30 Different Ponytail Hairstyles

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Starting since school and onwards, the ponytail has been a safe go to option for all us girls. Ponytails above all would never ever go out of style and I will tell you why. Ponies have been one of our first hairstyles when the hair was either too short to properly braid it or too long to keep it open. Ponytails were the only rescue during those busy mornings when the winged eyeliner took up all your time and the hair care was left behind. From the home makers to the busy women trying to fit their time in within office schedules, ponytails have been around for a long time now.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Once again ponytails come to existence when we look for a safe option for that important office meet and during girl’s night when the need to look good has completely usurped your time, you threw your hair in a ponytail and left quickly. One more thing so desirable about ponies are the easy ways through which so many variations can be created simply by tricks and tips crawling up your sleeve. Here we have a list of some of the best ponytail ideas that you can implement to spice up your everyday look.

Having a bad hair day? We all face it at some point or the other, so there’s nothing to cry about too loud. What you could do is to get your hair up and get going, do a pony twist and watch how you “wow” the world.

Pony hairstyles - Main

Why a pony tail?

  • Easy to manage all day long
  • You dont have to bother about hair bothering your face
  • You can focus on your work and other duties
  • It sits neat and still
  • Is a style statement

All you need is a little mousse or a styling gel, we prefer the herbal kinds and the trick of tying a pony tail comes through.

1. Bun on The Side:

Gather all your hair with the help of a brush to one corner or side. Use a ribbon to hold it together and let the pony fall. If the hair is more than the shoulder length, get a bun done. Chic, easy, manageable and very classy we say

2. Pony Braided:

On either side of the head, gather all your hair and bring it to the back, but near the nape of the neck. Let it hang loose and fall with the remaining, keeping it in hold with a band or a scrunch. Perfect for an evening out, when you really don’t have time to doll up your hair

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3. High And Sleek:

Comb all your hair, every part of it from the base to the crown, the sides and the fringe to the crown. Now take a band the same color as that of your hair, bring the band to the crown and secure your hair tight. Allow the hair to fall straight as though it were a spring river from the crown of your head.

4. Balloon Pony Tail:

ballon ponytail

Also known as the PRINCESS JASMINE look, tie all your hair to the back of the head with a band to secure the noose. Now at various lengths grab a bunch and fasten with a band, the middle will auto bloat giving it the shape of a balloon.

5. Braided Pony:

On either side make two plats, thin and long. Now comb the hair in the middle and bring both the plats to taper in the middle at the back of the head. Allow the hair to fall low and let the braids form an entwined knot in the middle.

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6. Lady GA-GA Bow:

Gather all the hair to the crown and tie with a band. Take two different sections from the noose on either sides, and bring them to the top of your head in a semi circular pattern. Fasten the ends with pins to help them stay put all day long. Fast and easy!!

7. Sleek And Low:

For a quick run to the grocery store, you’d have no time to indulge in hair dressing. What you then could do is to catch all your hair in a bunch, bring a band to the nape of the neck and wring it around the long locks. Let the rest fall over the shoulders to the waist, and off you go.

8. Messy And Low:

Get downright naughty and playful with the messy and low look. You don’t even have to comb your hair for this, and yet would look fabulous as ever. Let all your hair combed to the side, allow the back of the hair, which is a separate section to be tied to the neck. The front should be gelled and flat or wavy. Classy and elegant, yet speaks naughty.

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9. Pony Crown:

Almost on the lines of a bun but not yet, when you comb your hair into a pony tail at the crown, let it balloon into a ball, from which pull out a few strands to fall over your head. It gives the aura of a whimsical fountain too. Perfect for an evening out with friends or a cocktail party.

10. The Beach Girl:

Ponytail hairstyles 10

Gather all your hair as you would for a pony tail in the making, let the sides of your hair be loose and free. Take the free sides now and curl it along the hair in the middle where a pony tail already exists, twist the curls a little for an unkempt look, and voila you are ready for the pajama party.

11. Lets Do The Half Twist:

The half twist is simple and easy. Let the hair in the middle fall straight and low, while the sides should be gathered from the temple to the middle. Leave it uncombed!!

12. Awesome Triplets:

Divide your hair into four sections, two on side, one in front and one at the back. Let the hair at the back fall loose. Gather the sides and make two plats each. Bring the plats on the side to the front, where the loose straight hair falls over your face. Gather them all I a round bunch, use a pin and secure the messy look above the crown. This is a semi formal look for days when you don’t have the time to wash and blow dry.

13. The Drunken Loose Pony:

No time to wash and dry, use the drunken loose pony to see you through the day. You don’t need to comb your hair, with your wet hands gather all the hair to the side, right or left. Now let the hair be tied into a low lying knot, near the ear, and allow the hair to fall as you put a band to secure it. You are ready to hit the road.

14. Twins:

Awesome twins on the head, perfect hairstyle for that school girl look. Yes, the innocence of having two pony tails on either side of the head cannot be underestimated. Go ahead and try them out, pajama party special.

15. The Triplets:

pony hair

Want to be a little more young at heart, make one pony tail on either sides of your head, and one on the crown. Let them three hang loose, you could use colorful accessories to give them a chic touch.

16. Making It Longer:

different ponytails1

All those times you have been thinking about how to sport a longer and stronger pony and all those times you waited for your hair to grow longer, all would be worth it now when you see this awesome trick to grow your pony longer without having to wait for it. The trick here is segment the hair into two parts so that one part is now on top of the other. Tie a pony on both the parts and then ruffle up the hair for a better look.

