Why Does Breast Size Increase After Marriage

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Does increase breasts size after marriage? Have you ever come across a lady complaining about how the Size of their breasts has increased after marriage & how they look shapeless & disfigured as they progress through their married lives. While, there are a few factors that are beyond our control in terns of body’s biochemical & hormonal reactions.

why does Breast Size Increase After Marriage

Most of the factors are very much under our control. Women become more casual about what they eat and negligent towards physical exercise, after marriage which leads to Gain in body weight & heavier breasts.

Why Does Breast Size Increase After Marriage:

This article will guide you what are the reasons to increase breast size after marriage. Breast is a tissue & it grows in size based on overall body changes. Marriage or no marriage bears no direct relation to the size of breasts. There are many misconceptions regarding the increase/ decrease in the size of breast. Some of the misconception is that sucking of breasts & Pressing leads to increase in breast size but this is not 100% true. Breast massage with certain typical patterns might lead to stimulation in blood circulation in the region of breast but not pressing of breasts.

Taking Pills Can Increase Breast Size After Marriage:

Many women start taking oral contraceptives for avoid pregnancy after marriage. Just like, any other medication, oral contraceptives have their own set of side effects, too. It is a common observation that women on pills experience an overall gain in body weight & Increase in breast size, as well. Breast tissue is mainly composed of fat so, increase in weight leads to increase in breast size, as well. The oral contraceptive pills contain a hormone called Estrogen. The process of ovulation & Menstruation is triggered by the fluctuation in the levels of estrogen hormone in body. The Oral contraceptive pill helps in maintaining steady levels in the body.

To be more concise and sum it up, the extent of how far breast size increase after marriage, it is likely, but most often it also depends on your figure and the kind of pill that you choose for your birth control. Likewise, we have discussed the effects of estrogen, so now moving on to Progestin, this one often leads to an increase in the cup size of your breast and this pill type also reverses the whole deal back to your normal size once you go off the pill. The main reason for the pill leading to an increasing in your breast size is edema or fluid retention as you call it in common language. Soon enough you will notice a change in your breast size once you start taking these pills. There might also be tingling or tenderness associated with the same, but these effects usually disappear once you stop taking the pills.

So, if it is birth control pills that you want to take, make a consultation with your doctor first, to allow him to choose the right method of birth control for your situation. There might be other possibilities like spotting, headaches, change in weight, mood changes, nausea associated apart from the usual gain in weight in your upper body.

The pills have now been modified to contain low doses of hormones as opposed to the traditional OCPS (Oral Contraceptive Pills) that has relatively higher doses of estrogen hormone. While, not all women react to the OCPS by gaining weight, some do show certain put on of weight because bodies of different individuals react to medicines in different ways. However, the contraceptive pill alone cannot be blamed.

In many cases, if the woman is working out sufficiently, say, a 30 To 40 minute workout per day, for three to four days a week accompanied by a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals & fibers, the weight gain would not happen. You obviously, need to cut down on the fat & carbohydrates, somewhat.

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Pregnancy After Marriage May Leads To Increase Breast Size:

Another crucial phase that a woman goes through after marriage is pregnancy. All the changes that happen there after are caused by high levels of hormones called estrogen & Progesterone. These hormones lead to stimulation in milk ducts & milk glands of your breasts. Around 3 To 4 weeks after conceiving, your breasts might start to feel tender to touch. This tenderness might last throughout the first trimester. Breast tenderness might actually be one of the first signs of pregnancy. Around, 6th to 8th week, after conception, hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman cause a gradual increase in the size of breasts.

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While you are pregnant, your bra size might go up by a couple of cups. This occurs due to increase in blood flow and fat deposits in your breasts. You would also note stretching of skin, stretch marks, the underlying veins peeping through, and the area around your nipples getting bigger & darker. Along with all this, there is production of a thick, yellow fluid called the colostrum, in mother’s breasts, in later stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy augment and how the breast size increase after marriage aren’t related in anyway and you don’t need any extra information to know that your breasts will get back to usual once your child is old enough and does not need breastfeeding anymore. Wearing a comfortable bra and loose clothes should help you keep your insecurities about your changing body in check. Maternity bras are of great help at this stage and apart from the size, they also allow your breasts to breathe.

There is another thing that leads to an increase in your breast size after marriage. That is all of the extra stress that leads you to over thinking. When you over think, your hormones often tend to dis balance their potential and instead lead you to gain weight and lose hair. You know all of the things that you wouldn’t wish even on your enemies. Among these changes is the good old increase in your breast size. So, while you might be still thinking about how to adjust to your new home, surrounding and the people around you, your body is forcing itself into a wrong direction and the hormones make the dissolution of fat harder for your digestive system. Soon enough you will find yourself gaining weight and that adds to the fat on your breast muscles too. The best way to overcome this whole scenario is to make sure you exercise every now and then. Apart from that, your stress quotient need to be regulated to keep your health in check from the very start, so that any abrupt imbalance does not lead to you putting on those extra kilos you have always dreaded.

There is a change in your lifestyle as well. Now that you are around with a new diet routine and food changes, you can expect your body to take time to accustom itself to those changes. Expect to gain a few pounds the second you are married. And probably your growing breasts have nothing to do with your married life. Frequent sex however increases the blood circulation and makes the breasts look bigger, but the second the circulation gets back to normal and your hormones take their usual route, your body should get back to normal. So you see that the whole ‘my breasts are bigger after marriage’ is just a myth and the two have no connection at all.

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I hope that you the readers found the above article helpful and many of your concepts regarding what exactly causes increase in breast size after marriage got cleared.