Did you know Braided Ponytail Hairstyles are ideal when you don’t want to make radical changes while still wanting to make a change? Yes! Braids are perfect for a chic, artistic, and unique hairstyle, which you can do in multiple techniques to get the version you want for your hair. You can achieve a charmful symbiosis between the pure freshness of youth and childhood freedom with braided ponytails.

You can add a touch of charm and Elegance to your look whether you are heading to a casual outing or a special event. And you can perfectly balance style and practicality by combining braids and ponytails. Elevate your hair game to new heights with these on-trend and stunning looks by incorporating the beauty and versatility of braided ponytail hairstyles. Read on!

15 Gorgeous Braided Ponytail Hairstyles:

Depending on your style, there are endless variations in braided ponytails ranging from fishtail braids to Dutch braids. Go through the list of braided ponytails and choose accordingly.

1. High-rise Ponytail with Box Braids:

A trendy and versatile hairstyle that combines the sleekness of a high ponytail with the chicness of box braids, then the high-rise ponytail with braids is a perfect choice. This hairstyle creates a bold and statement-making look with the elevated Ponytail that sits high on the head, making it an ideal choice for formal and casual occasions. This high-braided Ponytail is an eye-catching and fashionable hairstyle that will elevate your style and exude confidence.

2. Elegant Braided Ponytail with Weave:

Suppose you want to combine the beauty of braids with the added length and volume of a weave. In that case, the elegant braided Ponytail with weave is a stunning and versatile hairstyle. Add a weave or extensions to get the desired thickness and length. Then create braids, whether Dutch or French, until the very end. This Ponytail contains braids offering a chic and polished look when you want to make a stylish statement or even more special occasions.

3. Lively Side-Swept Cornrows:

Suppose you are looking for a trendy and versatile hairstyle that adds flair and personality to your look. In that case, the Dynamic side-swept cornrows can be a perfect option. Neatly braided cornrows swept to the side create a dynamic and asymmetrical effect in this eye-catching hairstyle. You can wear this side-swept design for casual and formal occasions because it adds a touch of drama and movement to the hairstyle. The Dynamic side-swept cornrows will make a statement and turn heads wherever you go, whether attending a party, hitting the beach, or going for a night out.

4. Beautiful Bubble Braid Ponytail:

This beautiful bubble braid ponytail adds a touch of uniqueness to a classic ponytail because of its charm and playfulness. This hairstyle requires you to divide the Ponytail into sections by placing clear elastic bands at intervals down the Ponytail’s length. Then create bubbles or rounded areas by gently tugging on each section. Continue this process till you reach the Ponytail’s end. You can also conceal the hair tie by wrapping a small section of hair around it. The result will be an eye-catching and delightful bubble braid ponytail that will add a playful twist.

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5. Double Braided Ponytail Style:

The double-braided ponytail hairstyle is a trendy option that adds a touch of intricacy to an otherwise traditional ponytail. To create this look, tie a ponytail and divide it into two sections. Then start braiding each section individually till the end of the pony and tie it up with a band, or you can tie both the braids together at the end. Furthermore, leave little strands of hair on both sides in the front to create a unique and stylish everyday look.

6. French Twist Braided Ponytail:

Turn heads with this super braided Ponytail with a French twist taking your hairstyle to the next level. You can combine a high ponytail with intricate braiding techniques in this statement-making look resulting in an eye-catching and stunning hairstyle. The unique twisted braids around the Ponytail create an edgy appearance and add texture and dimension to the Ponytail. This super braided hairstyle with Ponytail is a show-stopping style that exudes style and confidence regardless of your braiding type.

7. Elegant Feed-In Braids:

This stunning feed-in braid perfectly represents two ponytails, with braiding hair helping you achieve an elegant and sophisticated look. The meticulously crafted braids create a seamless and polished appearance, while the feed-in technique enhances the hairstyle’s overall look. These elegant feed-in braids are versatile and perfect for any occasion, whether you choose a classic straight-back style or a creative pattern.

8. Low Ponytail with Three Box Braids:

The three-box braided low Ponytail is another sophisticated hairstyle that combines the sleekness of a low ponytail and the beauty of box braids. This stunning look features three braided sections neatly styled into a sleek and stylish ponytail. This hairstyle helps you keep your hair neatly in place while adding a touch of glamour, making it an appropriate choice for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.

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9. Elegant Snake Braided Ponytail:

Snake braids, also called serpent braids, resemble a snake’s sinuous movements, an intricate and unique braiding technique. This hairstyle involves weaving the hair to create a pattern similar to the twists of a snake’s body. The resulting elegant snake-braided Ponytail is a captivating hairstyle that combines intricate braiding and glossiness beautifully. Furthermore, you can create a stunning and stylish visual effect when the snake braids gracefully wrap around the base of the Ponytail.

