A party or school, a look is never complete without the perfect hairstyle. Among all the hairstyles a ponytail isn’t always the first choice, but a tempting one. Here are nine such ponytail hairstyles for school that will make you sport this style more often than you know.

Latest and Best Ponytail Hairstyles For School:

1. High Ponytail With Fish Braid:

A very easy yet the hottest style to sport this summer. All you need is to braid your hair in a fishtail and tie it up high with a cute hair tie matching your outfit.

2. Colored Ponytail:

A very simple hairstyle for whenever you want to keep it minimalistic yet perky. All you need is a colored ribbon and your usual hair tie. Start braiding your hair and in the process add the colorful ribbon of your choice, just like a part of your hair. Then tie your hair and you are all set for your day.

3. Classic Ponytail:

Nothing can beat the classics, not even in hairstyles. This style is the easiest yet the chicest of all. Tie your hair up, taking a section of your hair from the bottom out of the ponytail wrap it on the hair tie to cover it up. Then secure it with a bobby pin.

4. Knotting Tail:

As the name suggest, it is not the regular ponytail. For this style you need to divide your hair into two sections and make a regular knot, make sure its tight. Repeat the process once again and secure it with a cute hair tie.

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5. Bubble Ponytail:

The bubble ponytail is a great way of giving your regular ponytail a twist. Tie your hair into a classic ponytail, now using an elastic band tie your hair leaving a few centimetres down your ponytail. Repeat the process till the end of the ponytail. You can either wrap the elastic band using a section of hair or leave it as it is. To add the bubble, look gently pull the hair outwards. This will result in even bubbles.

6. Curl it Up:

Want to give your ponytail a vintage look, try this! Curl your hair in loose curls. Now brush your hair with your fingers and tie them up high. Use a ribbon or a cute flower hair tie to tie your hair. Now to complete this vintage look take out a few stands of hair near your ear. You can either curl it up or twist it a little.

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7. Bow Tail:

Feeling cute with your outfit? This hairstyle will make you feel even cuter. Pull your hair into neat ponytail. Now taking a section of the hair from your ponytail make a loop and secure it with a clear elastic. Divide the loop into two to form a bow and secure them with a bobby pin. Finish this look by taking a small section of the hair and wrapping it over the clear elastic. Secure it with a bobby pin and you are ready to go.

8. Rope Braid:

Not feeling perky but can’t do without a good ponytail? This is the look you are looking for. Tie your hair into a neat high ponytail. Now divide your ponytail into two sections. Twist them each and then twist them with each other. Secure them with a clear hair tie. This will give you a very neat and simple yet a different look for the day.

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9. Cover It Up:

Bad hair day?This look will save up your time and make you look super cute. Tie your hair up in a high ponytail you can also tie it sideways to give it a twist. Now add a cute beaded hairband or a broad hairband to your ponytail and you are all set for your day at school.

Of all the styles, ponytails never go out of fashion. They are your comfort style and also your saviour when you need them to be.

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