes to add some funk and fun to your routine.

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Warm Up!

A good warm up is valuable for a runner. They will prepare your body for the whole running regime and let your heart rate elevate slowly. Therefore, do some brisk walk or light jogging before you can really get into the high and intense rounds.

Don’t Do Too Much:

New runners tend to be very enthusiastic about their new hobby but one should always remember that over doing things lead to injuries. Don’t increase your mileage more than ten percent per week. If you want to do more, you can also try swimming or bicycling along with this.

Make It Intense:

Running is all about intensity; especially when it comes to losing weight. Rather than sticking to the medium or intermediate level, learn to push yourself a little further. Here’s how: Jog at one place for sixty seconds and then turn up the intensity for the next thirty seconds. You must repeat this about 25 times before you can call it an end.

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Run when you are Empty:

Studies and researches over the years have declared that if you run before you can sit down at the dinner table; your chances of losing weight are bigger. They help you burn more fat and stimulate your metabolism to great extents.

No Gym? No Problem!

It’s not always possible to go the gym. People get busy because of their hectic schedules and work pressure. But who said that you really need a gym to run like a fitness trainer? You can make your environment the gym. Go for a run to your nearest park, run up the stairs and combine with squats, push ups and jumping jacks.

Spice Things Up:

You can always try different methods if you get bored with the same kind of routine. Try some Tabata or some low intensity once a week. Varying the exercises will make your workout fun and keep you miles away from boredom.

Run Up the Hills:

If you are tired of running on flat ground, do something crazy. Go run up the hills! It will burn ten percent more fat than running on normal ground. So you would burn extra 50 calories. Isn’t that cool? And not just that, your but, legs and thighs will also be toned. Not bad, right?

Break It Down:

An interesting Japanese study has revealed that if you break down your 60 minute exercise into halves, your workout will be much more effective. What you need to do is, run for thirty minutes in the morning and then run another thirty minutes in the evening. This will help you reach your goal soon and get that body slim, fit and light.

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