10. Low Ponytail with Two Box Braids:

This chic and effortless hairstyle perfectly combines two box braids on the sides with a bubble braid in the center, which then converts into a low ponytail. This versatile look is perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events. The neatly braided sections add style and Elegance. At the same time, the low Ponytail keeps the hair off your face and neck, making it a comfortable and practical hairstyle. This fashionable ponytail hairstyle choice exudes confidence and sophistication whether you are running errands or attending a special event.

11. Thin Braided Ponytail:

Achieve a delicate and chic look with this thin braided Ponytail featuring thin braids intricately woven and gathered into a stylish, sleek ponytail. This versatile hairstyle is suitable for people with long and medium hair enhancing your overall appearance. It is ideal for casual and formal occasions because it adds a touch of Elegance. You can also add extensions in multiple colours making the hairstyle stand out, exuding charm and femininity.

12. Box Braids on The Side Tied in a Ponytail:

This is a perfect ponytail with braiding hair on the sides, which helps you embrace the trendy look. The box braids cascade gracefully down on both sides, adding elegant texture and visual interest to the overall look. This style is sophisticated and stylish while secured in a sleek ponytail. Elevate your everyday style with this box braids ponytail whether you are heading to a formal event or daily routine work. This hairstyle showcases your unique sense of fashion, exuding confidence.

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13. Unique Braided Hawk Low Ponytail:

Here comes an exceptional hairstyle when you thought you couldn’t figure out a new way to embrace the braided trend into your hairstyle routine. It would help if you created a braid-hawk in the head’s center, making a bold and unique statement. This hairstyle combines the Elegance of a low ponytail while combining the edginess of a braided hawk creating a striking hawk-like appearance. While the remaining hair is done into a ponytail, making it a perfect choice for people showcasing their individuality and standing out in the crowd.

14. Mid-Rise Slicked Braided Ponytail:

This is a mid-rise slicked braided Ponytail that combines the sophistication of a braided ponytail with a sleek finish giving you a chic and polished hairstyle. You can use the French or Dutch technique to create a braid using three strands while securing it with an elastic band. Create a sleek look by applying a small amount of hair gel to tame flyaways. Leave a little hair at the bottom, which you can cover with hair highlighting the braids beautifully. Whether it is a formal event or a day at the office, this stylish hairstyle adds a touch of Elegance to any occasion.

15. Crochet Box Braids with High-Rise Ponytail:

Combining a crochet braids high-rise ponytail and a reverse French braid on the back of the head can be a sleek option for people with long to medium hair. Though the high-rise ponytail adds a touch of sophistication, the intricately braided crochet box braids add volume. This hairstyle exudes confidence and Elegance, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. The reverse French braid in the back of the head adds depth and texture to your hair. Depending on your preference, you can make the hairstyle stand out by adding colourful extensions.

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Additional Tips:

Here are some additional tips you can keep in mind to maintain your braided ponytail hairstyle looking fabulous.

  • To minimize friction and prevent frizz, wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf or use a silk pillowcase before bed to protect your hair at night.
  • Use a light-hold hairspray or hair mist to keep your braids in place throughout the day and tame flyaways.
  • Prevent dryness or itchiness by applying a small leave-in conditioner or lightweight oil while moisturizing your scalp.
  • Be gentle when you are adjusting or styling your Ponytail. Additionally, avoid constantly pulling or touching your braids which can loosen or damage your style.
  • Keep your hair healthy, remove any product buildup, and cleanse your scalp and hair regularly. Keep your braids soft and moisturized by finishing with a hydrating moisturizer.

Maintain the neatness and longevity of your braided Ponytail by scheduling regular touch-up appointments depending on your braided style and hair type.

In conclusion, braided ponytail hairstyles are an exceptional choice for anyone who wishes to add flair and sophistication to their hair. These hairstyles offer a stylish solution for formal and casual occasions with endless and versatile variations. Braided ponytails effortlessly combine Elegance and practicality, whether you opt for a simple braid or a more intricate design. Go through the list of braided ponytail hairstyles and enjoy the compliments you get. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


Q1. Is a braided ponytail suitable for short hair?

Ans: Yes! You can still rock a braided ponytail, even with short hair. You can create a desired braided look by opting for smaller braids or using hair extensions to add length.

Q2. Will a braided ponytail cause hair damage?

Ans: A braided ponytail shouldn’t cause any significant damage to your hair when done correctly and with care. However, it is essential not to wear the braided style too tightly for extended periods and choose a comfortable tension because excessive pulling or tight braids can lead to breakage on the hairline.

Q3. Is it okay to sleep in a ponytail with braids?

Ans: It is recommended not to sleep with a braided ponytail, especially if you have extensions or if it’s tight. Sleeping with this hairstyle can cause potential damage and discomfort by putting pressure on your hair and scalp. Choosing a loose hairstyle and undoing the braided Ponytail before bed is best.


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