The trendiest and fastest hairstyles are ponytails. Ponytails are forever. From simple to complex designs, ponytail gives that smart subtle look. Ponytails can be made on any length of hair. The hairstyle differs from one another for different lengths. In fact one can protect their hair from sun damage, tangles and other dirt by tying them in a ponytail. They can be made at all occasions from a formal meeting to a chic party look. They can be sleek and straight for a formal look and a bit of oomph factor can be added to ponytails by taking out some waves and curls.

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9 Best Asian Ponytail Hairstyles Looks Pictures:

One can never go wrong with a ponytail. You are going to do it right in a simple way or a bit different way. Ponytails are something which can be made while heading to the gym for working out to going off o bed after a long tiring day. Today we Present the Top 9 Ponytails of our Look Book.

1. The Basic Ponytail:

This is the simplest yet stylish ponytail which every girl makes especially in summers. This kind of ponytail can be made for different occasions from a formal meeting to a night party.

2. For School Goers:

This type of ponytails is made by school-going children. It looks cute and gives a bubbly look to a school going girl. A school going girl should be known for her neat and tidiness. Indeed the above hairstyle gives a very simple, childish look.

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3. One Twist Ponytail:

The technique of making this ponytail is very simple. It won’t even take you 2 minutes to make this. This beautiful and trendy ponytail is very apt for casual outings with friends and family in the day time or evening.

4. Braided Side Ponytail:

It looks complex but it isn’t as it looks like. It is very trendy for beach parties. It can be clubbed with hot pants and loose shirts.

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5. Side Fluffy Ponytail:

This ponytail is damn easy to make. All you need to do this take a thick strand of hair and keep twisting it till the end. At the end make a ponytail sideways. It looks very elegant and you are always ready for a get-together or friend’s birthday party.

6. Braids With Curled Side Locks:

This ponytail is chic and is specific to certain occasions. The curly side locks gives it a very trendy and catchy look. You can make a ponytail of such kind at your friend’s bachelor or any other occasion of that kind. If you are going for a date, it is going to suit you, blowing off your partners mind.

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7. Hair Tying Ponytail:

This is again a basic look. You can make it at any time of the day. What makes it look out of the box is the fact that instead of rubber bands one ties the hair using a thick strand of hair and a bobby pin.

8. Two-Sided Braided Ponytail:

It is a very elegant style which could be worn with a short dress. It is suitable for all kinds of parties.  Just make two braids from both the side and join them in the middle as shown in the picture.

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9. Side Fringes High Ponytail:

This is apt for a college-going girl. It is very easy to make and gives a very fashionable and attractive look. The hair should be very voluminous and the side fringes should be straightened a bit.


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