17. The Duchess Pony:

different ponytails2

This is a classic Dutch and rope braid ponytail hairstyle where instead of inculcating the braid along with the scalp we make twisted rope braids which stands out from the crown to down. Start by separating the front lock into two and then rope braid it and keep on adding ties and hair as you go down. At the end, gather the hair and pony it up.

18. The Tie Wrap:

different ponytails3

This is a simple ponytail but what adds a new flavor to this look is the wrap or the tie that goes so well with the hair color. One can often mistake it as a hair tie but the truth behind it is quite simple and easy. This is a new style that has been widely used for a lot many purposes. Once the pony is tied, take a lock of hair from the lower ponytail and then wrap it around the tie.  Make sure you pin it too.

19. The Wrap Around:

different ponytails4

Start by segmenting the hair from the middle. Now tie the hair on the other side into a soft side pony. With the rest of the hair on the other side start twisting the hair so that you end up with three twists from that side. As you twist the locks keep on adding them to the side pony and pinning them.

20. The Subtle Ribbons:

different ponytails5

A simple accessory speaks a thousand word and here we have just the right kind of accessory to support your simple ponytail. With the busy mornings all you need to do is to gather your hair up, tie a simple ponytail and then add a simple ribbon at the tie’s end to make the pony more adorable.

21. The Wrap In:

different ponytails6

To get this ponytail hairstyle start by sectioning your hair into a two. If you have an extra pair of hands helping you, this look would be more neat and prominent. Once the hair is separated start twisting and rolling your hair from either sides. Converge them at the nape where you tie the pony. You can then use the wrap around hairstyle too.

22. The Diagonal Look:

different ponytails7

Through the use of soft French braids here is a beautiful pony hairstyle that your kid can opt for on her schooling days. The entire hair is made into French braids but prior to this a side lock was kept separately. Once the entire hair is done start gathering the hair and making a pony of it.  The additional hair can now be used diagonally.

23. The Roped Braid Pony:

different ponytails8

Start by simply tying your hair into a normal pony. Leave the front locks lose if needed and then start twisting your pony into a rope braid. Separate the hair into two and then start twisting them both individually. Once the entire of it is done twist them together and secure it with a tie.

24. The Loophole Pony:

different ponytails9

For this you need to tie a low pony which is preferably not too tight and not too lose. To get this look start with the low pony and then insert your fingers from the underneath and create a passage or hole just above the hair tie. Take the end of your pony and then loop it through the hole. Unlike the picture here you don’t need to bun it, but make sure you fan out the loop.

25. Fishtail Braid Pony:

different ponytails10

To do a fishtail braid, start by segregating your hair into two parts. Now take a strand from the outer side and mix it in with the inner side of the other half. Now use the other part and repeat the process. However start from your crown or mid way and end the braid at your nape. Pony the rest of the hair.

26. The Side Braid:

different ponytails11

To get this look start by mixing the braid with the pony. You can opt for French style braiding or simply normal braiding. Start from one corner of your head and continue all the way to the side. Prior to this you might want to opt for a small buff in the front. Now once the braid is done add it to the ponytail. You might even want to continue the braid throughout the length of the pony.

27. The Bubble Pony:

different ponytails12

To get the exact same look start by putting a hair band on your head. This way all the hair is pulled back neat so that now you can freely work in your own space. Now start with a simple pony and use the wrap method. Continue the same throughout the length of the pony with the tie and wrap method. Lastly. Finish off the look by fanning the hair to add bubbles.

28. The Mix And Match:

different ponytails13

Start by French styling your hair and then mixing it up with a variety of accessories. The best part about this hairstyle is the ability to match it with a variety of different attires as well as face types. Mixing and matching has always been a part of customized hairstyles which in the view of all pre made hairstyles is the best because it allows you to create a bond with your hairdo the likes of which no pre made hairstyle can achieve. The mix and match can be used for all occasions and can be worn up or down as per your choice.

29. The Fishtail Look:

different ponytails14

This hairstyle is perfect for younger girls because it has a very childish feel to it though the hairstyle can be worn by older women as well. Accessories look great with the fish tail hairstyle. It is quite unique as no other summer up do is particularly like this one. The accessories you can use on this up do is absolutely stunning and it is testament to the fact that long hair is the best look a woman can pull off. The fishtail look will certainly cause a great bit of stir in any event that you wish to visit at any point in time.

30. The Inverted Pony:

different ponytails15

The complex inverse pony is used most extensively during wedding because of its ability to awe every bystander. The complex inverse braid takes quite longer to complete and requires extensive maintenance to keep upheld but at the end of the day it is a great hairstyle to go with. The complex inverse pony is an absolute killer hairstyle for any other formal occasion as well.  The hairstyle requires a little bit of extensive work to make like any other inverse ponytail but it requires little or no maintenance. You can accessorize this hairstyle with some ribbons or clips of our choice to make it look even better. The inverted ponytail is a stunning testament to the wide variety of ponytails which you actually have available for you. You can work on a large number of options because of the amount of sub categories in one hairstyle and at the end of the day you will most certainly find the hairstyle to suit your face types and which will sort out all your formal and social needs. So take your time and choose wisely to achieve the best of looks.

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