9 Famous Temples In Mysore

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Mysore, known for its sandalwood also has varied beautiful temples, mosques and churches to offer when it comes to places of religious, cultural and architectural significance.

Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery:

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Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery is one of the biggest Tibetian Nyingma lineage Buddhist teaching center in the country. This place has a tranquil environment and offers the teachings one seeks. This place also has architectural importance due to the brilliant structures and colours. The monastery is often visited by people of all religions, culture and sect.

St Philomena’s Cathedral:

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St. Philomena’s Church was built in 1856 inspired by the design of a church in Germany. The most interesting part about the church is the fact that its floor planning is in the form of a cross. It is dedicated to Roman Catholic martyr Saint Philomena, and the church has a capacity of nearly eight hundred people. Regular masses are held here and it is also a major tourist attraction in the city.

Temples Of Talakad:

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The history of the temples of Talakad can be traced back to the Ganga dynasty and the Woedyar Dynasty. The temples is situated in Talakad which is believed to have been cursed and yet surviving. Every year sands were used to cover up the city and submerged it until and unless the temples were discovered in the early twentieth century. There are five temples dedicated to the five avatars of Lord Shiva. These temples are a hub of folk lores , myths , mythologies and legends.

Lord Shrikanteshwara Temple:

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Lord Shrikanteshwara temple worships the Lord who extracted the poison from the sea and drank it in order to save the human race from the danger that were about to fall upon them otherwise, that is Lord Shrikanteshwara. This temple has grand design and construction and is a famous spot for pilgrims.

Chamundeshwari Temple:

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Chamundeshwari temple located on the of the Chamundi hill as the name suggests, this temple houses Goddess Durga. The goddess was worshipped by the Woedyar Dynasty who constructed the temple. The temple has thousand steps which are to be climbed to reach the shrine or else one can opt for the winding roads in vehicles. The temple is an ancient one built in the eleventh century and carries historical significance.

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Mahabaleshwar Temple:

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Mahabaleshwar temple is one of the most popular temples of not only Kanpur but also India. This temple is the shrine of Lord Shiva and has an idol of Lord Shiva alongside Goddess Parvati and Nandi bull, a follower of Lord Shiva. The temple’s construction can be dated back to the eighth century and was built by the Ganga Kings. It displays artworks of the Ganga dynasty as well as the Hoysala dynasty. The temple forms a major tourist attraction of the city. Maha Shiva Ratri is widely celebrated here and people from all over visit the temple to offer their prayers.

Someshwara Temple:

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Someshwara temple was built in the thirteenth century by Shri Kanteevera Narasaraja Wadiyar is located in the city of Mysore. This temple boasts of being one of the best works portraying the amazing architectural skills of Hoysala Dynasty. It has great historical relevance and magnificent architectural designs.

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Shweta Varahaswamy Temple:

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The main attraction of Shweta Varahaswamy temple located in Mysore is the image of the idol Shweta Varahaswamy which is made of stone. It is located near Mysore fort around the southern entrance of the Mysore fort. The temple walls depict tales of Mahabharata and is a fine structure in terms of architecture. This temple is popular among tourists and locals alike.

ISKCON Temple:

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The International Society for Krishna Consciousness or ISKCON temple is also located in Noida. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna and has beautiful deity of Radha Madhav. The temple performs various rituals, prayers and kirtanas. On Sundays, the temple serves prasadam to one and all present there. The temple is very prominently visited during festivals like Sri Krishna Jamashtami, Radha Ashtami, Gaur Purnima or Holi and Ekadashi.

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